Monday November 20th 2017

November 20th, 2017

The weather story for yesterday, was mild in the Valley, but stormy and very wet at the Coast, where the CPTA had a Trial scheduled - will post the results when we see them up. - Of course rain down low always means snow up on the Pass, and I think the Coquehalla was closed .


Once again I elected to  take things easy, and just watched TV for most of the day on Sunday, - saw a couple of good movies “Chariots of Fire” and “Enemy at the Gates”  -  Although a flash-back to this day last year, shows me out on a very good day with Shane and Josef near Kelowna - no snow in the area.

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The Costa Brava Two Day Trial in Spain - seems to get bigger and better each  year, and everybody seems to really join in the fun - here we see Steve Saunders and somebody else, being given an unexpected “dip” in the Hotel Pool.

We did get a surprise phone call from John Palmer, who still lives in Penticton,  it’s been over 30 years since I last spoke to John, who was a very successful road racer in his younger years.  - He was asking for info: on a TY175 project he has going, but also told me about the new race track they have down at Oliver. - This was designed by ex car racer Jacque Villeneuve  and although primarily a big money car facility, it has been opened up to the bikes.

We also got a call from Debbie Ashton, who is spending time over in Tofino surfing the waves - she called to tell me that she had just run into Max Lang and his  wife, ( from Mabel Lake)  who are also out on the West coast, and noticed they had a TRS Trials bike, so got chatting - Max bought the bike from us a couple of weeks ago during the big snow storm we had - glad he is getting some riding in, and it was nice of Debbie to call, she will be staying out at Tofino until the New Year, before returning to Invermere. ( Deb bought an Evo 250 from us a couple of years ago)

I saw this neat shot of young Chris Stay from the Isle of White on a very nice (borrowed) Greeves at a Trial over the weekend - I noticed that it had been fitted with conventional forks, rather than the early model “Leading Link” type  ( I hated those early Greeves forks)  - Chris took the win on this, beating out all the modern bikes, showing that there is no substitute for talent.
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Here is a flash back to 1985 ( courtesy Cycle News)  - it shows David Baily  winning the US Grand Prix at Carlsbad - Baily would later be paralyzed in a crash, ending his Moto Cross career.

David Bailey raced strategic motos to perfection to win the 1985 Carlsbad USGP in spite of not being 100 percent healthy.


I just saw this old entry list from a World Round in Wales many years ago - check out the number of UK riders, and also a few from the States, including Bernie Schreiber
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And here is your video for today >>>>    video

Well that wasn’t the video I wanted to post - but here is another >> video


Sunday November 19th 2017

November 19th, 2017

Steve Saunders and John Lampkin are in Spain this weekend, both riding Fantic twin shocks - in the Costa Brava Classic Trial - the old adversaries look like they are having a great time, with Steve taking this “Selfie” out on the loop. After day #1 they both lost just two points each, but that was only good enough for 5th and 6th place, with Fujigas going clean on an immaculate looking Honda twin shock.

As most people know, John Lampkin  has been the Beta UK Importer for many years, while Steve is the UK TRS Importer.

- Would you believe that this event has a total of 351 riders entered in the various classes?   - I think perhaps we could all learn a thing or two about what makes European Trials popular these days.  -  It certainly doesn’t appear to be  the  - ” Hop & bop.” -

Here are the Results of the top class.
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We now have stock of our World famous Outlaw Tool belts , just in time for Christmas - these are hand made in the OK Valley, and have been used by both Enduro and Trials riders all over the World, since we started making them back in 1987  - We designed a special “Flap” in the tool area, to keep everything in place, and they are made of the very best top grade material - Because they are so labor intensive - there is very little margin for us, so while we did wholesale all our bags to the dealer network in the late 80’s & 90’s - these days everything is made to order, except at Christmas when we make some extras.  ( We also do custom work)
The ones in the pic show Outlaw decals and although we normally would have them silk screened - for this batch we decided to save time, and leave them blank -  We can also silkscreen the riders name on any of our bags.
We continue to make other bags on a Pre-order basis -  our gas carriers and gear bags with side boot pockets are the best on the market - The tool pouch in the pic, is designed for the snowmobiler who wants to carry tools in the trunk of the sled, but could also be used for riders who like to carry a Camel Bak

( BTW Did you know that Outlaw used to sell Camel Bak at one time - when a couple of young business guys from Penticton handled them?- we also sold Power Bars for the same company)
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Saturday was a bit of a lazy day, but after a pretty hectic week I didn’t mind that - We always get a ton of emails asking about Trials bikes or other stuff, and also comments about the blog from the day before .

