Thursday November 15th 2018

November 15th, 2018

THE ISDE is on this week in Chile - But no Canadian Teams are entered.  You can follow the results by clicking on to the Enduro 21 site.Image may contain: text

Day three of the ISDE dawned early with a fresh set of challenging tests for riders in Chile. The fast three at the front of the field, Daniel Milner, Taylor Robert and Daniel Sanders again set the benchmarks and traded test wins – Milner now takes the overall lead.

Australia now lead the World Trophy class by 3m:23s from USA with Italy running at the sharp end despite a fuel issue in test six for Alex Salvini which cost him a hefty nine minutes.

The Italians continue to boss the Juniors Trophy category by almost three and half minutes now from USA but France are coming knocking on the American door in third.

Tayla Jones continues to bully the Women’s class but Brandy Richards ran her close at the end of day three. The Australian Women’s team now have over six minutes on France.

Dust was again a problem, causing test four to be cancelled. The Trophy riders also had an extended time gap for test five due to dust – two riders per minute.

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The photo above shows the opening of my local Motorcycle shop in Oswestry, back in 1953  - I am looking through the window on the left ( kid in raincoat) - I used to hang around there a lot and bought a couple of my competition bikes from Roy (  guy standing on far right - he finished 3rd in the Senior TT one year- the guy in the middle Bill Doran was a Norton Factory rider)


Steve Saunders posted this nice pic of the new 2019 TRS  He just got a shipment of 31 which will be going out to dealers.  We expect the Canadian shipment to be available within a couple of weeks. - If you want one, better shout up to go on the list - same applies for the 2019 Beta Evo.  - You snooze, you lose.
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Here is a nice “Trialsy” pic of Albert Cabestany in a typical Trials section - love those Autumn colors.
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As we check the weather forecast for signs of snow - our hearts go out to those poor folk in California, who have suffered such a terrible loss.  - Without a doubt, the danger of Wild Fires has been brought home to many in Western Canada over the past few years, with the 2003 Kelowna fire and the Fort Mac Fire. - It was a miracle that nobody lost their life in either of these.


Wednesday November 14th 2018

November 14th, 2018

This coming weekend, will feature one of the largest Trials in Europe ! - No it’s not a modern Trial, it’s the Costa Brava 2 Day in Spain, where they get over 300 entrees each year, for this classic event.

Many of the bikes are works of art, with incredible attention to detail, check out these Yams>

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Many of the top modern riders, take at least one day of this in -   Fujigas rides an immaculate Honda          ( maybe the closest thing to a Factory Eddie Lejuene Replica)

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How about this Bultaco of Yrjo Vesterinen !! - Priceless.

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This Sunday the Nanaimo Trials Club are hosting a Christie Williams Trials School on Vancouver Island - I think there might be only one spot left open.  - This is a great idea, as Christie has the experience to teach both the basics and some more advanced techniques.  - We plan on doing something like this in our area for 2019, with the emphasis on basics for the newcomers. ( We did do a lot of this in years past)

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When we are teaching new riders the basics, we always stress this technique for turning, as shown by Malcolm Rathmell - back in the day -  perfect positioning with right arm up - right leg out.
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Tuesday November 13th 2018

November 13th, 2018

Yesterday was a holiday, so we just just took it easy - the early morning fog cleared, and we unloaded the van, then just “Kicked back” for the rest of the day. ( caught up on some sleep)
Looking back at the Brown Memorial Trial, we have to say that this was one of the best - the course Ross had set up and the family atmosphere, were perfect.  Unfortunately, I was unable to play “Taps” on my harmonica, because of my Dental issues, but everybody showed their respect at the 11 am two minutes Silence - (Even the little guys were quiet)

Here is a pic of one of the sections, showing Stan on the Expert line.

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This is a nice Remembrance day photograph

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This popped up from a year ago - me in the shop wearing a toque  that Sammy gave me.

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As our competition year is now all done - it’s a good time to thank all our organizers for  the work setting up the events.

