Tuesday October 15th 2019

October 15th, 2019

Well as it turned out - my ride planned for yesterday, never happened, so it was just a case of  doing some paperwork - packing up parts & waiting to go out for a Turkey Supper !!.

I did check out a couple of videos - which you can see here>

Motocross Files Bob Hannah Carmelo Tansengco • 222K views Live 22:33 Playlist ( ) Mix (50+)

I met Bob Hannah a couple of times when I worked for Yamaha Canada - He was just a young guy, but was already really savvy, when it came to making money from racing Motorcycles.

The Family dinner for Thanksgiving at our Daughter’s place was another great evening - chatting with old and new friends about bikes, cars, and the Political disaster taking place in Canada. - For us old folk, what will happen to the economy if the Liberals and NDP  get into power next week, is not that important - but we worry for our Grand kids. - - Then there is the wider picture regarding World affairs - As one of the group said last night - there has to be a number of really smart business type people, who could do a better job of handling Tax payers money, and World affairs.   Canada needs to get rid of the “Candy man” and his cronies.

Back in our Trials environment - ( Thank god we have that)  We have seen a lot of pics from the Scott Trial - what a great weather day they had this year.    -  We have heard from Michael Travis about plans they have for 2020 events  in the Nova Scotia area, and the Ontario clubs are already planning for next year -( most are members of WTC.)  We will be contacting the various clubs in Alberta and BC this coming month to work out the Calendar for next year.   - We are extremely lucky to have so many great people full of enthusiasm to host events.

Today we are expecting another Beta 300 4T to arrive - It will likely get here around the same time that I have an appointment with a Doctor. - but Momma Bear can sign for it -Babsy has been handling customer relations for Outlaw for decades, and surprises me sometimes with who and what she remembers -  Mike our Day & Ross Transport driver is a great guy and always phones ahead.


A Neil Sturgeon pic from the Scott Trial.


And here’s one of Sammy stopping by to see Bob at Mountain Motorcycles - He will be riding for Beta Canada in 2020 ( We sponsored Sam on Beta for three years then TRS for one year - great lad)

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Monday October 14th 2019

October 14th, 2019
The final results of the 2019 FIM X-Trial World Championship have been amended following the FIM’s decision with regards to Jeroni Fajardo
The 2019 FIM X-Trial World Championship classification has been modified after the recent publication of the announcement from the FIM regarding Gas Gas rider Jeroni Fajardo.
In said press release a retrospective suspension was announced for Fajardo, for a one-year period dating back to 16th September 2018, and thus his points and prizes obtained during this period are voided.
As a result of the FIM’s decision. The 2019 FIM X-Trial World Championship classification has been updated.
The 2019 season now finishes as follows:
1. Toni Bou (Montesa- ESP) – 100
2. Adam Raga (TRRS – ESP) – 80
3. Jaime Busto (Gas Gas – ESP) – 54
4. Benoit Bincaz (Beta – FRA) – 48
5. Miquel Gelabert (Sherco – ESP) – 32
6. Jorge Casales (Vertigo – ESP) – 21
7. Takahisa Fujinami (Montesa – JAP) – 16
8. Luca Petrella (Beta – ITA) – 12
9. Gabriel Marcelli (Montesa – ESP) – 8
10. Alexandre Ferrer (Sherco – FRA) – 4
11. James Dabill (Beta – GBR) – 4
12. Sondre Haga (TRRS – NOR) – 4
13. Aniol Gelabert (Scorpa – ESP) – 3
14. Téo Colairo (Gas Gas – FRA) – 2
15. Dan Peace (Sherco – GBR) - 2
This is a pic that Dennis Brumwell just posted  from a ride up in the Great White North ( Yellowknife)   but no snow as yet? Note he is wearing one of the Outlaw Gas Carrier Backpaks. ( He likes  them so much he bought 2)
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Check out this video from the Scott Trial last Saturday.
It was a wet day in the Valley on Sunday - so a good time to do some work on the bikes  - Bruce came to pick up his Sherco. and then it was “Kick Back” time for the rest of the afternoon.
Today the weather is supposed to be much better, with sunny breaks, so I plan on going for a bit of a ride with Dominique and Mark - I will take the fun little Evo 125 & try to remember to take some pics.  - Later we have a Family Thanksgiving dinner.  Speaking of 125’s - we heard from our customer who bought the TRS 125 we had so much fun on and he is having a blast - these small bore bikes are so often overlooked when people are shopping for a Trials bike. ( lots of revs & using the clutch make them a giant killer)
Saw a neat video clip of Sammy riding at Ioco on the Beta 300 4T  - a tough section which I have watched before, but he sailed up it no problem, so he appears to be enjoying the 4t.  - While in the shop yesterday, I decided to kick over the one we have waiting to be picked up by Walter - first kick - can’t believe how easy they start.  ( We have another one on route which is unsold at the moment at a very good price)

Sunday October 13th 2019

October 13th, 2019

Well, I won’t be going riding today, as I have a customer coming from Kamloops to pick up his Sherco ( We just did the top end) - Might manage to get out tomorrow - will see how things look.

