Monday October 19th 2020

October 19th, 2020

Well it was certainly a quiet weekend -  weather a bit “iffy” and other things happening, so no riding - and  the forecast for all this week is not looking good. even some snow - but at least it’s not going to be like Alberta - We heard from Gord Rinke who says their riding season is all done.

A few people have now had time to check out Emily’s article in Motorcycle Mojo Magazine, and have emailed to say they liked it - there are some mistakes in there, which Emily will be posting a correction in next month’s issue. - Because I had no idea she was writing about me - and did not see the original transcript there are a few small errors. - ie: I only looked after the Canadian Yamaha lads at the 1983 ISDE - - My  thumb accident happened in a Cross Country race - not a Trial -( And I did not drive myself to hospital )  I was involved in two separate dealerships - but in the mid 80’s not 1970’s.
Otherwise I think she has painted a pretty accurate account of my crazy life in the sport - I certainly enjoyed taking her out Trials riding, and she did well on both the Beta and TRS bikes..

This pic by Emily has not transferred very well I’m afraid - it’s really sharp in the mag.

This is Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (TRS) winning the British Championship at the weekend - a good result for Steve Saunder’s  TRS Team as Ross Danby also won the T2 Championship.

This was followed on Sunday, by the first TRS Day put on by Steve - Heath was there to take his usual high class pics - this one shows Steve carefully watching one of his customers on a nice Goldie. - I wonder what number that one is?( Mine is #99 out of 150 built)

Sunday October 18th 2020

October 18th, 2020

So here we are almost at the end of October, and we need to move the 2020 Beta Evo 200 out the door to make room for the new models - This is a slightly used demo - maybe 5-6 hours on it - never been dropped - no scratches - in other words just like new. - Of all the Beta models that we have ridden over the years ( since 1993) - the Evo 200 is perhaps the most exciting - mainly because it will do anything that the bigger bikes will do ( well almost) plus it’s easy to start.

Over the years I have proved just how good this model is, by being at the top of BIG hill climbs when others are struggling half way up on 300’s - yes that’s true. - I think that of all the Trials bikes on the market - The Beta Evo 200 is the most under-estimated bike out there.. - NOW you can take advantage of a rather crappy sales year because of the Pandemic and save up to $1500  on this bike.

But be quick because this is the first time that we have posted this.- and it’s only on at this price until October 31st.  BUY NOW for $6995.00 plus tax. (Regular $ 8899.00 including freight - plus tax)


Image may contain: text that says 'Motorcyclist, 95, Loses His License 52 For Next 3 Years MARKET LAVINGTON, Eng- land, Aug. 7. George Dob- son will have to wait until he is 98 years old before he can ride his motorcycle again. Dobson, 95, got a three-year suspension of his driver's license after he collided with a car while trying to hang on to a bottle of liquor slippirg out of his pocket,'


This pic shows an old friend by the name of Alan Sagar on the right from Wales - Alan died last year, but in his day his was the top Trials rider in our club, and a mentor for me as a young lad getting into the sport. The whole Sagar family were always involved, and Tom Sagar - Alan’s Grandson was a top enduro rider plus always did well in Scotland - & that was where I saw Alan for the last time in 1992.

No mistaking who this is - mouth wide open - concentrating hard on the big Ariel at the Pre-65 Scottish a few years ago - Yes of course it’s Sammy Miller - the section is called Grey Mares Ridge.
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Here is the poster of Jordi that came in my latest Trial Mag: - it’s now up on the wall in my office.
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Another Magazine - this one Canadian, and that crafty young lady Emily Roberts  has an article on me in this issue - done without my knowledge from when I took her Trials riding a few months ago.  - You can click onto the Mag - and read all about it. -
Image may contain: one or more people and motorcycle, text that says 'TESTED 2020 KTM 1290 SIDECAR DOGS: Apollo & Zeus SUPER ADVENTURE TRAVEL: Maritimes Loop MotorcycleMojo 71 STRERIR TESTED 202 BMW S1000XR

Another old James - I had no idea they made bikes back then.
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Ross Danby has won the Trial 2 British Championship. Well done Ross and TRS .
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Looks like wet weather for the next few days in the Valley>>>>


Saturday October 17th 2020

October 17th, 2020

Well Today, should have been the running of what many Trials enthusiasts call the Greatest One Day Trial in The World. “The Famous Scott Time and Observation Trial’  held on the Yorkshire moors - it’s a one loop of around 80 miles ( yes miles) and about 70 observed sections.  BUT because of the Pandemic - it’s had to be cancelled this year.

