Monday June 14th 2021

June 14th, 2021

Well!  the shock win by Fujinami yesterday at the Italian World round, has no doubt been a welcome “Shot in the arm” for our sport.  We have only seen a couple of the video clips so far, but it would appear that many of the sections were more natural, and more like they were when Fuji was in his Prime, so maybe that was a factor.      ( But also a big lesson for other people setting up events)

Mundial Trial día2, podios sin victorias

Not that they didn’t have some big steps, but the video clips I saw, showed only natural terrain - not hand built - it was surprising  to see Toni fail one of these, when he chose a slightly different line on a double uphill step. - But when you consider that he was in hospital a couple of weeks ago with a broken bone in his leg, the fact that he is riding at all is amazing.
The other highlight of this event, was to see the young Brits dominating the junior class, a good sign for the future, and also nice to see Emma bounce back on day #2 in the Women’s class.

However, it is also very noticeable that the top British riders have trouble getting a top ten finish in the Elite Class. - A far cry from when Dougie Lampkin was top dog for so many years.
The rider who seems to be very “Hot or Cold” is Jamie Busto - he struggled again in Italy.

As mentioned, Barry stopped by yesterday for a visit, and he got to see the latest TRS Gold and Beta Evo - but perhaps the biggest surprise for him, was when he was checking over the Gold TRS, and I showed him how it started at the touch of the magic button !! - Like me Barry has a bad knee and can’t start bikes anymore, but it’s unlikely that the new technology will renew his interest in the sport.


A blast from the past - not sure which event this was at, but it shows myself and Aaron Brassard - the bike is a Sherco which we sold from 1999-2011. Taff’s Toy Hauler is at the back.
No photo description available.

Another good shot I got of Sean Bird at the Super Stars a couple of  years ago on the Beta - that was a tricky section.

No photo description available.


Gary Mac had two zero points days at the Alvie Vintage Trial at the weekend riding the beautiful   Triumph cub     ( Borrowed and likely worth about 20 grand) The event is held just 4 miles down the road from where Harry & Wendy McKay live in Aviemore.


Beta are now into MX and had riders in their first event at the weekend held in Russia - check out the crowds. - I don’t see any masks.!
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Another Beta memory and another brilliant Evo 200,

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Sunday June 13th 2021

June 13th, 2021

Here is a pic of Barry & myself yesterday when he stopped in for a visit - We have not seen him for about 10 years.

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IOCO News. Motorcycle club ousted out of popular Metro Vancouver park | CBC News The Canada Pacific Trials Association has been using and maintaining trails in the Belcarra and Ioco area since 1971. Metro Vancouver Parks has refused to renew their lease.


Adam Raga (TRS)  lost out for the win by just one point at the first 2021 World Round in Italy on Saturday - And a great ride by Matteo Gratarolla  ( Beta) to finish 3rd, beating out top riders like Busto and Fajardo.

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Here is a nice shot of a Fantic rider at the Scottish Classic Trial - Steve Saunders had a Stator failure on his Fantic  but hopes to get it running for the Sunday Trial.

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News from the World Trial in Italy -  Emma Bristow wins on Day #2 and below the 125 class is dominated by British riders .

May be an image of text that says '10:20 Sun Jun × LIVE Italy Main 2021 HERTZ TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP www.trialgp- Charade Andorra Trial125 France � 63% 311 Spain TURNER Harry (GBR) Scorpa Portugal 304 S7 DANCE Gas Standings (GBR) S10 S12 373 Sc TIME SCORE HEMINGWAY Harry (GBR) Beta TIME EXTRA TOTAL S10 S11 303 SC TIME S7 (GBR) DIGNAN Vertigo V. TIME EXTRA S10 S11 SC TIME SCORE TIME EXTRA TOTAL TIME SCORE TIME EXTRA'


And this is a surprise in the top class - Well done Fuji.

May be an image of motorcycle

No photo description available.