The first round was at Ioco and set up bt Steve Day, with help from Mellissa Andress - then it was into the Outlaw Trial on the long weekend in May - Hot temperatures, with Ross and his team coming up with a new camp site and a brilliant two day event.

Next up was Malakwa, for the final Outlaw round, set up by Sammy - who did a great job in appalling weather. -

This was followed by Round #1 of the WTC National Series in Revelstoke - Florian and his team   ( Shane & Terry- Chris) Had set up a fantastic loop, but once again the Monsoon like weather caused havoc.

Our final round of the WTC National Series went in Malakwa - with Sammy in charge - but again we were hit with terrible weather.

And then we wound up with the Brown Memorial reported yesterday put on by the Shuswap lads.

We owe all these people a huge debt of thanks for making the effort . Good events, do not just happen -they are put on by dedicated people and careful planning.  - Now it’s time to plan the Calendar for 2019.


Monday November 12th 2018

November 12th, 2018

Well, the 2018 Brown Memorial Trial is now in the books, and what a great weekend it was - Obviously we had some concerns on Friday when we got our first dump of snow!! - but it all melted and we had perfect weather for both days.

Ross and his helpers, had done an amazing job, setting up this first ever event on his property, with a good variety of sections, and a nice short 1.9 km loop through the woods. - We were somewhat surprised at the great entry we had, considering the time of the year - We had a total of 44 riders  for weekend., with Gary Lawyer coming all the way from Portland, plus Bob & Brett, Stan & Steve from Vancouver.

Of course this event is all about remembering our old friends Peter and Adrian Brown, but we also paused for 2 mins silence at 11am on Sunday, before getting things going.

We noticed quite a lot of spectators out enjoying the action, many had never seen a Trial before, and we also had some new riders, trying the sport for the first time.

In the Expert Class, it was Vertigo mounted Steve Day, who took the win both days, and we will be posting all the results later, when I get to unload the van.

A huge thanks to Julie & Judy for doing the results ( All done in one of Ross’ nice warm shops)  - to Roly for supplying the Sunday morning doughnuts !!   and everybody else who came out to support this event. We don’t have the official count for the two days, but we know we collected $720 on Saturday for the Cancer Fund.  - I’m sure both Pete and Ady, would have been happy to see how everything all turned out.

It was very nice to see a special presentation, by Dev, of some really nice artwork, which she sculptures -  to Julie and Judy, in appreciation of all the help they give at our WTC Trials.
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Here is one of Steve Day
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Above you see the young 11 year old who did so well in his very first Trial

Bob Clark got to try our 2019 Evo 200 at Magna Bay as his shipment has not arrived yet - Hey Mikey - he likes it!

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Results -  Top 3 in each class