Back in the 1970’s I started running an event of this nature in Alberta - we had a different format in that we allowed competitors to ride “What they Brung”   - It was run on the same rules as the Yorkshire Trial - with riders leaving at one minute intervals, and the Cross Country course was about 50-60 km - but with only 10 sections. - Fastest guy set standard time -other finishers lost one point per minute after this time. - this was then added to the score in the sections to get the overall winner.
My main purpose in organizing this - (as President of the Calgary Club ) - was to try and get more of our club riders to understand more of what the sport was all about - you would not believe how split up our Calgary weekly meetings were at Chestermere Lake - after the main business was over.  MX guys in one corner - Flat-trackers in another & Cross Country racers in another - with the trials guys filling out the final spot - no much “mingling” at all.
I was lucky enough to win this twice - the first time on a TY 250 and the second time on an IT 400 - You can imagine how tough it was riding the IT in sections - maybe I started a trend!!

But the best thing about hosting this event, was it brought the club lads together and they all learned a lot. I think the idea really helped promote the club spirit.

Did you know that a Fantic is leading the 125 class in World Enduro?   - Actually a bunch of Yamaha ’s with the Fantic badge on them.

This report was up on FB.

Dang! Beautiful mate….. beautiful 🤩
Three (3) Fantic XE125 riders are at the Top 5 of the on-going FIM-sanctioned Enduro GP at Day 1
Look at how those core YZ125 cum Fantic XE125 rails in ‘extreme test’ sections…. There are ‘enduro test’, ‘cross test’, and then ‘extreme test’….
Have they been a better platform if they took the YZ125X enduro for a platform instead of the YZ125 motocrosser? I really do not know….😅
Final results for the ATAQ Series in Quebec - Looks like Beta cleaned up !!!
No photo description available.
So with winter weather approaching - Brrrr - it’s time for all Trials riders to either take up another hobby - or maybe  move to the West Coast  -  We sure lucked out   for our one and only event of the year at Ross Rathbone’s place   - Hopefully nobody will show any Covid effects from this,  !!!!!!!!
In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about our annual Remembrance Trial - and will be posting some thoughts on this shortly. Maybe we will just have a get-together at Summerland.
Although we did get a few sunny breaks on Friday - I didn’t get out for a ride and the rain set in pretty steady by mid afternoon.
Your video for today and it’s Canadian  >

Friday October 16th 2020

October 16th, 2020

Never forget “The Pilots of 1940 and The Battle of Britain”
Image may contain: cloud, sky, outdoor and nature, text that says 'PHOTO:© JOHN M. DIBBS THE PLANE PICTURE COMPANY'

Here is neat shot of Heath’s buddy Fransisco   on the very nice Beta TR 34 that Heath just restored.
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A book that I have never read and do not have in my collection.
Image may contain: 2 people, motorcycle, text that says '£7.95 BRITISH TRIALS MOTORCYCLES

Entrees now open for the 2021 Scottish - get them in!! and hope this Pandemic is over by then.
Application Form

I wonder how many entrants next year will be on the TRS with estart ?? makes a lot of sense, especially for older riders, who need to save energy. - How many times does a rider have to kick-start the bike each day in Scotland?

At a time when Newspapers and Magazines are folding because of the Electronic media - It’s great to be able to still get this Mag: out of the UK. - Plus this issue has a super poster of Jordi on the Beta to stick up on the wall.

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So yesterday, I had to scrape the windshield of my van for the first time this Fall - and with snow up on the Hills we could be in for an early Winter. - They are warning of a possible 25cm in Calgary today.

