Thursday September 21st 2017

September 21st, 2017

Climbing mountains on a Trials bike, is a lot of fun, as you are able to get to places not possible with other models, but I think this pic takes the cake, as far as determination goes - It  shows a bunch of very fit riders, hauling a bike up the last part of a peak in Europe over 4,000 metres high- the first time ever this has been scaled on a motorcycle.

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Here is a shot of the TRS at the summit>

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The BIG event this weekend, is the Rev Limiter at Silver Star Mountain in Vernon.

Check the web page for the schedule - it’s going to be very busy up on the hill

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Over in Europe - The Trial des Nations goes this weekend with both men and women taking part and Teams from all over the globe

The Spanish men’s team, have won this for many years, only the Brits have beaten them in recent times, but that was quite a long time ago.

Here is  a pic of the German Ladies Team.

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Sorry the pics all get distorted when transferred from other sites.


The 2018 World Trials Schedule has been announced.>

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Wednesday September 20th 2017

September 20th, 2017

As of noon tomorrow, off-road vehicles will once again be permitted on Crown Land throughout the Kamloops, Southeast, and Cariboo fire centre.

A number of area restrictions do remain in place in the vicinity of areas where fires occured (and in some cases, are still burning).

More information, a fact sheet, and a map can be found here:…/wildf…/DisplayArticle.asp…
Well the above announcement can’t come any too soon - with the Silver Star Mountain Enduro Cross and Hare Scramble this weekend.I was chatting to organizer Andrew Christiansen Tuesday, about the fact that they had been out flagging the loop, not knowing if they were wasting their time. - Hopefully they will get a good entry for this which is a WEC Points race.

Of course I’m equally p/oed because we had postponed the Revy National until Oct 1st - but with the ban still  in place, and no time to do set up even if it came off, we had to cancel that and as luck would have it,  Sam managed to talk his boss at the Carl Kuster Mountain Park, into having the event there on the October Thanksgiving long weekend  - The bonus for this and future events, is that it’s all Private property - 300 acres of it ( lots of dense bush that is hiding fantastic sections) plus no Off road registration/insurance required.
The loser in all this is our WTC Rep in Revelstoke, Florian, who has done a ton of clearing prior to the ban - we were up there and had the loop all planned - during the intense heat -  and to make matters worse, Flo can’t make it to CKMP because he has a family Thanksgiving thing happening in Alberta. ( We WILL have a WTC National at Revy in 2018 - you have my word - but likely as soon as the snow is off)
So we had the bad side and the good side, but this also works when it comes to rider turn out as well - If we had gone with the October 1st date - it clashed with a Trial at Ioco - Now we are on for the Thanksgiving Sunday - some of those riders will be able to come, while others who were OK for Oct 1st - have family plans for Thanksgiving.  - a bit of a win-lose situation. ( Is the glass half full or half empty? )

Anyway ! - We WILL be at Silver Star at some point this weekend -Showing off our Beta and TRS Trials bikes, so be sure to stop by for a chat  - ( We also have our buddy Matt’s wedding to take in)  Sam will also be there riding the Enduro cross and Hare Scramble, plus he might also do a bit of Trials training  showing the fans the new TRS 300 Factory bike.  - If you fancy having a go at the Enduro-cross on your Trials bike Andrew is open to having a Trials only race, you just need to show up and enter.


This Sunday the CPTA hosts the annual Junior and Intermediate Trials School at Ioco. This is a great opportunity to develop fundamental skills essential in the sport of observed trials. Riders will be in small groups based on their skill level and will receive instruction from experienced club members.

Juniors will focus on basic balance and turning technique, clutch and throttle control, riding logs and steps. There will be a few easy sections set up to practice your new skills and a mini trial at the end to see how you have improved.

Intermediate riders will work with their instructors on more advanced skills designed to help them up their game in preparation for the move up to the advanced class.

This event is free to members, waivers must be signed. Non-members are welcome with a ten dollars fee or purchase the pro-rated membership for $30 for the remainder of the year.

All kids under 12 free. Sign up around 9 and rider meeting at 10.