Saturday Peter Brown Memorial

Jr A

1 Roger Tessier   Beta  - Kamloops BC  - 33 points

2 Roly Thibault     Beta  - Blind Bay BC  - 46

3 Christian Zanders - Beta - Scotch Creek  BC  ? ( he rode both classes)

1 Christian Zanders  Beta  Scotch Creek  BC   2 points

2 Erwin Vernon   Beta    Salmon Arm BC         3


1 Bob Clark   Beta - Coquitlam  BC   2 points

2 Dale Lewis  Beta  - Salmon Arm  BC - 27

3 Martin Lucas  TRS - Celista  BC  -30


1 Ross Rathbone  Beta Magna Bay  BC 16 points

2 Gary Lawver  - GG Portland Or.         - 23

3 Shane Bridden - TRS  Kelowna  BC -   38


1 Steve Day  Vertigo - Burnaby  BC - 9

2 Stan Bakgaard Scorpa - Yale  BC - 11

3 Kolten Morrison- Beta - Scotch Creek  BC -31


Sunday - Ady Brown  Memorial Trial

Jr A

1 Christian Zanders - Beta - Scotch Creek  BC - 25

2 Roger Tessier  - Beta Kamloops BC –28

3 Roly Thibault - Beta - Blind Bay  BC - 39


1 Jereme Bonnefoy   Oset - Vernon  BC   18

2 Maika Bonnefoy     Oset  - Vernon BC - 29


1  Bob Clark   Beta - Coquitlam  BC  -   3 ppoints

2 Brett Clark  Beta  Coquitlam  BC     - 11

3 Dale Lewis  Beta   Celista   BC         -15


1  Gary Lawver  - GG  - Portland OR  -  7

2 Ross Rathbone - Beta - Magna  Bay BC  12

3 Andrew James - TRS  - Enderby  BC   16


1 Steve Day  Vertigo  Burnaby  BC  - 8

2 tan Bakgaard - Scorpa - Yale BC  - 27

3 Kolten Morrison - Beta - Scotch Creek BC 37


Saturday November 10th 2018

November 10th, 2018

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This is where you turn after you drive THROUGH Scotch Creek - follow hiway until you see this sign to get to the Ross Rathbone Property and the Brown Memorial Trial

Bob & Brett arrived in Vernon last night - after a no problem drive through the Canyon - longer but no snow issues.


Here is pic of Pete that I took of him on one of our many rides through Rowdy Flats. Doing set up for the Outlaw Trial.

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Friday November 9th 2018

November 9th, 2018

Today is your last chance to have any parts./accessories put on the Outlaw Van to pick up at the Magna Bay Trial. - The Summer is gone and loading half the shop for few sales is not on for me this weekend - but  always glad to help out. - But you must phone or email if you need stuff like Helmets or boots etc - or special parts. - And as you all know the Price is Right..

It all starts Saturday at 11 am - This will be the Peter Brown Memorial    - We will have at least 5 riders coming from the coast -   Call me if you need more info:
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This is another reason the Sunday Trial will start at 11.05 After the Traditional 2 mins Silence.

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Bernie Schreiber has been quite vocal after a visit to the Milan Show - He is obviously concerned about the  Future Sport of Trials like everybody else who has been around for any length of time . This topic has become quite a forum. Check it out on FB.

I never write so much BS on Facebook, but just finished two amazing days at the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. A great success for many brands with new innovations and designs. The electric motorcycle and scooters exhibitors are everywhere and increasing each year. I visited most of the Trials bike manufactures and wish to thank those who took time to present their new products and honest discussions about the actual market challenges they face. A large portion of the Trials family of brands are weighing future alternatives and proactive solutions that can help grow the sport, attract new riders and grass roots initiatives which enhance experiences and sales. Most agree that big changes and a new direction is needed on many levels of the sport. As one said, “if we change nothing, then nothing changes.” There is positive passion for change, new concepts and some mentioned the need to clean the swamp.🤷🏼‍♂️ I even heard an Italian say….we need to “Make Trials Great Again”😜 With that said, many brands are investing into new technologies, but Trials growth is happening at traditional Classic events which attract entries over 450 participants.👍 Maybe the future is already here and those responsible for the past are on the ballet for 2019. Here are a few highlights from a great 48 hours.

Update from Bernie. -

Bernard Schreiber Hans Jørn Beck That’s correct Hans. Everything is possible when the right pilots are flying the plane. At this moment the radar shows Alps approaching and fuel is low with no plan. The flight control tower has sent warning signals and most passengers aboard can clearly see those mountains from the window. Responsibility and accountability is need before passengers take the situation into their own hands. When you have a failing product in a private company, you analyze the product, people behind, market situation, the consumer, price value, marketing, communication, true values, uniques selling proposition and fix it or find another job. What is the role of the FIM? Are they doing anything for the product of Trials? If so, what exactly? Due diligence and transparency is very important to answer those questions. Did they actually create the situation we now find ourselves? Once you have answers we can continue a productive conversation.🤷🏼‍♂️Enjoy your first meeting. All the best


At a local level., we always try to listen to the riders for feed back and then take positive action if needed. - The WTC enables us to keep event costs low, and after nine successful  years, the word appears to be spreading. - It’s all about having fun - no big purse for the winner - Just a great weekend around the Camp fire for the family. coupled with easy to ride sections, for most classes - ( Yes some Expert stuff can  and should be challenging)

6 am Friday and as forecast we have snow on the ground in Vernon - but this is all due to melt off later.

