Tuesday April 7th 2020

April 7th, 2020

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A great Photo to start the day - Jordi in his Prime ( and when he had hair)


And this great memory from the 25th running of the Outlaw Trial - me with the youngsters. ( Some are now over 6 feet tall)
'Looking for a little Electric Trials bike for the kids? - Outlaw Dave has the great Beta models in stock at a very good price - give them a call www.outlawtrials.com'


Here is a great shot of Mick taken by Iain Lawrie at the Scottish

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And one I took of Mick in 1992 in Scotland - I also have a pic of myself with the same bike. - It had a few “Trick” parts in it from Mick’s old stock of Yamaha stock -fork springs etc - just the stuff the scrutineers   can’t see !!
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A good video of the Hurst Cup in Ireland


And here’s one for all our friends from OZ

Today we look with envy upon the privileged few who are let loose to ride as fast as humanly possible on ordinary public roads that otherwise would be carrying SUV-loads of schoolchildren, trucks, occasional tractors and of course motorcycles. There aren’t many of these venues left, except in enli…


As mentioned yesterday was Adam Raga’s birthday - but I did not realize he was 38  - that’s getting up there for doing all those stunts in World Trials.  This is him on an Xtrack - and I can honestly say that I don’t do anything like that on mine - at least not yet and if I do it will likely be followed by a trip to the Hospital !! So that’s my excuse for not trying these antics !!  Of Course,  At this point in time, NOBODY should be pushing the limits when riding, as the Hospitals are busy enough as it is with the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Please remember that when you are out next time..
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Monday April 6th 2020

April 6th, 2020

Happy birthday today  to Adam Raga - not sure how old he is.

With most folk on lock down these days, we see a lot of video clips of the stunt guys trying to stay in shape - check this one out of Steve Colley !!    >>>>post

And another one >>>>  post


Sunday afternoon, I took a drive out to the Valley of the Sun - for a visit with Roy -( From a distance )  We went for a ride around the nice area he has available, ( some slippery snow patches on the back trails) and I checked out his 250 Evo that he had done a bit of “fettling”  to the carb. - Great bike. -

I also rode some sections on my Xtrack - the first time  I’ve done any on this bike - Had a great time tackling some tricky uphills - this is the top of the line Raga model, with gobs of power and the suspension is awesome - just floating over the logs and steps. ( nothing above inter type)

-However, at the end of the day, I was all smiles, and just love this bike with the e-start. No hiccups or crashes - Although the weather was supposed to be quite nice, it was still cold, and my clutch finger needed warming up a few times. -We could also see it snowing  higher up on the ridges above the lake.  -

I decided not to take my camera to post anything  as some folk might not like it.  - There are always a lot of deer in this area, who take little notice as you put-put by them. ( That would have made for some nice pics)
The good news, is that the forecast is great for the rest of the week. with  temperatures up in the mid-teens, as we head into the Easter weekend.


We got an email from Caroline, to say she had a trouble-free drive back to Lethbridge with her new toy  - no doubt she will have a lot of fun on the new Xtrack - We also have her old 2009 Evo 200 in the shop for sale - this is in really good shape with very low hours and no “Dings” - it also has a long ride kit available as an extra - give us a call if you are in the market - I will take some pics of it later today - Price is $4200.


And who hasn’t seen the movie “The great Escape”?  - The classic shot of McQueen jumping over the barb-wire fence near the end, was of course done by his stunt double Bud Ekins, although rumor has it that Steve did actually do this in an Off screen moment - never filmed because of Insurance worries.
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Other news from Germany.


Sunday April 5th 2020

April 5th, 2020

Caroline Stevenson  drove all the way from Lethbridge Alberta to pick up this sweet TRS Xtrack 300 with the Electric Start - after a short ride around the back yard - she gave it two thumbs up.

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Caroline is a very good rider and also has competed in the BMW Challenge events -

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Video clip for today   >>>

Malcolm Davis was three times British champion, on AJS and Bultaco machinery, and on his day was a match for the legends of the sport, always a front runner …


Looking back at how things were >>

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And another video clip of King Kenny - Glad to say I met him once when I was with Yamaha.



