Wednesday July 26th 2017

July 26th, 2017

I wonder how many people will know who this guy is in the photo ?  - email your answers to  - We will tell the story tomorrow.

We had a customer stop by yesterday to pick up a used Beta we had in stock - the vehicle he was driving was certainly unique, being a heavily modified truck/camper painted bright red - in fact when I saw him slow down by my driveway, at first I thought it was a fire truck !!  - Andrew comes from Winlow in the Slocan Valley, but he has been doing a lot of trail clearing in the Castlegar region and is keen to have a bunch of us go down there in the Fall to check it out - He already knows a few of our buddies from the area - interesting chap, and obviously hooked on Trials.


The World Trials Circus is in Arizona this weekend, with a lot of the European Teams, already arriving ( some without their luggage - Ben Hemmo) - This reminded  me of a time when the airline managed to lose my bag on a direct flight from Calgary to Vegas.

It would appear that a lot of Cannucks, are making the trip to see the Super Stars in action, but I think the Yanks will all be rooting for Pat Smage - he certainly has a lot of talent, being the multi time US Champ.

Here is the article courtesy Cycle News.  -

Coming To Kingman: FIM TrialGP Championship

Coming To Kingman: FIM TrialGP ChampionshipRepsol Honda’s Toni Bou leads the 2017 FIM TrialGP Championship coming into the Arizona round this week. Photography by Repsol HondaThe U.S. has enjoyed a long and rich association with the sport. This history stretches all the way back to the final year of the European Trial Championship in 1974 when Alan “Sid” Lampkin—Martin’s brother and Dougie’s uncle—took a five-mark win over Malcolm Rathmell at Saddleback Park in Orange County. Up until then no rider from the USA had ever even contested a round. Five competed at Saddleback.

In 1975, for the inaugural FIM Trial World Championship, TrialGP USA was included in the calendar at Stepping Stones Ranch in New England and this time around there were nine U.S. riders taking part.

The history books show that Lane Leavitt—winner of the first U.S. National Trials Championship in 1974—was the best-performing of the home heroes in ninth and his score of 70 was only four behind Martin Lampkin, who would go on to win that year’s FIM Trial World Championship.

With interest in trials growing Stateside, the 1976 FIM Trial World Championship travelled to Gold Bar, Washington, for round eight where 18-year-old Marland Whaley—a North American Trial Council Hall of Famer—finished a sensational second just six marks behind Martin Lampkin.

Coming To Kingman: FIM TrialGP Championship

That year 11 American riders competed in their home round and by 1977 the number had swollen to 15 with Whaley again finishing second, this time behind fantastic Frenchman Charles Coutard at Port Huron. It is also worth noting that although he finished out of the points in Michigan, top American performer in that season’s FIM Trial World Championship was Bernie Schreiber in seventh.

Schreiber was back for more in 1978 when he made history as the first American winner of TrialGP USA at Roaring Branch in Pennsylvania and he repeated his victory the following year at Pueblo on his way to taking the FIM Trial World Championship title.

Since then no American has ever won his or her home round or indeed the FIM Trial World Championship again, although the U.S. has appeared regularly on the calendar with venues including Donner Ski Ranch, Watkins Glen, Duluth, Sequatchie and Stepping Stones all featuring multiple times.

Kingman, Arizona, will play host to the TrialGP USA for the first time, with all the male riders looking to add their name to the famous Wagner Cup that has become synonymous with this event. The mountain venue will also welcome the opening round of the 2017 Women’s Trial World Championship, which visits the USA for the first time in its almost 20-year history.


For Road Race fans - there is a big event happening at Mosport Ontario, on the same weekend we have our WTC National at Revy.

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Tuesday July 25th 2017

July 25th, 2017


The days of the month are ticking by, and in no time at all, it will be “Revy time”  -  While chatting with Florian on Sunday, I suggested that we host a “Guided Tour” ride on the Friday evening - We both agreed that this would add to the weekend, and could include different groups checking out the neat trails in the area - they all have names ( my favorite is the Klim trail as it goes through the old growth forest - easy riding full of scenic water falls etc,) - the more ambitious riders, could take on “Rowland’s Revenge” or Squirrel City - then everybody could finish off the night either around the campfire or in the Glacier Pub.