May be an image of text that says 'TRIALGP ITALY RND 12/13 JUNE RESULTS TRIAL2 1 2 3 TOBY MARTYN JACK PEACE 20 pt 20pt pt 20 ANIOL GELABERT 32 pt SONDRE HAGA 36 pt PABLO SUAREZ GIANLUCA TOURNOUR 36 pt Results are povisional and awating FIM approval 38 pt 5 6 7 8 9 10 LORENZO GANDOLA TRIALGP. TRIAL 42 pt Hertz HUGO DUFRESE 46 pt ARNAU FARRE 47 ALEXANDRE FERRER 49 pt'

Saturday June 12th 2021

June 12th, 2021

The weekend is here, and a couple of big Trials events happening in Europe - The Highland Classic in Scotland and the World Trial in Italy. - the Scottish event will feature lots of old neat bikes and also the Natural sections that are popular with many riders. - The World Round in Italy will likely have the usual crazy sections that seem to be the norm these days - hopefully nobody gets hurt. ( Although at least a couple of very good riders will not compete as they are on the injured list)

It will be interesting to see how Laia Sanz does in her return to Trials, the former ladies World Champion is big and strong, but she will need to be good to beat the current Champ Emma Bristow, who looks to be very smooth in the practice videos.

At least it would appear they have some natural riverbed rock sections

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Day #1 scores.

May be an image of text that says '16:30 Jun LIVE Italy Charade Andorra TrialGP France Spain Trial2 Portugal G Trial125 TRIAL125 Standings TRIAL 125 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POS TrialGP Women RIDER/MOTORCYCLE CLASS Trial2 Women Hertz TRIALGP ITALIAN TRIALGP- RND DAY 12-13/06/21 TRIAL 125 RESULTS- 315/2 PROVISIONAL FINAL CLASSIFICATION 12/06/2021 NAT/FMN Time Schedule David Entry List TRIAL125 TURNER Harry TRIAL125 TRIAL125 BEREITERRodney TRIAL125 CANALS TRIAL125 TRIAL125 TRIAL125 BRUNISSO Giacomo TRIAL125 TALENI Audry TRIAL125 ROSSI Enzo 4:01:19'May be an image of text that says '16:29 Jun LIVE Italy Charade Andorra France Spain Round Portugal 28% TrialGP ITALIAN TRIALGP (TOLMEZZO)- DAY Trial2 Standings TRIALG Trial125 TRIAL WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP POS Women ITALIAN TRIALGP- Trial2 Women PROVISIONAL FINAL CLASSIFICATION Hertz TRIALGP 12-13/06/21 TRIALGP RESULTS 302/3 12/06/2021- REPSOL TEAM TRIALGP Adam Time Schedule TRIALGP PAGE1 TOTAL 4:21:48 Es List TRIALGP TRIALGP FUJINAMI TRIALGP OURA DNF CASALES TRIALGP 2:37:45'


Now here is a real Classic - Bill Barough always rode a DOT but this is a really old one - he was always easy to pick out by his helmet with circles on it.
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A nice old Greeves ridden last weekend in the Ontario Vintage Trial .
No photo description available.


Friday was another interesting day with a visit from Andrew James to pick up some parts for his TRS - we haven’t seen  Andrew for at least a year, and he told me he has had a couple of nasty falls, which have caused him problems with his neck. -

Later we had Sven from Sparwood stop by to pick up parts for his Beta Evo that he just bought from a guy I sold it to in 2015 - the bike was immaculate with virtually no hours on it, a real gem, so all he needed was a shifter and a spare filter. - plus he picked up a pair of boots.


Sunshine today and we are expecting a visit from our old buddy Barry Van As - who we have not seen for about 8-10 years - I will post more on this for tomorrow.