This is such a great pic I just had to post - Gary Mac on the very special Triumph Tiger Cub.
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And this is from a museum someplace - Look at all those neat Trials bikes  - I remember an army lad used to blast past our place near Oswestry on one of those Norton 500’s.

video from Jaime in Ontario riding the TRRS Raga we supplied - sounds sweet.



This pic just popped up on FB - from the WTC National we had at Malakwa
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James Dabill wins Scott Time & Observation Trial for Beta. !!!

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Saturday October 12th 2019

October 12th, 2019

Today is “Scott Trial Day”  the infamous time observation event that takes place in the Yorkshire Dales each year - approx 70 miles plus about the same amount of sections.  - The winner is the rider with the least points taken overall, both in the sections and on time. - Riders start at one minute  intervals, and the fastest rider sets “Standard” time - each rider after that is penalized one point per minute. -

It’s a great event, and one which we copied in Alberta back in the 70’s - I was lucky enough to win this one twice, the first time in 1974 on a TY 250 and the second time in 1976 on an IT 400   ( that was a brute to handle in the sections)

Below is a great shot of World MX Champ Jeff Smith, who was also a really good Trials rider - I know he won the Scott in the UK but not sure of the year.
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Check out the video >>  # scotttrial


This is one very “Trick” TY 175 for sale in the UK at a sensible price as well


This is a sad video - because it was made on the day Joey Dunlop died - be sure to watch it to the end.
(3) Tallin 2000 (Joey Dunlop) - YouTube


Looking back to 1959 at Hawkstone Park Shropshire in the UK  - I first went there to watch in 1955 and never thought anybody would get up the big hill, but of course they did - and I was hooked on the “Scrambles Scene”

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No news from the Scott Trial yet - except a few video clips showing up on FB -   on what appears to be a great day with sunshine ( very unusual)

Will post more later >>>


Friday October 11th 2019

October 11th, 2019

This is a pic of me that just popped up on FB from a few years ago, when I captioned the Revelstoke area as “The future for Off Road Motorcycling in BC”  - Well ! this really hasn’t panned out that way, with little  progress regarding Trials, and  nothing on the Calendar this year.

However, this does not mean all doom & gloom, as we will be chatting to the local enthusiasts about hosting something in 2020. - Because as you can see by the pic - it’s a wonderful place.

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So Beta are indeed making the Evo 200 for 2020 !! This is one in the UK - as this is the case - my 2019 model is now up for sale - call me for details - they are a “Giant Killer”

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A neat shot from the 70’s - Jim Pomeroy (Bultaco) leading Haken Anderson on the new Yamaha YZ Mono.

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Your video fix for today >>



With the Thanksgiving long weekend here, I’m sure a lot of people will be out on the bike - taking advantage of the nice Fall weather we are having in the Okanagan Valley -  - The past couple of months have sure been hectic, starting with the ATRA Rocky Mountain Trial, followed by Ymir  then Silver Star- after which came our daughter’s wedding, and finally the Brown Memorial.  - Not that I’m complaining, as it has been a fantastic time of  fun and sport - ( The wedding was the only weekend we were not on two wheels)

The colder temperatures came as a bit of a shock - but at least we have only seen snow either up on the hills above Yankee Flats which we can see from our back deck, or on TV from places like Alberta.


Over the Pond, the big Trials event this weekend is the Scott Trial - ( Reported in previous blogs) as somebody once said “The best way to destroy a good bike in one day”  - However, that doesn’t discourage   the riders, who flock to Yorkshire for the annual “Race” around the moors. - The entry is I think restricted to 300 !! but the DNF rate is usually high  ( Bit like the Alberta Cross Country races from the 70’s).

This is an old pic of me passing a stuck Greeves rider in a Welsh Time Trial back in the 1950’s

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Thursday October 10th 2019

October 10th, 2019

They call it “The Silly Season” when riders without a new contract decide to switch brands. - Busto to Beta?


Just to show that quite a few Brits use Wulf boots - here is a pic ( Courtesy John Dixon TMX)  of Richard Gaskell riding in the wet Lakes Two Day Trial. Lots of Creeks in that one. ( These boots look like the new version with 4 buckles and all new leather )

Quite a few people were able to take advantage of our “Clearance Sale” on clothing at the Brown Trial  - The deal was you buy a pair of Wulf Trials pants and get a shirt free. ( We still have a very limited supply left) - we do have lots of gloves in stock plus helmets & boots etc etc.  Feel free to email or just stop by & see what we have hanging on the wall.


Today we have another new 2019 Beta Evo 300 4T coming in - it will likely be snapped up quickly at the “Almost Free” price..


With the Thanksgiving long weekend coming up - I would like to get out for maybe one last ride at Summerland - let me know if you are interested  (Sunday?) - Question is what do I take ??