Another Scottish video >>



Lindsay Baker posted this on FB - I remember putting on the Trial and also typing up the results back then - a lot of work and some interesting scores. - I think I might also have taken the pic of Lindsay on his TY.
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Saturday April 4th 2020

April 4th, 2020

We just received some sad news - my brother-in-law died in Alberta - he was 89 and had just moved into a care home in Rocky Mountain House - ( it was not the Coronavirus.)  - He was quite a well known “Scrambler” back in the 1950’s , when I first met him, so we shared some good times on the bikes, then later he moved to Canada after marrying my wife’s sister -( Who has also just moved into a different care home in Olds)

He is pictured here in 1955 sitting on his BSA at the Oswestry Scramble track along with  members of the Oswestry & District Motorcycle Club. - It was Bernie who talked me into entering my first “Scramble” as he said he couldn’t catch me on our practice Track near Oswestry. - He was on his BSA and I was on my 197cc James. - Of course when you are young you have more guts than common sense. ( Keep it pinned)
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Today is Babs birthday and this is a pic taken last year in her fancy designer jacket - Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

'April 4th is the 80th birthday of Babs - Mrs Outlaw - the pic was taken last Christmas and as you can see - she is looking great.  Babsy and myself have a zillion memories of motorcycle trips to -  Italy, Japan - Daytona - the Isle of Man -  etc -  - Cross country  racing, and Trials - when you phone - believe me - she knows her motorcycles. She sure as hell knows Trials. !!! believe me - she is quite a gal.  Happy birthday sweetheart  - it's been quite a trip.'

And here is Welsh pic from the past

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How about this lovely old Manx Norton!!
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JUST British Motor Cycles


With everybody itching to get out riding, the VOMC Executive have  posted some guidelines for when you are out in the Woods - check it out by visiting the Vernon club website.

Some old Trials results
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Another video link


Friday April 3rd 2020

April 3rd, 2020

TMX News goes into lockdown

Cover photo: TMX News Morecambe, England

Reflecting the difficult and challenging times facing the sport at the moment, TMX News (formerly Trials & Motocross News) announced on 1st April that it had been forced to temporarily suspend production of the weekly newspaper, due to the Covid-19 pandemic which is affecting every single country on the globe.

This is the first time that the paper has ceased production since it was founded in May 1977. No date for recommencement of the publication has been given, which is understandable given the current uncertainties worldwide.

In an online statement from TMX News editor, Anthony Sutton explained that with the complete cessasion of motorcycle sport, it became more difficult to justify keeping the presses rolling.


One of the Trials books that I don’t have!! - but I do have the original VHS Training tape that Mick sent me.
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And another one that I don’t have in my collection !!

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I remember seeing a pic of Sammy dropping down a really steep quarry wall - and because I was supposed to be an Expert back then(1970)  - I would look at a similar hazard at the local spot I used to practice at twice a week.  - it took a long time before I attempted to go over the edge of the sheer drop off. and I have to tell you that I just about crapped myself when I hit the bottom - but I saved it and had a huge grin ear to ear - trouble was there was nobody around to see that!!!  Of course back then the Spanish brakes were shite.
The other Sammy story I like to tell is about the National Lomax Trial in Wales, which I entered in  1957 - they had this very long downhill section - slippery and with a very muddy ditch to get through at the end just before the cards. - Everybody, myself included watched as Sammy eased the big Ariel down the slope through the trees - then with blast of throttle, he was through and out “Clean”

I ran back up the hill to the start, jumped on my bike and was first in line for my attempt. - Just after the “In” cards, there was a cross ditch ( as we call them in Canada) and as I rode into this, my front wheel hit a big rock, which sent me over the “bars” - The moral of the story is - “Always walk and study the complete section”   not just the difficult part.

In other news - my latest issue of Trial Mag: UK arrived glad to see that they are still managing to keep going in these troubling times - Always interesting news in every Mag - one bit of interest this month - John Shirt UK is no longer the Importer for Gas Gas after KTM bought 60% share of the Torrot business. - They now become a dealer, obviously specializing in GG. - This is the second time they have been given the boot - first time was by Yamaha. - Hopefully they will adapt to this change and keep promoting Trials.  Good luck John in these trying times.

Also BRP or Skidoo are shutting down production, due to the Pandemic. - I’m guessing others will follow suit.    ( We heard that Polaris have enough stock for a number of years !!)

Fortunately as a small Trials dealer - we can survive most any disaster - but I do feel for the regular Motorcycle shops, who have huge inventory of sleds, ATV’s and Motorcycles -plus a big overhead -  as somebody said -     ” You can’t eat them” and the finance companies all seem to have no hearts!!

Back in our Trials world - New 2020 bikes are getting thinned out - and no more likely until 2021 - so anybody who is thinking of either upgrading or getting into the sport, might be smart to pick up one now if they have the extra cash - as I’ve mentioned before, the money market is going crazy right now, with the Euro and Pound Stirling showing big gains -

No we have not placed any orders to our usual suppliers because obviously we don’t know what is going to happen. We do have a pretty good stock of Trials gear  and obviously a few bikes !! -  and believe it or not we are still selling !!
Call us if you would like to talk a deal  - we are still acting as a go-between - for good customers who want to sell their bikes private - We are always here to help. And the bottom line is that if you buy from Outlaw - we save you money now and in the future .