Friday June 11th 2021

June 11th, 2021

We have posted this pic of Sammy before - it took a lot of courage to drop off big walls like that on the old bikes, when brakes were poor. - I used to practice at a local spot on the outskirts of Calgary back in the early 70’s, which had such a wall. - It took a very long time before I finally had the nerve to ride it -                           I had a  de-compressor on my Sherpa T which helped  but it was definitely a scary moment - I was also by myself ( not a good idea) - Of course these days there would be people all round taking video on their phones!!
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I was chatting  with somebody the other day, about the History of Trials and how both the sport and the bikes have changed. - ( Not for the better in many ways)   - One aspect of this conversation was in regard to the mistaken belief that modern Trials bikes are easy to ride and great for people to learn on!!  -

Well! I can tell you that putting a newbie on a modern 300 is a bit like putting them on a bucking bronco, at the Calgary Stampede.
The fact is that the latest, light, very powerful bikes, accelerate  so quickly, that any new rider can soon find themselves sitting on the ground, while the bike goes flying off into the distance. - It is maybe a North American thing, that people think they need a big bore, when in fact the small capacity bikes, are by far easier to ride.
Perhaps the best thing fitted to most of the new bikes these days, is the Tether switch, a safety device that can cut out the motor and save big dollars caused by run-a-way machines.

Naturally, the best place to buy and learn about the sport, is with a Trials dealer,  as these are usually riders themselves and understand just how quick these bikes are, plus they know what is the best size machine for the first time Trials rider.
I guess one of the big problems, is the perception  by many people, that Trials bikes are just “Phoo-phoo” bikes  and unfortunately without the proper instruction, many new customers end up scaring themselves to death and sell the bike very quickly.

Because of this, we always recommend taking a Learn -to -ride course, with somebody like Sammy King, or at least go out with somebody experienced who can teach the “baby steps” required to enjoy both the new Trials bike and the great outdoors.

The fact is, Trials bikes used to sell in far greater numbers when they had a seat, simply because a large percentage were just used as trail bikes, and yes back then, the bikes were way more docile than they are now.

The general public have never really understood what Trials bikes are all about - and the ones looking for that easy to ride trail-bike  have been wooed, by the new Enduro bikes with electric start and after-market clutches.

It was only when many of the World Trials stars switched to Enduro and won just about everything, that Trials bikes and Trials techniques got renewed attention, the racer crowd began to buy used Trials bikes to learn how to ride, difficult obstacles and terrain, something that Trials riders have been doing since the turn of the Century.

This had many people commenting ” Trials is booming isn’t it?” - Sadly this is not the case at all, and as long as the sport is viewed on U tube and other media outlets as a stunt show - bike sales will remain small. (IMHO)
This past season, we have noticed a large interest in the new TRS Xtrack model, especially as it now comes with an electric start - we are not at all surprised by this, as these bikes fill the gap between the Competition only, stripped down models, and the Enduro bikes which are much taller and heavier.

It remains to be seen how Canadian Trials will move ahead when this Pandemic is over - but one thing is for sure, we are in a very small specialized market - The Japanese found that out to their cost in the 1970’s.

The good thing, is that Trials riders are probably more passionate about their sport than most - they don’t really care if few people understand it.

Still on the new bike theme - as most people have noticed - the prices on the new Trials bikes have sky-rocketed over the past few years - check out the  UK advert below for a reality check.

May be an image of motorcycle and text


And a pic to whet the appetite of all my Xtrack customers. This one taken in Italy.
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Thursday June 10th 2021

June 10th, 2021

Here is a pic of the  2021 TRS Factory Gold Editions - Only 150 for World wide distribution and Steve Saunders says all his were sold within 45 minutes of being released.

As most of our readers know, we have a Gold 280 #99 which is also listed with a Nivis as a 2021, but is a different color to these latest models. - The main thing to remember, is that these bikes are very limited, so if you haven’t ordered one, it’s unlikely you will get one.


Congrats to young Sebastion Wandler, who took the Junior win at Ioco last Sunday riding a borrowed TRS in his first ever event - Of course his Dad Dean  rode Expert for a number of years.