Finally A big Congrats to Josef, who got his first Trials win in the Inter class at Ioco last Sunday.


Wednesday October 9th 2019

October 9th, 2019

It’s all smiles these days at Team TRS - Jordi and his Partners have done a fabulous job for the past few years, producing a Trials bike that is equal to anything in the World. - Not surprising that they are enjoying their success.
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I came across this shot that I took of Sean Bird at the Malakwa WTC National a couple of years back - this was a “Big time” section  plotted by Sam King.
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It’s been a good week for Beta sales - we have  put together three deals that has happy customers all ready for some Fall riding, before the snow flies - If you are in the market to save BIG dollars - give us a call & check out what we have left.


The Famous Scott Trial goes this Saturday in Yorkshire and this Team of Club riders will be out raising money for Charity.

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Don’t forget we have the New Wulf Trials boots in stock ( Stan picked up a pair last weekend)


Tuesday October 7th 2019

October 8th, 2019

Looking back at the Event from the weekend - there were so many great moments  - I can’t tell you how happy I am to be able to “Pass the Torch” to the Shuswap group — who did another really great job with the Brown Memorial. - I always get a bit of a lump in my throat, when talking about both Pete and Ady - they were such great guys. but at least we are keeping their memories alive by holding this annual event - plus donating more money to the Cancer fund.
We saw some people that we hadn’t seen for a couple of years - Jason Munns has been tied up building a house in Penticton so it was a treat to see him again, then Kevin Lutz and his boy were also there and of course we always get great support from the families in the area - Jake’s Mum found my cell phone out on the loop -

Of course one of the best things about all our Trials, is the Saturday night campfire - plus Ross has been doing an awesome job for the past few years  providing a Cook-out for everybody.  - I’m sure I have likely told the same stories many times as the evening merriment goes on each year.  - ( Everybody is very kind and listens)

We have had a few calls today from people who really liked the sections  - it is so good to have a Variety - over the year ( Not all big Rock Walls)

The results are now all posted correctly on Trials Canada, although I must confess that I was lazy and didn’t do the usual breakdown for Bob regarding home towns and machines.  I guess it just suffices to say everybody had a blast - roll on 2020.

Check out these videos by Celine Zanders -



Sorry the video clips don’t seem to have downloaded.

This pic of the Three “Amigos” was taken by Celine.
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Young Christian Zanders admiring his 1st place medal.

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And  a Barb Seaman pics  of Stan.
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Anybody looking for an “End of Season” Trials bargain ?  We have a couple of Beta demos for sale - Andrew Vipond needs to sell his 2013 GG 300 - and Sammy called to say he  also has a couple of Gassers that need to go, plus his 2018 TRS is still up for grabs - give me a shout if you want more info.


Monday October 6th 2019

October 7th, 2019

So that’s a wrap for our WTC Competition season for this year - and what a way to finish - the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and the sections set up at the Martin & Julie Property  in the Shuswap were brilliant.

We had the Pete Brown on Saturday followed by the Ady Brown on Sunday -  over 40 riders in total for the weekend - a few just showed up to watch and donate to the cause, which raised approx $1,000.00 for the Cancer Fund.

A huge vote of thanks to everyone who attended, and especially Martin & Julie, who hosted the event for the first time ever at their property. - ( they also provided food and a bed for the old guy - much appreciated)

We saw some great riding both days with some surprises - Shane Bridden (TRS) was on fire on Saturday, taking the Advanced win - while Colten Morrison upset Stan in the Expert - winning his first Event on his new to him Factory Beta. - Young Jeremy Bonnefoy - got a lot of applause for his riding on the new Beta Evo 80 Junior - -  he was joined in the kids class on Sunday, by the young Dunbar lads - riding their first ever Trial  ( Although they are shown as DNF they did finish but didn’t hand in their score cards) - As you can see by the score boards - once again done up by Julie & Judy all very Professional - a lot of riders did really well, but everybody had fun. - Kris from Kelowna even had a clean loop on Saturday !!!!
No photo description available.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

We will post some pics when we see some - sorry that I forgot my camera equipment this time !!
Here is one of Shane taken by Andrew James

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In other news - Sad to see that Rob Shepard from England died over the weekend - he was a brilliant Trials rider back in the day riding Montesa and later Honda  in the Sammy Miller Team.


Sunday October 6th 2019

October 7th, 2019

So this is Late Sunday - The Brown Memorial Trial
The weekend started off with the Peter Brown Memorial   - We had over 30 riders and believe me the sections were not easy - - For myself - I was lucky enough to be taken around the loop with Julie in a Side by Side - You would not believe the potential for sections right in their back yard,

At the end of the day - Saturday belonged to young Colten, who upset Multi time Champ Stan Bakgaard to take the Expert win’

However, this was reversed on Day #2 The Ady Brown Trial - when Stan   took the #1 spot.

Sorry for the slow news = Please click back

This is an old pic of old guys  A few years ago
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