This being the case, I might try to sneak out today for a ride with Roy!! - More on this later if it happens.


In Moto GP News - Valentino Rossi has tested positive for the Corona 19 virus - and will miss the next race at least.

A reminder to everyone that was at Scotch Creek last weekend  to let us know immediately if they show any signs of the Covid  over the next couple of weeks!!!!

Thursday October 15 th 2020

October 15th, 2020

This photo by Iain Lawrie of a section in the 1983 Scottish Six Day Trial, is perhaps one that best describes the sheer magnitude of the Highlands. If you haven’t been there - put it on your bucket    list, but don’t plan on entering unless you are classed as either Advanced or Expert- Yes it’s tough.

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While we are talking neat shots of Motorcycles  in nice picturesque settings - lets  see one from our local area - up above Vernon - not sure who the rider is though - it didn’t say.

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Watch out for this lad in the future - he’s Dougie’s Nephew  -



Congratulations to our supported rider Harry Hemingway on a fantastic first season competing in his first year in the world championship, finishing a brilliant 5th place overall in the championship. A fantastic achievement considering Harry was the youngest rider in the championship, competing in 4 two day trials over a compact 6 week period that also included returning home, riding a club trial and also taking 2 podiums in the British Championship event in Devon. Harry also goes down in history as the Youngest Rider to achieve a podium place in a world championship event with a 3rd place finish in Spain on day 1. Congratulations from all at Dc Air conditioning ltd
This old pic of me with the Beta 300 4T just popped up on FB - Can’t remember who was with me on that ride over to Spanish Lake, but it was a great day and the 4T is a wonderful bike for this type  of trail ride. - Now if Beta would just put an E start on it!!
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The name “Jones” is quite common in the UK - in fact it’s Babsy’s maiden name - but I never knew that there was a motorcycle  by that name.
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Looking for something else and came across my copy of Sammy’s book on the Honda story - while there is no doubt that he was instrumental in teaching the Honda folk all about what a Trials bike should be like - things did not go well  for Sam and the Japanese and in the end they parted ways.
It’s a great book to read, and having worked for Yamaha, I can appreciate some of the difficulties that Sammy Miller experienced.

Wednesday October 14th 2020

October 14th, 2020

Believe it or not - It’s time to start thinking about Christmas - and for wives and girlfriends - this usually means buying clothing for the Trials guy in their family - I thought of this when I saw Byron decked out in that orange Scorpa gear at the Trial - and he certainly needs a change of clothing for next year, now he is on the TRS - !!! The Wulf stuff which we have been selling since 1995 - is great quality and reasonably priced - although we can  get the TRS gear  which also seems quite popular.

This is Kevin on one of the very tricky and slippery log sections.

And Steve Day on the same section.


Jordi must be very proud of his Team.
No photo description available.


Take a look at this pic of the bikes at a Classic Trial in Europe -

Here is the Vintage scene in Edmonton!!! Walter sent me this pic.


It was interesting to chat to a couple of the riders at Scotch Creek about both “Bike set up” and also “Mind games”  - The fact is that many riders have the riding ability, but just fall apart in a Competition , because they can’t control nerves and get their “Head” right.  - I remember our old friend Ady Brown who commented back in the day that - He had his competition beat before they started by just making some remarks to unsettle them.  - Even at the top level - one bad ride on an early section, can ruin the day for some.

What I have always told anybody that I’ve coached is this - “If you have a bad early “5″ - get that out of your head straight away - forget about it - and plan as if the Trial starts at the next section.

Of course there is no doubt that to become a Champion - you have to be Consistent -  winning one day then finishing down the field the next event will never win you that #1 Plate. - - It’s a fact that many riders do not know how to walk a section and have the right pictures in their head before they go through the “IN” cards. - especially if there are a bunch of spectators or their competition standing watching every move.

An interesting thing happened at the Scotch Creek Trial when Brian McNeal was riding the big log section on day two - when he made the turn to approach the BIG log - he was chatting to brother Pierce who was standing up top to act as minder - He said that he didn’t know how to ride this - in other words what technique to use !!