We now have the full results from this Trial  thanks to Don Doerksen, and can forward them via email to anybody wishing to see them. Plus I’m sure they will be posted on the CPTA website shortly.
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A nice pic of the Spanish Mountains - great for Trials excursions


The Highland Classic Two Day Trial – “FANTIC” Edition will be held this weekend on 12/13 June 2021 at Alvie Estate, Kincraig, Highland and organized by the Inverness & District Motor Cycle Club Ltd. The event is for Pre’65, Twinshock and Britshock motorcycles with 8 classes.
Trademarked as ‘The Friendliest Classic Trial in Scotland’ attracts an entry of 160 riders from across the UK. Plus a group of 40 ‘Signature Riders’ who have either contributed their expertise to motorcycle sport or won Scottish, British or even World Championships over the years.
The past few years a guest of honor is selected to ride and a special brand theme edition was created. The last “SWM” Edition in 2019, I was selected as guest of honor. This year’s guest of honor is Steve Saunders riding a Fantic.
The Highland Classic Two-Day Trial originally started as a one day Pre-65 trial at Alvie Estate back in 2004, held later in the year.
Originally, there had been a Highland Two-Day Trial which began in 1949 and ran into the early 1960’s. This event was well supported and organized then by the Highland Car & Motor Cycle Club (now the Highland Car Club).
I’d like to take the opportunity to wish the organizer, observers, riders, sponsors, photographers and media a wonderful weekend. I hope to return in 2022. Keep your feet up. 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Sharing photography from 2019 by Eric Kitchen, Chris Sharp, Fin Yeaman, Tim Britton and Jaxx Lawson
Birthday greetings today to Dominique Doyon from Lumby and Steve Mills from Bragg Creek.
Last night we had a call from John Dearie - we have not chatted to him for at least a year - caught up on some news.
Footnote:  Many thanks to all the people who posted best wishes to Babs & myself on FB yesterday on our 59th Wedding Anniversary - (At last count it was over 70)

Wednesday June 9th 2021

June 9th, 2021

Today is quite a special, as it was on this date back in 1962, that Babsy and myself got married - lots of water under the bridge since then with many happy memories. - Happy Anniversary  Sweetheart.


Check out this story on Fujigas - who starts another year of riding World Trials next weekend at age 41. - I think I saw him for the first time in 1995 at the UK World Round - have some video somewhere in my files.
Fujinami afronta su temporada 26 en el mundial: Fujinami afronta su temporada 26 en el mundial: “con 41 años quiero saber dónde puedo llegar” Fujinami afronta su temporada 26 en el mundial de trial con Montesa: “con 41 años quiero saber dónde puedo llegar”


Pic of Jim Snell unloading  his shipment of TRS bikes so ours can’t be far away from Vancouver now can they?
May be an image of outdoors and text that says 'TRS TRS 03'


Below is a shot of Mick on the Yam at the 1975 FIM Trial at Bragg Creek Alberta. and with the Ossa and Bernie Scheiber.
Open PhotoOpen Photo