There will be a barbeque lunch for all participants and club members who want to drop by. The weather should be good so come on out, bring a friend and learn more about observed trials.


More News as it happens >>

Tuesday September 19th 2017

September 19th, 2017

To me, this is a neat Trials picture - not some World Class rider, leaping up a rock, but what  most club riders live for,-  a day in the woods, smelling the rich aroma of the trees and a chance to get back to nature. Walking a section with your buddies, sharing a bit of humor - that’s what regular Trials are all about. - It’s still a competition, and even at a club level, many tend to take things a bit too serious, but at the end of the day, no matter what the score is on the punch card, everybody can still have a laugh, go home soak in the tub, and go to work next day.

Not sure who took the photo - but thanks for sharing it.  ( It was at the CPTA Iron Mountain Trial last Sunday)
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So today there is snow on Silver Star - and the Mountain Passes - we seem to have just lost our riding season - but the thing that concerns me most, is that the Government and Forestry, both in Alberta and BC appear to have set a precedent for shutting us out of the woods. - One whiff of smoke next year and the ban might come on.

Over in Alberta it’s the same story - Crown land being shut down - and nobody in the Motorcycle, ATV, Snowmobile Industry, seems to be even raising an eyebrow. - When will the Industry Tell the Politicians, that the factories are closing and thousands of people will be out of work, unless they stop listening to the environmentalists.?

OK Rant over for today,

Looking at better things - Thanks to Sammy King and the Carl Kuster Mountain Park, we have managed to salvage our WTC National Trial for 2017, -  This is for sure the most exciting news we have had in a long time, as Carl seems committed to promoting Trials on his 300 acre estate. - Click onto this link for more up to date info: or keep coming back to my blog.


Click for WTC Western Champ Poster


Monday September 18th 2017

September 18th, 2017

Sunday was a bit of a quiet day for the old guy - -the Formula one race was on the box very early, from Singapore, really wet & lots of crashes - Lewis Hamilton took the win. - Vettel crashed into his team mate so no fun in the Ferrari camp.
Later in the afternoon - it was again time to watch the 4 wheel sport -with the Indy cars at the Sonomore road course - this was to my mind, way more exciting than the earlier F1 event.  - Also watched a bit of golf on the box.
In between I caught up on some chores and checked over the two TRS bikes we had out at CKMP on Friday - oil changes etc -

We saw a blurb on the CPTA Iron Mountain Trial & it sounds like it went well - Gord Rinke from Calgary grabbed 2nd in Advanced, making his long drive worthwhile. No doubt we will see a report with results posted later today.


A bunch of the guys were out helping Sammy at Malakwa yesterday - lots of work to do out there so good to see he is getting help, setting up for the WTC National on October 8th. ( Thanksgiving long weekend)

The World Trials Championship for 2017, is now in the history books, and it will show that Toni Bou has now won a total of 22 World Titles, an incredible achievement. - The only rider to beat him this year, was Adam Raga ( twice) - Next weekend is the TDN.

And lets hear it for the ladies >  Emma Bristow got beaten for the first time in two years, and it was a local gal on a Beta that did it !! - That must have made the home town Italian Team happy, especially as Iwan Roberts also wrapped up the World Championship in Trial GP 2

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Don’t forget that we have included a Ladies class at the upcoming  National at Malakwa - A first ever for the WTC.

These are your FIM World Trials Champions for 2017.

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Next weekend is also the Silver Star Mountain “Rev limiter” event, which will feature Enduro Cross on Saturday, with a Hare Scramble on Sunday. - If there is enough interest there may be a “Trials” class at the Saturday Enduro Cross - get back to me if you are keen on competing. or check in with Andrew Christiansen via the Silver Star web site.


Sunday September 17th 2017

September 17th, 2017

So Here is the info: on the upcoming WTC National at the Carl Kuster  Mountain Park. You can click onto the CKMP website to see more as well as, up to the minute reports on this Outlaw Blog. Please call or email me if you have any questions or concerns.


We copied this from the CKMP web site.