Yesterday was beautiful - so I made the most of it by delivering Opti snowmobile oil up the Valley - enlisted the help of my lad Steve to do the lifting !!   - Today I need to PDI the new Evo - plus do some last minute stuff before loading the van - Note:  We will be leaving here ( myself + Bob & Brett)  early tomorrow for the 2 hour trip to Magna Bay  - Everything is all set - Ross even put tarps over some of the sections to keep the frost - snow off ( What a guy plus of course his helpers Martin & Jake)  Tomorrow night he will cook up his famous Pialla ( or whatever they call it) - A good time is assured.

Thursday November 8th 2018

November 8th, 2018

The first 2019 Beta Evo has arrived - as everybody knows I love the 200 ( especially after I trick it up a bit) and have demoed one every year since 2009.
My lad Steve was over to help uncrate it -  as I wasn’t sure how I would feel today  after surgery - more on the the changes ( if any) later but I love the Italian RED
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Done the PDI and can see no changes except for a sticker on the airbox to tell you where it is ?? -They do come with some nice wheel decals -  Just need to put some good Opti 4 in the tranny now for the weekend.


Pic of Jordi’s stand at the Milan show - he’s come a long way since 2016.
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This is a brilliant video of Adam Raga, who like the top World riders are in a class of their own - Sadly we now appear to have two different sports & maybe this fact should be posted more often  - both traditional Trials and Hop & Bop can be great fun - but only a handful of riders in the World can do these stunts.


Please read this > Danny was a great lad- I hired him in 1983 to ride on the Yamaha ISDE Team in Wales, but as you will see he was diagnosed with cancer in June that year, The Canadian Team ( many from Eastern Canada) did Fantastic, finishing 2nd in the Silver Vase ( Now called the Junior Trophy) plus won the Watling Trophy for the best performance by a new Country.  We arrived back in Canada on a high - but the only person to meet us at the Vancouver Airport was Danny - I later visited him in Hospital and attended his funeral -with Al Perret -  one of the saddest days of my life - He was just 28 years old.  - That was the day I decided it was time for me to leave Yamaha Motor Canada.

The Board of Directors of the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame is pleased to announce the second Members of the Class of 2018.  Daniel Amor will be honored at the 13th Annual Induction Banquet and Reunion which takes place November 17th, 2018 at the DeltAmor.jpga Hotels Burnaby Conference Center in Burnaby B. C.Daniel John Amor was an avid motorcycle competitor. He raced in many disciplines including ISDE, Dirt Track, Enduro, Motocross and Hare Scrambles. He was a mentor for the younger rider, especially the kids that hung around the family motorcycle shop, Amor Honda in Surrey.Dan was born to ride and followed in his father’s footsteps. Vern Amor was inducted into the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2010 and passed away in 2012. Dan was raised in the world of motorcycles. He was taught sportsmanship and mechanics and was always at the shop shadowing his father and learning the bikes. He worked as the parts department manager when he wasn’t traveling to races. In the late 1970’s he started his own businesses, D. J. Salvage and Dan’s Cycle & Recycle.In the 1960’s, Dan started competing at Motocross and Hare Scrambles in Victoria and eventually raced all over British Columbia, Alberta and Washington. He was one of the top racers in the 1970’s - dirt tracked at Hannigan Speedway and Monroe in Washington as well as the Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver and Castle Rock, Washington. In the ISDT (E) Dan earned a Bronze Medal at Massachusetts in 1973; broke his wrist in Italy in 1974 and came up with another bronze at the Isle of Man in 1975. In 1976, he claimed a Gold Medal in Austria and competed at Czechoslovakia in 1977. A trip to Sweden in 1978 earned a Silver Medal as well as Germany in 1979.Dan was again chosen to ride in Wales for Canada’s ISDE team in 1983 when he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away six months later.