There is still a chance that Sammy might put on a Trials School over the weekend, although we have not firmed anything up at this point.


The good news on the Technical front - is that now I have sorted the CP issue ( thanks Paul) - the posts for the missing week are all  available by scrolling back. - Glad about this as I posted some rather neat photos.


For a lot of folk - the chance to take in a World Round Trial, comes up next week, in Arizona. - Although I won’t be attending this one, it will be an unbelievable experience for anybody that has not seen the skill of these European riders before.  - For me, I was introduced to this back in the UK as a young lad, when Factory riders would enter many of the same events that I was in. - In those days, everybody rode the same line, so you learned very quickly how good these guys were.

Thinking about how the sport has progressed ( or digressed  according to some) - I can only say, that I admired the skill of the riders in the 50’s just as much as I do today. - Sammy Miller once said that you can’t “Go Backwards” -  what he referred to was, you can’t ever turn the clock back. - For Sammy, at age 84, I can’t imagine the memories he has of a fantastic career in both road racing and Trials. ( I’m proud to say I rode in a Trial that he won)

eg: We imported Sammy Miller accessories for about 30 years. before he sold out.

As most people know, our WTC Trials Score keeper Julie and buddy Martin, live in the Shuswap, as do other friends, Ross, Jake, Ty, they are very close to the fire that seems to grow up above the lake -  Our fingers are crossed that they get this under control soon.

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How about this for a World Round Section ?  - Italy 1987 - the rider is Jordi Tarres on the Beta

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Check out this video >>



Monday July 24th 2017

July 24th, 2017

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Here is the pic that I took of Rich Forsey on Saturday, after he loaded his new TRS 280 - Have now fixed the Download issue I had, after some advice from my Computer guru, Paul Throssell


Yesterday, I headed to Revy at 7 am, to meet up with Florian - traffic wasn’t too bad at that time in the morning, but I did see one “Close call” when an impatient “Red Plate” driver nearly caused a serious accident trying to pass before 3 Valley gap. -

I noticed that the road was wet in places, after I turned for Glacier House, but it seems they only had a brief shower, just like we had in Vernon.

We managed to figure out section #1 which will be located near the lodge, but Flo will need to hack some of the bush  out before we can tape it. - We then went up the road ( I was on my trusty Evo 200) and I was able to plan where we will have the #1 Junior/Inter section. - We then turned into the first quarry and  spent the rest of the morning  taping & clearing some undergrowth for sections - by this time it had become very hot (+30) and I was starting to feel the heat ( old age sucks) so I had to leave Flo carry on with our plan for the loop. ( I must remember to put a cap in my back-pack next time) - I needed to sit in my van with the air conditioning on for a while, before heading back to Vernon.
Here is a pic of part of #2 Expert/Advanced - Flo is over 6 ft tall, so you can get an idea of the degree of difficulty ( I’m sure Sammy will love that) -

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Just saw this old pic that I took of Tanner Nordin at the Super Stars a few years ago - he had just managed to “Save it”  after getting out of shape on the previous big step at Ioco.

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I sounds like they had a a good turn-out at the Vega/WEC race in Alberta yesterday - not sure of the results, but Steve Foord (Beta) took the win in his class.


This photo of Geoff Duke ( courtesy Charlie Watson) shows the World Road Race Champion getting a hand to push his Ariel 250 out of a Scott Time Trial section.  - Like many of the road-racers of that time, Geoff regularly competed in Trials during the winter months.  - I remember he passed me in a Time trial called The Picton - held near Chester in North Wales - It was likely the muddiest event I ever rode in. Duke went on to take the overall win - our Oswestry team - Don Morris, Brian Morris, Bernie Blomer and myself, managed to win the team award.


Ironically, The Enduro scene is now all about riding really difficult terrain.  - Trials at World level has become  a circus act, but at least we have new kids being introduced with the little Electric bikes.

Some sad news to report - Jeff Golden died of a heart attack, while competing in the Parry Sound Cross Country race - he was the elder brother of  Tom Golden, who used to ride a Fantic in Trials -


Steve Holcombe continues his winning ways - the British Beta rider won again in Portugal>

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Sunday July 23rd 2017

July 23rd, 2017

Only +17 this morning at 5,30 as I switched on the TV to checkout both the weather and the golf from the UK Open.  - this is coming from a place called Southport, which is located just north of Liverpool on the coast - we used to go there sometimes as it is a popular holiday spot, although most of our day trips were to the sandy beaches of North Wales.