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WTC National Trial (West) - “The Sawmill Classic”Carl Kuster Mountain Park are the proud host of the western WTC Nationals here in Malakwa. We are excited to be working alongside Ride The Vibe, Outlaw Trials Sports & World Trials Canada to create a new Trials area in BC,- we feel sure this event will be a huge  success and return to our calendar annually.We have been gaining lots of interest for this competition. This event page is here to answer all the frequently asked questions.We are very excited to bring a wide variety of sections ranging from man-made “indoor style” riding as well as all the best features mother nature provides for us as a trials playground.Where is CKMP? Malakwa, British Columbia - Exact address and event location will be published soon.Is there on-site camping? Yes (non-serviced site) -
Are there any powered and full service sites? We don’t have any hook-ups or powered sites here at CKMP, however, Cedars RV Resort provides fully serviced sites ($45) as well as power and water sites ($40). Located 5 minutes from CKMP.Is there Lodging available at CKMP? Yes we have limited luxury suites available. Minimum stay 2 nights, includes all meals (3 per-day) Room fee: $199 per night/meal package $79 per day.Other accommodations - Call the Best Western in Sicamous
250 836 4117Detailed event itinerary.Friday
~ 3:00pm On-site camping open at CKMP
~ 5:30 - 7:30pm Kids moto-skills training ($15 per child)
~ 5:30 - 7:30pm Guided Adult Enduro ride ($20 per head)

~ 1:00 - 3:00pm Ride The Vibe Trials group coaching with
Sam King ($70 per head)
~ 5:00 - 7:00pm Event Registration at CKMP (see Outlaw Dave at pits)
~ 5:30 - 7:30pm Kids moto-skills training ($15 per child)
~ 5:30 - 7:30pm Guided Adult Enduro ride ($20 per head)

~ 8:30 - 9:30am - Event Registration (see Outlaw Dave)
~ 10:00am - Event Start
~ 4:00pm - Event Finish
~ 5:00pm - Awards presentation
- Chili dinner put on by CKMP for $10 donation
towards the Malakwa School.


The Qualifying at the World Trial in Italy was certainly exciting to watch, as the top riders went all out to post a fast time, and a  good starting position. Check out this video of Adam Raga, who was 2nd best on the time sheets to that man Toni Bou.


And here is Adam on one of the very difficult sections today.

Instagram post by JordiTRS • Sep 17, 2017 at 9:51am UTC

So what do we think of these new style of FIM World Trials ?  Well I think it’s only a matter of time  before somebody gets seriously hurt, if they continue with these “Circus-like” sections.

The Czech event, looked to be more traditional and more like what the sport is supposed to be - the Italian clips we have just watched are all about big balls type leaps from boulder to boulder. - I can see more riders dropping out of the World Series, unless the FIM take a hard look at what they are doing. -

Eddie Karlson the brilliant young Swede has quit and don’t be surprised if you see more doing the same at the end of the year.  The fact is that most of the lower ranked riders also work at a full time job. and the cost of traveling the World to attend these events, is putting some families in the poor house.  ( Why do you think more Trials riders are switching to Hard Enduro - because they stand a chance of making some money)
-It’s the same at regular Trials, we have heard through the grapevine that a lot of riders in the UK - have stopped riding competitions because they are too hard - and we are talking about very good riders.

In my opinion they should keep these type of sections for the Indoor series, where they want to put on a show for the spectators.

Look at these scores after the first loop in Italy - Dabill fived the first four sections and is in 5th spot - look at the 10th place rider only one clean, the rest mostly “5″ - It’s not easy to set up a course that will challenge the top riders, while still catering to the rest, -  but you  can bet there will be a lot of discussion after this one ( would be nice to be “A fly on the wall)

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Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (Beta UK) is the World Trials GP 2  Champion - Well done Iwan

Final scores World Trial GP.

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It appears that even though there is snow forecast mid-week  for Silver Star - the Fire/OHV ban is still in place, making things extremely frustrating for the organizers, hoping to run a Hare Scramble on the Sunday. - In a strange twist, we heard the ban has been lifted for the MX park at Bear Creek near Kelowna - and area that has been prone to wild fires in recent years. ( Doesn’t make sense)


Saturday September 16th 2017

September 16th, 2017

As most of the readers know, this year has been extremely stressful for any club or organizer  trying to host any type of competition. At Least in Western Canada.