The OSSA Mick Andrews Replica, better known as MAR or M.A.R. (and often referred to simply as “Mick Andrews”), it was a trial motorcycle model manufactured by OSSA between 1972 and 1977. Throughout its commercial life, four versions were produced, all with the following general characteristics: and separate filter caps in white with green stripes, two-stroke air-cooled single-cylinder engine (initially 244 cc and then 310 cc), double cradle frame, drum brakes and conventional fork shock absorbers front and telescopic rear .
The MAR owes its name to Mick Andrews, the best trial driver of the time and one of the most remembered in the history of this sport, as it was an exact replica of the prototype that English had been developing since of 1967 in close collaboration with the engineer Eduard Giró (a prototype with which Andrews had won until 1971 two editions of the Six Days of Scotland Trial and a European Championship). In 1972, already piloting a MAR like the one in the shops, Andrews repeated victory in Scotland and the European Championship. At the end of the season, however, he accepted a million-dollar offer from Yamaha and left OSSA, leaving behind a long period during which he contributed greatly to increasing the popularity of the Spanish brand in Europe
A nice “Promo” shot of Matteo Gratarolla on his Factory Beta - he is the current World Champ in the T2 Category. - He will face stiff opposition at the first World Round this weekend.
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The other day we posted a shot of all the Bultaco Trials models from the past - here is a similar one showing the rival Montesa bikes from that era - before they were bought by Honda. Below you see a pic of Stan when he rode the 200 Monty.
Open Photo
May be an image of dirt bike and motorcycle
Yesterday we enjoyed a nice visit with Emily Roberts of Motorcycle Mojo - she was in town picking up her KTM after getting some work done on it. - Emily always has a ton of stories to tell and is  a pleasure to have stop by - after a cup of tea - we showed her the latest bikes in the shop and talked Trials for a bit, before she headed back to Revvy - Today she flies down East for a three week stay with her Mum & Dad, who run the Magazine . - Watch out for more news on “Super Gal” in the coming weeks.
Here is nice pic of Emily when she was in town picking up a BMW to test for the Motorcycle Mojo Mag:
No description available.
We have also heard from Britta, another one of our Trials gals -( We posted a pic of her a few days ago)   she says she had a fall and broke a rib earlier this year, but is now recuperating  and back at work Tree-Planting.

Tuesday June 8th 2021

June 8th, 2021

A final D Day pic and one that perhaps brings a different aspect on the horror of that day in 1944

No photo description available.

Classic Trials are HUGE in Europe  - and the bikes they ride are works of art
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Not sure if the pic below is from the same event - but what glorious scenery - the reason us old guys like  the old fashioned Trials. ( Long loops and great scenery)
May be an image of nature

Another “Blast from the Past” the start  at the 1973 Moose Mountain Cross Country ( Yes I know we have posted this before) I’m on the Bultaco Sherpa T on the far right of the 172 riders in the line up, waiting for the shotgun start.

And this was me at the finish of the two 50 mile loops - 3rd open & 6th overall - out of 10 or 12 finishers.

Caption should read “Knackered”
May be an image of 2 people

Still on the Bultaco theme - check out this poster of all the Trials models they built !!  Did you know the reason they shut down was because there was a down turn in the Industry, but because of Spanish Laws ( and unions) - they could not lay any workers off - so they shut the factory down - rumor has it that Ossa closed for the same reason. - Only Montesa survived, because they were bought by Honda - not because the Japanese wanted the Trials bikes, but because they needed a Tariff  loophole to sell their Honda Scooters in Spain. -

May be an image of dirt bike and motorcycle

And a great pic of Gary Baily with his son David Baily. - Gary was the guy who used to set up all the Super cross tracks, David went on to become a super-star, before a bad crash put him in a wheel chair.

May be an image of motorcycle and outdoors


Video selection.



There have been quite a few very good pics posted recently on the media, with stories of Mountain riding on old twin shocks - here is another one.  - it mentions going down into a valley and the difficult task getting back up, something that I was always very concerned with, when riding in Alberta in the 70’s.