Here is a link to a neat video for some Training ideas >>
Free Trials Training Youtub…


Well, Rich Forsey arrived early yesterday, with his new bike trailer hooked up to his car, and ready to load his new TRS 280. - We met Rich a few years ago, when he had a Gasser and was brand new into the sport, so now having bought a new house in Penticton close to where he has his Automotive Shop, the next step, after test riding one of our bikes a few weeks ago, was to take the plunge and get back into the Trials game.  - I did take a nice pic of him with his new toy, but as my computer skills are limited, I was unable to download it.


The USA World Round takes place next weekend, and will include a Woman’s Class, with everybody looking to beat Emma Bristow, however that is going to be a very tough task, as the pretty young British Gal, is on top form, with a brilliant performance at the Scottish

The battle for supremacy in the Trial GP Women class gets under way at the forthcoming and next round of the FIM Trial World Championship at Kingman in the USA on 28-30 July and Britain’s Emma Bristow – Sherco is the rider everyone is hoping to beat.

The twenty-six-year-old will be gunning for her fourth consecutive World crown and the bad news for anyone aiming to cause an early upset at Trial GP USA in the arid state of Arizona is that she feels on top form.

“The first round is starting quite late so I’ve been training hard and feel confident and ready,” says Emma. “I’m riding well and feel on form. It’s going to be hot in America so I’ve been working on conditioning my whole body to make sure I’m fully prepared for the heat.”


Trials Canada Editor and WTC Director, Bob Johns was recently on holiday in England, and stopped by Sammy Miller’s Motorcycle Museum.  - Here is one of the fantastic machines on display, all immaculately restored.  - This is the bike that Gordon Jackson won the 1961 Scottish on - when he lost just a single “Dab” for the whole week.  - Dougie Lampkin managed to tie this incredible performance this year, but on a machine that is likely half the weight of the big AJS Thumper.


Now I’m off to Revy to work on the Trial >>>


Saturday July 22nd 2017

July 22nd, 2017

So here we go again - an early Saturday morning, and still wondering what the hell happened to last week’s blog!!. Hopefully some readers saw it before it went off into Cyber-space.
Anyway the cooler weather is a good sign  and if we get some rain the thousands of evacuated people should be able to return home soon.

A rainbow looking South from my office window at 5.30am this morning - but no rain here, maybe Kelowna are getting a few showers. UPDATE :  None of the pics are now showing for some reason. !!!
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I see the British Open Golf is on this weekend - typical UK weather with everybody wearing rain gear - looks like the Yanks are filling the top spots so far.


Today we have a customer coming to pick up a new bike - will try to remember to take a pic.


Tomorrow, we will head over to Revy, to meet up with Flo & start to tape some sections - he has done a ton of work already, clearing some new trail for the upcoming WTC National ( Scroll down to see the poster)  I should mention that the young riders will get a 50% discount for the weekend - We still need checkers, so if you can lend a hand for either day - please contact me. - Checkers meeting will be at Glacier on the Friday night.

The Revelstoke area is fantastic for all sorts of tourist activities - the surrounding mountain trails are great for hikes, as well as other activities such as Mountain biking.  - We are thinking of having a guided tour through some of the old growth forest over the Trials weekend - will post more on this later.

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Here is our “Blast from the past” pic today, which shows Sammy Miller in the 1959 Scottish  - looks like this was up on “Grey Mare’s Ridge”  magnificent scenery. - He is mounted on his famous Ariel GOV 132.

Pic has “Zipped off” into cyber space. - So here is another of Martin Lampkin.

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Friday July 21st 2017

July 22nd, 2017

Well for some unknown reason all my blog posts for the past little while, have disappeared into cyber space  !! - No idea what happened, and naturally I’m a bit miffed, because it takes a lot of time and thought to report some of these stories.

Anyway, we will  press on, and tomorrow, will start another chapter, our apologies to the folk that think I might have passed on !!!


Friday July 14th 2017

July 14th, 2017

The sky is clear in the Valley today - no smoke, but it’s going to be another scorcher - once again the news is all about the Forest Fires burning in Central BC.  Hats off to the people that are working endless hours trying to save property and lives, including all the animals that have been caught up in this inferno.