So Friday was for me, a breath of fresh air, when I met up with Sam and the good folks at the Carl Kuster Mountain Park, near Sicamous ( It’s actually at Malakwa just East of town) The intent was to establish the viability of hosting our WTC National at this location, having been virtually shut down at Revy, because of the Fire Ban.
I took along a couple of TRS bikes and after a boardroom meeting with the Manager of the resort  ( himself a Top down hill mountain biker)  - and with the paperwork all looked after,  and a hand shake agreement - Sam and myself headed out onto the trail network that surrounds this 300 acre private paradise.

Now you must remember, that although Sam is a World class Trials rider, setting up a Canadian National, is something quite new to him. - But it wasn’t long before the old and new enthusiasm started to jell, and I think not only can we look forward to a great event on the Thanksgiving long weekend, but  a permanent date on the Calendar   for National Trials.

Taking a break relaxing by the river with Tiki, Sam’s dog.

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When we got back to the lodge - I got Sammy to do a few promo shots on this brand new TRS Raga 280..


One neat thing that cropped up today, was our discussion about an Enduro ride on the Saturday - lots of our Trials group also own an Enduro bike, so this could add to their fun. -

The site is right by the Eagle river, and there is a super nice white sand beach for families to relax at - swim depending on the weather -  but also great Trout fishing ( We could see them today in the water)  - almost makes me want to zip out and buy another Fly rod.

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Friday September 15th 2017

September 15th, 2017

Today is “Battle of Britain” day.  - Another time and place, where the forces of good, fought the powers of evil.  - In 1939 Neville Chamberlin, the British Prime Minister, made that infamous speech after a meeting with Adolf Hitler ” Peace in our time”  - Well we all know how that turned out, and the fact is you cannot appease a dictator.

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The same thing is true today, with this idiot in North Korea - but this time it could end up far worse.  - On that happy note, and reports of more terror attacks in London, lets move onto other things >>

So this is the state of affairs regarding the WTC Trial at Revy - we have officially cancelled it, due to the ongoing Off road fire ban.  -The latest we have heard is that this is unlikely to be lifted until October 1st,( The date of our  scheduled event) Obviously, this leaves  no time to do set up and we can’t leave people hanging until last minute. -   Please cancel any reservations you may have in Revelstoke  - Daniel from Glacier and Florian from the Revy club, totally understand the situation, which has been beyond our control.

HOWEVER : We do have a plan “B” - A new Date and location ( on Private land)  Please check back here tomorrow for updated news>


Toni Bou has extended his deal with Honda for another five years ( and why wouldn’t he !!)  - He gets a huge salary, plus a million dollar bike to ride and a great back up Team. -
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The Last World Round of 2017 goes this weekend in Italy - Here is a shot of the Podium with a nice Mountain backdrop.

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Thursday September 14th 2017

September 14th, 2017

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This CPTA Trial put on by Mike Crumly & Don Doerksen, -  should be a goodie - expect a good ride with some tough sections - but we are going to try and be there - along with Sammy King. We know a couple of the Alberta guys are making the trip, so it’s nice to see everybody showing support.


With regards to the WTC National scheduled at Revelstoke on October 1st, we will be making an announcement this weekend - the Fire season has made it difficult for  both riders and organizers - but we do have a “Back up” plan.  WATCH THIS SPACE FOR THE LATEST NEWS.

The Silver Star Event is a “GO” and has a huge purse for the racers to shoot for >> Congrats to Dave Chambers for all his work in this regard, and to Andrew Christiansen  for putting the whole show together with his Team of helpers.

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The last round of the 2017 World Trials Championship goes in Italy this weekend, and while the main class has already been decided with Toni Bou taking an amazing 11th Title. The Trial GP 2 Class, is still up for grabs. - Welsh lad Iwan Roberts (Beta)  is leading and will be doing his utmost to clinch his first World Championship, but he has some serious competition.