With Pierce shouting instructions, the result was pretty much a foregone conclusion - good effort but Brian needs more practice on the new bike, and overall did pretty well on both days.
This is why I like to shoot a lot of video - because it shows the rider technique ( Good and Bad) - this is always  a good idea for play back after a training session.

Bottom line is that if you can’t see a picture in your head of yourself  “Cleaning” a section - chances are you won’t do it.

Tuesday October 13th 2020

October 13th, 2020

We hope everybody had a nice Thanksgiving weekend - It is always a special time for family gatherings and Yesterday was no exception for us.  Good to be able to see the kids and grand-kids in these troubling times.


Below are the top three  masked men in the shortened Moto Trial GP Class ( As they call it these days)   Tony Bou (Honda) - Adam Raga (TRS)  and Jaimie Busto ( Vertigo)


Back with more from the Shuswap Trial  > This must have been a very scary ride for Steve, as he knows that he hasn’t hit the log quite right which then got him all out of shape in the next couple of pics I took - he had to use all his experience to save it as he went off the end log at full throttle, ( Note: his nice Wulf Trials pants and Outlaw Toolbelt- don’t think we made many in that color so it must pretty old by now)

Here is Judy giving the riders the low down on social distancing in the groups etc.

This is an interesting bike that Shane showed up on - He had to switch the forks and other stuff from his TRS to make the old Mont work for him. -All last minute stuff so he had something to ride for the weekend - And yes he did well on it.


We have posted this pic before - but it shows Arthur Lampkin winning the  Scottish -  the eldest in the Lampkin Family - Arthur was a brilliant “All rounder”  competing in Scrambles and Trials with the best in the World. ( Notice the “Valve lifter lever below his left hand - used for starting the  BSA)


In weather news - today is supposed to be another wet one -with snow up on the hills - but we don’t have a lot planned - unloaded my van yesterday - always a big job for me as I put as much stuff in as I can to take to the Trials events - but then a lot has to be restocked in the shop. We have helped a lot of riders over the years by having the parts they need last minute because they break  something.

More news as it happens >>>

Monday October 12th 2020 THANKS-GIVING.

October 12th, 2020

Well, the weather on Sunday for day #2 of the Shuswap “Pot Luck” Trial - was pretty much perfect - with the sections drying out, scores were a lot lower and everybody had a really good time - A huge thanks to Ross and his crew for hosting this event, and to Judy and Julie for looking after the score keeping.  Stats :: Saturday 26 riders - Sunday 23 riders - Bikes Stats  - 11 Beta- 7 TRS - 3 Honda/Mont - 2 Scorpa - 1 Vertigo.
It was great to see a lot of familiar faces from both BC and Alberta - during these strange times.
Once again, we were out with the cameras, and with better light conditions, things turned out much better - below you see a pic of Stan, who took another win in the Expert class on his Scorpa.

Below is a shot of young Christian Zanders,( Beta)  who has grown a lot since last year and moved up to the Intermediate class, taking 3rd place in a very competitive group.

NOTE:  We took a ton of pics and video on both days and have posted a lot on FB, but it doesn’t seem to stay up very long - If you would like to know if I have any good shots that you might want to print off for your wall - just email me and I will see what we have.

Toby Martyn (TRS )  took the win in Italy in the Trial 2 Category  >>>> Well done.

Jordi’s TRS Team did well on Sunday in Italy not only did Toby take the top spot in Trial 2 - Alex Ferrer was 2nd and  Adam Raga was 6th in Trial GP, ( Not a great weekend for Adam) - The TRS Team also won the World Manufacturers Award for 2020.

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Sunday October 11th 2020

October 11th, 2020

Well the first day of the Ross Rathbone -”Pot- Luck”  Trials went really well with 26 entrees and fortunately the rain held off for most of the day, although it had definitely “poured down” overnight - making for some very slick logs out there.

We had riders from Alberta  and the West coast, plus a good turn out from our interior group, and we saw some brilliant riding from everyone, all glad to get back on their bikes after the long lay-off due to the Pandemic.