At the moment some lucky riders are still able to get out - here is a pic from Ioco yesterday, where Geoff Aaron paid a visit - Of course the CPTA hold no events in August, and keep a very close watch on the Fire situation, during the Summer months, shutting down the area if the weather gets too extreme.

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Some pics of the ATRA Outlaw Trial from Rocky Mountain House popped up on FB today  - here is one I took of Stan pulling a perfect “Floater”

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This event goes again on August 27th, and will be a Two Day : “Double Header”  Trial - Rounds 3-4 of the Series - It’s a great spot to visit on Bernie Schroderus farm, just North of Rocky , free camping and always a good time ( one of the few events where we have a Creek)

This is two weeks after our WTC National at Revelstoke.  Check out the link on Trials Canada               to   -   Pre-Enter    >>

September is always a great month to be out in the woods - and a couple of big events happening  - September 17th, it’s the “Iron Mountain” Trial at Mission hosted by the CPTA - Mike Crumly and his helpers have been doing a super  job of developing this area, and we will for sure try to check this out.

(Today is Mike’s birthday - so Happy birthday Mate)
One week later, we have the Silver Star “Bonanza”  - Enduro X - Hare Scramble and all kinds of action  in Vernon. - The Enduro X will also have a class for the Trials bikes as a ” Dash for Cash” during the intermission ( should be a hoot)


Here is something we haven’t seen before - you know it’s hot when you see a pic of 84 year old Sammy Miller in shorts !!

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Sammy is still very active, working at his museum every day, plus attending many vintage events all over Europe, usually riding one of his old exotic road racers..


Bit of sad news - Claude Coultard  - father of Charles, has died in France - Claude was a highly respected ambassador in the Trials community, promoting the sport. - His son Charles was a very good member of the Bultaco Team in the 60’s


A reminder that many of our riders and friends, either fly or work on the Helicopters that are fighting these fires - Chris just posted this one from a new fire near Nakusp BC ( just South of Revy)

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Thursday July 13th 2017

July 13th, 2017

Forgotten Hero’s

This is a topic that I have wanted to post for some time , in an age where junior riders expect to be  given free bikes, driven around all over in Mum & Dads Motor home - I say enough !! Yes Enough!

I will start with a comment that Walt Healy made to me back in the ’70s    - he said ” Dirt bike riders are the nicest people that  you  could ever meet- but many seem to think that the local dealer should pay for their sport”
I just watched a clip of the great movie by Bruce Brown  ” On Any Sunday”   - You know this brought back to me all the things that made motorcycling so great in the 60’s 70’s

So looking back to that time - when things were obviously much different - who were the Stars that you remember -  Does anybody remember J N Robert   who won the 100 mile Big Bear run by jumping a Canyon that everybody else went around.  -   Bud Ekins who did the  jump over the barb wire fence in the “Great Escape” -for his  great buddy of Steve  McQueen -  not that McQueen couldn’t have done the stunt  - it was just that the Insurance people were going nuts.

Who can forget that clip in the movie, when Malcolm blitzes the field at the Elsnore GP ?  when he sees the gap in the fence while lapping the field ? - - did anybody know that he was born on Saltspring Island?
Steve Baker lived in Bellingham USA, but rode for Bob Work in the Yamaha Motor Canada set up - back in the 70’s - what a great era to be a part of. - ( I loved chatting to Stevie)
In Moto X - Canada had a number of hero’s - Zoli Berenyi  both Senior and Junior, were  maybe the best that Canada ever produced, but there are lots more - Ross ( Rollerball)  Pederson from High River - Stan Currington, Bill McLean - the list is endless - Danny Amor was likely one of the best ever Cross Country racers  - but sadly died of cancer at age 28  -

We should of course mention our old friend Al Perrett - an absolute legend, but you would never think so if you talked to him.   Like most great Champions  Al is very unassuming, and has a tremendous sense of humor -

Of course there are lots of other Canadian Hero’s that should be mentioned.