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Wednesday September 12th 2017

September 13th, 2017

Last night - I attended the Vernon Off Road Club meeting - and as usual a lot of people showed up  - Without a doubt this club has the most enthusiastic membership of any club that I have joined since the days of the Calgary Club in the 1970’s - Everybody wants to help.  ( I just sit there like a fly on the wall-  If somebody mentions Trials I jump up !!.)
Anyway, it looks like the Silver Star Rev Limiter event is a go, although whether this will include a Sunday Hare Scramble is at this time unsure. - ( Andrew the Aussie, is pulling his hair out)  They have lots of sponsorship money to give away as prize money ( Did you hear that Sam) And some big name riders are flying in to compete.
We have a wedding to go to on the Saturday, so will have to juggle our visits up the hill - also the forecast is for “Cool” weather ( Last year I was bloody frozen)

As for our WTC National Trial at Revy, we are still on the fence, until we get the go ahead by the Forestry - We really hope this happens by the weekend, as we know  they have had lots of rain in the area. - Watch this space for updates.

I like this pic of our WTC Rep for Revy - Florian having fun on his Beta.

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So here is the question, “As an organizer” what do you do for the 2018 Calendar ? Do you try to host National events early  to avoid the issues we had this year, or do you think that this was a “one off” type of year from Hell.  - Please let me know your thoughts.

We know that some Trials are held on the same weekends every year - The Outlaw is ALWAYS on the May long weekend , but some others have changed such as the Super Stars. - Wouldn’t it be great to have all the clubs submit their dates in the Fall ?


While Toni Bou has dominated the World Men’s Trials scene for the past few years ( quite a few) - Pretty lady Emma Bristow from the UK, has been doing the same thing in the Women’s Class - plus she is the current World Lady Champ in Super Enduro. This pic shows her with Trial Mag: UK guru and former Trials rider John Hulme.

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We now have the long Carbon look fork guards back in stock, plus Evo header pipe guards and much more -  low pressure gauges, etc etc. - more Wulf Trials helmets expected by the end of the week.  - give us a call


With the Wild Fires now threatening homes in Southern Alberta, -  Best wishes go out to everybody effected, including John Jenson, who has a place near Pincher Creek.  ( We haven’t seen John at any Trials this past year, so not sure what he’s up to)


Tuesday September 12th 2017

September 12th, 2017

The dust has settled on the weekend World Trial in Czecho, but no doubt the TRS Team are still celebrating - What a great win for Adam Raga, to beat Toni Bou, by 17 points was huge, and while many riders floundered in the slippery conditions - the natural sections obviously suited Jordi’s Team - or maybe they were just trying that bit harder, because it was the “Boss’s” birthday - Whatever the reason, I’m sure that the final Round in Italy this weekend will be exciting.  Of course Bou has already wrapped up another World Title - incredible performance, but at least Raga has shown that on some days, Toni is not invincible.

Here is Adam crossing one of the Creek sections.


It’s hard to believe, after the scorching hot temperatures over the past few months, that they are forecasting snow for Silver star Mountain next week. - not that it’s likely to be much, so the big Enduro-cross and the WEC Hare Scramble will be going ahead on Sept 23/24th.

We are still waiting for the OHV ban to be lifted for the Revy area, so that we can set up the sections for the WTC  National Trial on October 1st - It’s been a very frustrating year trying to plan anything.  Keep watching this space for updates.


One thing that is happening this coming weekend, is the CPTA Trial at Iron Mountain near Mission - Mike Crumly has been out working on this all Summer, and it promises to be a great event.  - Check out the CPTA web site for more info.


I see that the new WTC  Trials club in Ontario held another successful Trial last week  - they also attracted a bunch of riders from across the line. Dave McLuckie is the guy who heads up this club.


Here is an old pic of Beta/TRS Ontario dealer Dave Butler - the bike is a 1973 Bultaco Sherpa T - one of my favorite models especially the 325cc. - Dave still rides on a regular basis, but suffered a nasty fall at the event last weekend, however, he has posted that he is now up and about again, and no worse for wear.

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Here is a good shot of Jonathan English (Beta) winning the CMA National Trial last week - Congrats on that Jon.( pic by Jennifer Johnson)
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