I took a total of 148 pics with my Nikon and another 50 with the Canon - plus a bunch of video - very difficult in the poor light conditions without a flash. -

Today I will be back up to Scotch Creek again with batteries recharged - to add more to the files. - Hopefully the weather will be kind to us again today - it sure dumped last night both on my drive home and later while I was downloading files.

Here is a shot of Stan taken with my Canon - he took the Expert win on Saturday.

Image may contain: outdoor

Colten was in charge of the Expert sections - his first time doing this -  and although some were a bit too long with lots of tight turns - all in all he did a great job for a first time effort - it takes a lot of experience to get it right - then of of course you have to out guess the weatherman.

This was a very tricky line for the Experts - not many made it up this.

Hopefully the light will be a bit better today for taking pics - but I have posted quite a lot on FB - check them out.


Results from the World Trial in Italy on Saturday - Toni Bou takes another win.

Saturday October 10th 2020

October 10th, 2020

This article just got posted on FB - Seems there are still a lot of “Old Codgers” out there enjoying bikes. ATTITUDE TRUMPS AGE: DIRT RIDING AT 80 YEARS OLD! Cross Training Enduro Paul Rodden is now 80 years old and he’s preparing for even more dirt bike adventures with a new bi…

And still some old shops still going today ( Somebody said these guys are still in business- likely not the guys in the pic!)
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This is a pic of Don Vesco welding something on the Yamaha Motor Canada XV920 that Bob Work built for the “Battle of the twins” race series - As with all the bikes Bob tuned - it went like a rocket - I was at Daytona with Bob when Ron Peirce raced it.

Interestingly enough, I also rode one of these a bit back in the day. ( But not on the track) -             I borrowed one of the first ones from Walt and rode it home to Vernon, one weekend. -

I even took one up to Kamloops later to check out a Cross Country race - I tried to get to a check point - but had to quit when I got to a real muddy - muskeg type  spot - - Everything was really quiet out in the backwoods - then I heard the sound of a bike coming - hard on the gas . - pretty quick he was past me ( I was a bit stuck in a muddy rut) - to my surprise the rider turned around and came back - It was Guy Perret - and I will always remember his words “Dave what the F** are you doing out here on that bike? - and with that he was off again to win the race. -

I don’t recall having too tough a  time getting the big 920 out of that place - but I think my Trials experience  might have helped !!

(Bob -with a beard - is standing on the right - next to our friend Brian Rolls who also worked for Yamaha Canada back in day -)


The Final round of the Short World Championship Trials series goes this weekend in Italy - Here is a shot of one of the TRS Team tents  getting set up.


John Banks seen here leading Sylvain Geboers  at a Scramble was one of the very best UK riders never to win a World Championship - He came close finishing 2nd at least once.

Image may contain: one or more people and motorcycle


Another old  result from when SWM were in the Trials market -  many years ago I bought a used one cheap to maybe use for the Vintage class - but to be honest I didn’t like it plus the stator fell apart.


South of the border - some riders changing brands - Carl Davies now on Vertigo and Josh Roper (pictured)  will ride TRS.  - Just heard that Wilson Craig has bought a new TRS Gold 300 - Welcome back Wilson.


Here’s a nice pic of Heath with the TR34 Beta he has just restored - looks great & he does an  excellent job. - Just saw that some scumbags tried to break into his garage last night - without success. - Obviously did not know the BIG Rotty sleeps in there!!
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So I will be out the door early today (7am) for the drive to Scotch Creek - I got everything loaded yesterday afternoon - a job I find wears me out these days as old age creeps along. - I also have to go “The long way around” in  order to meet a new Opti customer near Kamloops. - I was going to load my Beta Tent as it’s going to be a wet weekend, but it’s stored underneath a pile of junk and I didn’t have the energy to move it.  - Luckily Ross has lots of outbuildings and I know Gord Rinke will be there with the TRS Tent I gave him. Looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends for the first time this year. - Watch for some pics posted later tonight.