MEMORIES “Carança”
The return to the Valley, now a natural park, was something that I did for the first time in 1975, being the youngest of all and the least accustomed to the long routes that the group of “elders” had already done.
My Cota 74 at the time, gave what it gave but, on that occasion it seemed a bit fair for the climb they had planned and that it would be the first time they tried to do it on a motorcycle so I asked to borrow a Cota 172 to my best friend of then.
Presented in autumn 1974 at the Paris Motor Show and launched in 1975, the Cota 172 was an adaptation of the Cota 123 in which it was fitted with 21 and 18-inch wheels (instead of the typical 20 and 17-inch) and the engine was raised to 157 cc.
The other differences towards the Cota 123 were the suspensions: in front it had a Montesa fork (manufactured by Betor) more robust than those of the Cota 74/123 but smaller than that of the Cota 247; rear, the swingarm was longer than on the Cota 74/123.
Happier than a partridge in spring, for the excursion and for thoroughly testing my new motorcycle, we went on the classic route until, arriving at Coll de Carança, one of the veterans decided to go down for the first time on a motorcycle, to the first pond called the blue, thus fulfilling the promise to try.
The Carança valley is known for its beautiful glacial lakes and spectacular gorges, it is located on the northern slope of the eastern Pyrenees, in the French region of Conflent, bordering Roussillon and Ripollès and structured by the Tet river.
The valley, oriented from north to south, is structured by the Carança stream that rises from the Negro lake, located on the western slope of Pico del Infierno and the north of the Picos de la Vaca, and which flows into the Tet river.
The Cirque de Carança is a magnificent example of glacial modeling with steep slopes, lakes of glacial origin and numerous peat bogs, highlights the Tortilla pond, frequented by French fishermen, the Negro tin and the beautiful Lake Blau, located at 2,583 meters above sea level. altitude.
Happy for having introduced the front wheel for the first time in the frozen waters and especially for having made the descent without mishaps, on the way back we did not realize the difference between going down and going up, arriving exhausted at the crest and border between France and Spain.
Lakes that together with those nearby and called Estanyet, I would continue to visit assiduously during the summers for the greater glory of the French forest service at a time when, fortunately, there were no mobiles to report our incursions into the neighboring country.
The bike was returned to my friend without a scratch, that night I began to dream about what would be my next mount, the Montesa Cota 247.
PD: To the right of the current image, the strenuous way up.

Monday June 7th 2021

June 7th, 2021

We often get asked the question “Where do you ride in the Okanagan?”  - and the answer is that we have ridden all over from North to South in the years past, and have some great memories of cutting out & clearing many spots, in order to host Trials events.

The pic below, shows one such great section up on Vernon Mountain - and perhaps only remembered by the riders who competed at our events back before they built a sub-division at the place we used to start from, on Hartnell Road.  -

The entrance to this Gully was and is, almost completely hidden by overhanging trees, and it was only when I parked the bike one day when out scouting with Paul Grundy, that we discovered it. ( Yes it’s still there)
Over the following weeks & months, we chainsawed trees out of the gully and flagged  about 4-5 sections up to the top ridge, where we followed an old forestry trail up to the top gravel road, finding more brilliant natural sections along the way. -

Later Adrian and myself cut a joining trail through the bush back to the bottom road, making for a wonderful loop. - Of course none of this area has been used for many years, and is in fact now privately owned.

- However, looking at some of these old pics, brings back memories, of the huge effort put in by some of our Trials riders, to create the natural loops which we think Trials should be all about. -

We will try to find more pics from the great area we had at East Kelowna - where we hosted many events including  some National Trials - that was before the Mountain bikes got it designated a Provincial Park and before it all burned down in the 2003 Big Forest Fire ( Poetic Justice - I called that)
No photo description available.


Of course in later years, we moved our Outlaw Trial to the Summerland area, which I was first introduced to by Neil Mandeville and Ted Pepperdine in 1987. - We were super impressed by this area. with the Mountainous climbs and neat forest deer trails and we did in fact host the Outlaw Trial and others at this location for about 20 years.

The pic below shows Turk Perepulkin, Shane and maybe Dean Forsey ? - with my bike in the foreground - Turk had just picked up an Evo 200 from us the day before, so we took him out for a ride - check out the wild flowers a wonderful sight in this area.  Turk just forwarded this pic to me as a reminder of another great day in the Valley.
No description available.


Sunday we stayed home - watched some stuff  on D DAY -  followed later by golf - which proved to be quite the match up between Cantlay and the Japanese  guy Collin ? - This after the overnight leader - had to withdraw, after testing positive for Covid 19. A real shame as he was having his best game ever.