The Chair of the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame Board and all the Directors, are pleased and honoured to include Dan Amor in the Class of 2018.


Christie Williams posted this pic on FB saying that there will be no Montesa/Hondas for 2019 ? Not that this would be something new for the Japanese Giant, as they have closed down some other models over the years - I think the last time was when Sammy Miller was running the Trials Team ( I have his book)

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Today will be a busy day, with Opti pick-ups and deliveries in the Valley, plus parts to ship off - Glad to say I’m feeling a lot better after spending a lot of time in the Dentists chair this past week


This is a throw back to 1992 - a pic I took of David Main from Ontario. at the Scottish - it was a very wet week. The water in many sections was almost waist high. David is on a Fantic.

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Wednesday November 7th 2018

November 7th, 2018

Well Tuesday turned out to be another D Day for me ie: Dental Day - about 2 hours surgery etc  at which time I ended up looking a bit like something in a horror movie. - But after about 6 hours sleep - a glance in the mirror shows things looking up ( and the pain seems to have stopped)

Of course all this drama was supposed to happen Friday, which would have screwed up my weekend at the Brown Memorial - keeping my fingers crossed for no set-backs.

Looks like the weather will be good and even the Coq may be OK for our Vancouver friends.

Ross has everything set up for what should  be a unique event at his property near the Lake - any questions call me or Ross.  Note: We will have a new 2019 Beta Evo to oggle over.
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The pic below, is of long time Trials enthusiast Harlow Rankin, and shows him riding in Alberta a few years ago - Harlow was very much involved with the ATRA back in the day, and mailed out a monthly newsletter full of interesting stuff. He moved to Nanaimo but stll stays involved with the sport, and owns a number of immaculate Trials models.
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Check out this pic for some feet up action - and no it ain’t Trials.
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Turned the box on early today ( very early)  but all that’s on is Politics - Something I try to stay clear of - including Motorcycle Politics - I follow the great Trev Deely’s motto  ” I don’t care what you ride - as long as you ride”


Tuesday November 6th 2018

November 6th, 2018

Well yesterday was an epic day - if you want to call oral surgery something to remember !!  - Today I go in again for more treatment, so my up and down moments for pain relief will continue for a while. Please stay tuned as I try to keep up with what is happening in the Motorcycle World.


The TRS Factory are in full swing for 2019 and have interestingly just introduced an electric bicycle.
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Catching up on some action from last weekend - Valentino Rossi was just 4 laps short of winning the Malasia Moto GP, when he lost the front end - what a heart breaker - this handed the win to that man Marquez.


The BIG Motorcycle show in Milan is going this week - Here is a shot of the Beta stand

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More from last weekend - Sammy grabbed a win in the Amateur B class at the Everitt Enduro X - - looks like he grabbed a couple of good looking Trophy gals as well. - He did good considering he had a big crash in trying to qualify for the Amateur A crash.

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Don’t forget this weekend is the Brown Memorial Trial at Magna Bay (Shuswap) - Saturday is for Peter Brown - Sunday for Ady Brown. - Directions - head out of Scotch Creek towards Magna Bay - watch for sign saying Davies Road - on right side as you go down the hill - turn in - and the site is just around the corner - camping available.
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Here are the results from the Brantford Ontario Trial - they had 58 entrees - Well done boys you must be doing something right -( The low scores could be one reason why they get lots of riders)  Would be nice to see what bikes the riders were on ! - We happen to know that Jordan Szoke is now on a TRS.

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And finally - how about this action for when a rider knows he is about to eat some Welsh mud !! (Pic by Heath)

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Monday November 5th 2018

November 5th, 2018

It’s Guy Fawkes Day in England today

Sorry but I’m feeling pretty rough still after a sick weekend - so hope to catch up on the blog tomorrow.