This film follows the Six Days Trial motorcycle event that takes place across the Highlands of Scotland. A Castrol Film.

Thursday April 2nd 2020

April 2nd, 2020

What to do when you have a new TRS and you don’t trust the neighborhood where you are staying !! You take it in the Hotel with you !!  Byron picked up this new bike from us at least 3-4 weeks ago, but because of all the Alberta snow, he hadn’t had a chance to ride it - So !! He hooked up with Gord and Richard  for a weekend in the OK Valley.   Because of the virus concerns etc - I was unable to join them, but from all accounts they had a fabulous time riding with Shane, Andrew and others.  - Unfortunately - they had a crappy drive back with lots of snow on the Pass. - Weather is sure winter-like for the time of the year.  April ??.  The good news is that they all had a fantastic time and Byron is thrilled to bits with his new 300 Raga.
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Another TRS shot - the small Spanish Factory has very few workers, so maybe they will survive this latest Worldwide Pandemic  which has shut down everything in Europe.

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Not sure what’s on this video clip - check it out >>


This shot was taken up on top of Silver star Ski Hill - Andrew & myself - We were trying to put together a plan to host the WTC National, on the same weekend as their big Rev Limiter event, so I took some bikes up and we rode the area.  - Although I was able to find some reasonable sections and with the idea that this could be a great spectator event - with access to the top via the the lift. - Sadly I had to pull the pin, when I didn’t feel we could fit in with everything else that was going on that weekend. Another issue, was that the Downhill Mountain bike course was not closing for the season until the week before, so everything would have been last minute. - An overall nightmare for me as Clerk of the course.  - But can you imagine the hype we could get from hosting an event at a World Class venue like this. ?? ( I will keep my phone open for another call!!)
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Blast from the past me scrambling back in the UK in the 50’s

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Wednesday April 1st 2020 - No fooling!!

April 1st, 2020

Being at home is for many people very frustrating, but at least we have a nice view out the back - ice is melting off Swan Lake and the sun is shining !!
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Bob Johns posted this pic of a young Steve Day jumping his Fantic 240 at an Alberta Trial back a few years        ( quite a few)  - not sure who took this pic, but I later bought this bike  which eventually  ended up with a blown motor and I believe Steve Richardson now has it.
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Fabulous clip from the film On Any Sunday with Steve McQueen. Looks like a lot of fun to us! Can’t beat a bit of motorcycling at the weekend. www.customlids….


Another flashback - this time of me on the Sherpa T I bought from Terry Porter - This was the first long distance Trial we hosted with the Calgary Motorcycle Club   - This section was a straight drop off the road into the creek and with typical Bultaco brakes, it was a challenge.

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Another Fantic pic from the past - I wonder how many of our newer readers even know about this famous brand?
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Tuesday March 31st 2020

March 31st, 2020

2020 ISDE is to be CANCELLED due to global pandemic.

FMI President Giovanni Copioli said. “Due to the Covid-19 outbreak health emergency, we must take this difficult decision. Postponing the 2020 FIM ISDE to next year shows that we care about the riders’ health. We were always very pleased to have the opportunity to host 2020 FIM ISDE - the most prestigious Enduro event - in Italy, but at the moment this is the right decision. I am thankful to the FIM and its President, Mr. Jorge Viegas, for the support and to the organizing committee for the hard work. We are already looking to the 2021 FIM ISDE in Italy: the event will be even more exciting!”


Here is pic from the 1949 ISDT  in Wales -   the rider is J R Lloyd and he belonged to my old club in Oswestry, although I can’t remember him -   Our local James /Triumph/BSA/Ariel  dealer had two of their bikes in the showroom after the event all plastered in mud  - very exciting for a young lad just getting interested in Motorcycles.  I watched some of this event from up on the Welsh Moors -  I recall the 50cc Kreidlers - which had 12 speeds - they were always “tapped out”  and always shifting gears with the engines screaming -  Memories!!.

This photograph was taken by Geoff Charles, who worked for Woodall’s Newspapers - the place that I started as an apprentice Photo Engraver in 1953 - Geoff was a great photographer at a time when the cameras were all large format - later of course the 35mm took over and that was when I got interested in this side of the business. - Ironically now anybody can take a good pic on their phone !!
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Today I would like to reach out to all the kind folk, who have contacted us either by phone, email or facetime etc, to ask about our well being - Obviously as old people, we are in that most vulnerable   class when a virus hits.