Congrats to Sean Bird who won the CPTA Trial at Ioco yesterday - we will watch for other news and results.
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And  the first Sidecar win for Steve Saunders at the weekend, with his daughter Izzy in the “Chair”

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Sunday June 6th 2021 “D DAY”

June 6th, 2021


May be an image of text that says 'D-DAY JUNE JUNE6,1944 6, 1944'

May be an image of 1 person, aircraft and outdoors

May be an image of one or more people and text that says 'D-Day 6th of June 1944 THE LONGEST DAY Upon the 6th of Junc Remember them with oride Men from many nations Fighting together side by side Let us never forget Their bravery and sacrifice Wc may have our freedom But they paid the price By John F Connor'


This post on FB had some great photographs of  James Edwards - but unfortunately they had zipped off into cyber space when I clicked back.

Royal Canadian Air Force 

Three cheers for Stocky!
Wing Commander (Ret’d) James “Stocky” Edwards, a WWII veteran, conservationist, and accomplished fighter pilot, is celebrating his 100th birthday today in Comox, B.C.
Stocky joined the #RCAF in 1940, training on Tiger Moths and Harvards. Shortly thereafter, he was flying P-40 Kitty Hawks in North Africa on the Western Desert Campaign. During his first operational mission he downed a German Messerschmitt 109 at just 21 years of age. He continued to fly many more successful missions, and eventually earned the title of Canada’s highest-scoring ace in the Western Desert Campaign.
Just five months after the end of the campaign, Stocky continued flying operational missions, this time in Italy on Spitfires as the Squadron Commander in 274 RAF Squadron. It was with 274 Squadron that Stocky helped protect Allied forces on D-Day. In 1945, Stocky was posted to 127 RCAF Wing as the Wing Commander until the end of the war. He continued to serve in the RCAF and, in 1950, lead the 1st Sabre Squadron overseas and retired in 1972 after flying Vampires, Sabres, and CF-100s both in Canada and overseas.
Stocky attributes his successes as a fighter pilot to his upbringing in rural Saskatchewan, where he learned to hunt with his father. Throughout his many years of military service, his appreciation for the outdoors has been constant. After his retirement from the RCAF, Stocky has continued to serve by supporting conservation efforts.
The only thing that I remember from D Day, is that they put out tables in the streets with food and goodies for the kids, with lots of flags waving - I would have been 8 years old.
Here is a special pic for Walter - a nice Fantic shot.

May be an image of dirt bike, motorcycle and outdoors

All Trials competition at whatever level requires the utmost concentration and effort to succeed - just look at the expression on Adam Raga’s face, while being watched intently by Toni Bou - The word on Toni is that he is out practicing ready for the first World Round next weekend, it remains to be seen how his broken leg holds up. ( I doubt he will be doing anymore Africa Twin Stunts for a while)
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There is no doubt that the TRS Xtrack has been the most sought after bike for us this year, and yes we are still waiting !! Here is a pic of me on the 300 non-estart model last year.
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Saturday June 5th 2021

June 5th, 2021

I sure have missed riding at Summerland this year - likely my favorite spot, and the place we hosted the Outlaw Trial for most of 25 years. -But due to the Covid thing I just haven’t been down that way. - This shot was taken by Josef a few years ago, when we were out on the TRS bikes.  - check out the nice bluebells so it must have been in June and the location would be at the Moose Antler  Horns, on route to the Brown Memorial.
No description available.

Another “Flashback” - this time it’s a nice pic of Britta also out in Summerland  taking a break  out on the  ” back 40″ trail. - check out the old Ellgren jersey, and Wulf riding gloves - We have a full selection of Wulf Trials gear in all colors & sizes, and all at very good prices.
No description available.


A KTM pic of Trystan Hart winning what they are  calling the “Mad Moose” hard Enduro -  Moose was certainly hard enough the times that I rode it in the 1970’s with only a handful of finishers at any of the “Moose Mountain Cross Country races” in Alberta.
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Quiz for today - Can anyone name this Brit Scrambling on a Husky ?  Hint - He was a World Champion.

May be an image of one or more people and motorcycle


=====================================> Hurst Cup Trial 1983


This could be a future World Champion - young Dan Hemmingway on the very trick Beta Evo 125.
May be an image of 3 people, motorcycle, dirt bike, outdoors and text that says 'PICO ARSHALL RENTHAL'