Ron Mallett from Calgary, who did so much to promote Motorcycle sport in Alberta -  And Rudy from  Scona Cycle in Edmonton -Glen & Rex Turple -  All these people helped form what the sport has become today. - The dealers all try to help by supporting riders - but funds are limited,  and Factory budgets tight.
In BC things were much the same transplanted Brits heading up the clubs in Vancouver and on the Island - names like Reg Shanks and many others were all part of building the Motorcycle dream in Canada.  - Many great riders from Eastern Canada as well - The Sharpless family for one - but many others.
At a time when the off road scene appears to be more like a high speed Trials event - it’s difficult to know how things will pan out , down the road.
For myself - having lived through all these decades of changes - I always love to see the new models and also the new Super Stars.  -

Then I wake up and remember - yes we have the WTC Trials Championship coming up on August12.13 at Revelstoke BC   - Wow ! How time flies. - We hope to see you there..


In other news - we have heard that our buddy Murray Nutt has been diagnosed with bone cancer - he was in a Calgary Hospital for a few weeks, but is now taking chemo as an outpatient - Murray was one of our core group of riders, back in the 70’s - brilliant at both Trials and Cross Country racing. - We wish him all the very best in his fight against this terrible disease.


Blast from the past  >  Olga Kevelos  one of the most successful  lady Motorcycle riders - here she is competing in a UK Trial on a BSA Bantam. - She also competed in Road races and ISDT events - later represented the UK on the FIM board of Directors.

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The Olga Kevelos Biography is now available in print. - check below.

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Wednesday July 12th 2017

July 12th, 2017


We have seen lots of pictures. posts of local riders  out on early morning rides this past week, but no matter how much you want to get out - and how careful you are, the fact is the Forests are tinder dry, and it only takes one spark to ignite the whole valley. ( Posting on Facebook is a sure way of letting the  cops know where you were at)  UPDATE: We were out three weeks ago and it was really hot - Bikes have been parked since then.

While the Forest Fire issue is absolutely the top of any agenda at the moment in our area, we are forging head with our WTC National at Revelstoke - Obviously, if the wild fires continue to be a threat, and the Forestry service shut down all of the Crown Land.  We have to play it by ear.

- One big advantage we have in the Revy area, is that we are mainly using rocky quarries that are all connected by the fire road. - We still have a few weeks to hope for rain. - ( Ironically they had to cancel an event at Blackfoot Park in Calgary  because of heavy rain)

Image may contain: bicycle, outdoor and text


The Revy Club are going through a building period but we are pretty excited to be a part of that in the Trials World - Our WTC Rep for this area Florian Schott is a tireless worker, seeming to find the time and energy to  look down the road for more exciting Trials events.

One thing I can let our readers know - is that we plan  to organize a “Qualifier” section at Glacier House Resort for the Friday night -( I’m pretty certain it will happen- great for riders and spectators)  In addition Sam King is offering a Trials school on the Friday afternoon - with the first section only a few hundred yards from the parking lot  - spectators have a chance to see all the action close up.

Be sure to contact us if you have any questions - (250) 545-6139 or email

Don’t forget that the Pre-Entry forms are now posted on Trials Canada

Talking about Trials Schools - this just in from Ron Walsh of the CPTA

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Tuesday July 11th 2017

July 11th, 2017

Smoke - that is the big thing right now in the valley, and word today that the town of Williams Lake is now on evacuation alert - with over 200 wild fires now burning, the situation in much of central BC is very bad, and with no rain in the forecast things could get worse.

The message that we would like to get out today is that with all the Okanagan and Shuswap regions extremely hot and dry, it would be smart to stay out of the woods.  We have seen posts and photos of Dirt bikers out riding, even parked in long dry grass.  - Remember 4 stroke header pipes, get much hotter than the 2 strokes .
- Now while we know most people are being careful, if a fire does break out in our area, the dirt-bikers   could very well be blamed, and the consequences are unthinkable - remember 2003, when the wild fire in Kelowna had over 200 homes destroyed.

This a photo of one of our favorite riding areas near Summerland, and it is beautiful up on this ridge, but in the early 1980’s a fire broke out in this area, caused by a lightning strike  - I remember seeing the orange retardant all over the ground with the black statue of the tree that was hit, still standing. -

We have ridden in other areas that have been devastated by forest fires, and it takes many years to recover, although the brush seems to spring up quite quickly.

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In the meantime all we can do is hope for rain.