(Many will have read my Sunday blog with regards to my own health issues)

Anyway, glad to say both Babsy and myself are so far so good - being careful and staying home as much as possible. - Hopefully this will all be over soon, but I fear that our social activities might be changed forever. ( no more hugs)

Here is a nice shot of Steve Saunders when he was on the Rothman Honda - I remember seeing this section in a video I’ve got somewhere.  Back in the day when Ellgren were making Trials gear. ( think I still have some packed away somewhere)
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I’m sure that most people have now heard of the E start TRS models - I even posted a video of my Xtrack model, which is fantastic by the way. - You can see a  short video here of Phillipe Berlatier the French Importer and former World Class rider  showing off the all new Trials only model, with the lithium battery located behind the headlight.

live video


Monday March 30th 2020

March 30th, 2020

The two pics below, were taken 50 years apart - Turk Perepuklin from Victoria - Top on a Bultaco Sherpa T and bottom  on a Beta Evo 200 that we supplied back a couple of years.  Turk spent most of his time racing in ISDE competition or Cross Country events, but can still ride a Trials bike very well -

These days, he can be seen (or maybe not) out on the Vancouver Island Trails on his new Electric Start TRS  250 Xtrack.
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video for today >>>>>>> post

And this one by Ricky of the 2015 Outlaw. Good stuff.

And this one’s for Walter >>>>>>

Fantic 240 at the Trials Training Center


Like a lot of people - I’m spending a lot of time surfing the net these days, interesting stuff, but also a lot of garbage.

However I saw one caption of a Scramble pic from back in the day in the UK - which said - The rider had a big “Prang” - Had to laugh at this unusual English term which originated from the RAF - when a Pilot would crash his airplane., and get shit from other pilots.

It’s a few years now since we hosted the first WTC National Trial in Revelstoke   BC - When I was first approached by the club .  - I remember all the enthusiasm for putting on the event  and it turned out fantastic - the idea of running it out of the Lodge parking lot - almost like a World Trial setting in a spot that is hard to beat for scenery - It was ideal for ( in my opinion).

The local coverage of this event was huge and I really thought that Revvy would become a Mecca for Trials riders - not just from Canada, but from overseas.

Unfortunately - Trials is a very unique sport, and most people don’t even understand it - I think this has been the biggest problem in recent years, when the average person looking at buying an Off road bike - thinks an Enduro is what they need.  ( Guys talk their wives girlfriends into something that they hate  and bikes they can’t ride)
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The great Hugh Viney on a Scottish section.
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And finally a memory from a few years ago when Taff & Kevin stayed over.

'Another superb meal, by Babsy, enjoyed by Taff & Kevin'


Sunday March 29th 2020

March 29th, 2020

No photo description available.

And here is a great shot of likely the best Scottish rider ever on Pipeline  - Gary MacDonald - watched by Bernie Schreiber on the left, at the 2019 Classic event.
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Check out this old Photo from the Isle of Man - Babs & myself watched the TT races from this very spot in 1961, when riders were coming through the right hand bend at over 100mph. - The left side of the road had been built up into a high bank by that time, and riders were just skimming this while still going flat out, -Amazing.
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While we are going through  very uncertain times, for those people thinking about buying a Trials bike - it might be the best time, as the Euro jumped 12 cents last week - and who knows what the future holds for Importers of our bikes?  Any models in stock at the moment might be cheap compared to what is coming down the pipe!!


Like many people, I have been watching and listening to all the reports on how the Corona Virus effects people and as somebody who suffered with very bad Asthma for 25 years while growing up, I can tell you it’s not something you ever want to experience. if this virus  is at all similar.  - My condition was so bad while a kid that I could not lie down in bed -( I could not breathe)  I had to be propped up with a special backrest made by my Grandad. - When these attacks were at their worst, my shoulders would be hunched up, and of course breathing was  really difficult.  wheezing and coughing - terrible but even now as an old man, I can still remember this - I missed so much schooling that it’s a wonder I learned anything, in fact my mother was told by the Doctor, not to expect me to live beyond age 14. !!! ( Sure fooled him!!)
However, at age 15, I left school, and started work as an apprentice Photo Engraver, and finally started to improve. - but the biggest breakthrough , was when I started Motorcycling - maybe it was the open air - the exercise, I don’t know, but I was still on medications most of the time. They prescribed a drug called Ethadryne back then - which I found out just recently is a type of “Speed!!”
Then a miracle happened, we moved to Alberta in 1965, and the dry air and new lifestyle suited me just fine - although I still carried a “Puffer” with me - I was finally “Fit”

I have told this story, only because I would not like to see anybody go through what I did growing up - believe me there were many times that I thought I was going to die.  - Any lung disease is simply terrible, and if what I’ve heard about this new virus is true, these people are dying a horrible death.  Please stay safe and don’t take chances.


Your video for today >>>