The pic I posted from the 1975 FIM Trial got quite a few responses - as did the article about my accident back in 1979 when I cut my thumb off in a race.  - The funny thing about telling a story from the past, is that it always reminds somebody of stuff that happened to them, because anybody who has ridden Dirt bikes for any length of time, has surely got some good ones to share.

Today, my wife and myself touched on this subject briefly - sometimes it’s the stuff that we don’t post that gives you the biggest laugh, - Sorry Babsy for all the Hospital trauma I put you through.

Cody Webb is the AMA Enduro X Champion  - He put on another great show last night, making a slip early on and having to come through the pack to take the win ahead of Ty Tremaine and Cory Graffunder - Calgary’s Shelby Turner  took the Ladies class, and Trystan Hart from Invermere won the Junior Championship.
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Today Albert Cabestany announced his retirement from World Trials, not totally unexpected, as he is getting up there in age to compete at this level  - we have already seen a few top riders, drop out for 2018. - Albert rode Beta back in the days when he was going head to head with Dougie Lampkin - We wish him lots of luck in his future endeavors.

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Saturday November 18th 2017

November 18th, 2017

Stan called yesterday, and asked if I had heard how Krash Crumly was doing after cutting his thumb badly at work -he then also asked about what I had done to my thumb, as I mentioned that on FB, where Krash had posted the rather ugly pics of his injury - I thought he would have heard the story about this, but anyway as obviously some people have not heard about my racing accident back in 1979, here is what happened.
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It was in the Fall of 1979, when the Yamaha dealer from Drayton Valley AB, called me asking if I would attend the Cross Country race he was hosting, this was Dick’s first attempt at putting on a race, and he was hoping for a good turn out.

I told him that I didn’t have a bike, as it was the end of the season, and  I had sold my rather trick unit, which was a YZ 125, fitted with a IT 175 engine.  - No problem, he said you can ride my IT 175  - so very early (4am) on the day of the race, I picked up my buddy Murray Nutt, and we headed north from Calgary, arriving just in time for the start. - On checking out Dick’s Yam, I noticed that the rear shock appeared to have no damping ( very bouncy ! - more on this later)- but there we were, so the race started.

Both Murray and myself had bad starts, being last off the line, but it wasn’t long, before we caught up with the experts, and tagged along with five or six other riders, all going fairly quickly, but soon things started to go wrong, as the flagging for the race was poor, and numerous times, we would end up following forestry marking, which was the same color flagging tape ( I did say it was Dick’s first event !!) Anyway, as we flailed around through the muskeg and trees, we would find that we were either in the lead, or at the rear of the front runners, as everybody tried to find the correct route.

Not hearing anyone behind me, I looked over my shoulder, and spotted the rest of the group, heading in a different direction across this wide open clearing, as somebody with sharp eyesight, had seen orange tape hanging from a tree branch, and so once again it was a case of playing “Catch Up”  - this happened numerous times, with bikes going in all directions ( things were a bit disorganized back in those early days of Cross Country racing)

It was after one of these frustrating situations, when I was trying to close up to the leading group, that the course went through a “Cut block”  - with tree stumps all over the place, just high enough to cause problems, and this is exactly what happened - remember I said the rear shock seemed “bouncy” !! - well going too fast, I hit one of the stumps, and I went out the front door, landing in a heap with the bike on top of me - the muffler was very close to my face, but I was having trouble getting my left hand free !! Yes it was caught in the rear sprocket !!

So there I was all alone, nobody else around, as I took a peek inside my glove, I realized the full extent of my injury - strange to say,- I didn’t panic,  but taking the belt off my enduro jacket, I wrapped it  around my arm, thinking I might bleed to death !!   - then I started walking.  -

I was on this forest trail, when I heard bikes, and soon Randy McBee, came along - I explained what had happened, and as I was pretty sure that there would be a check stop up ahead, asked if he would get the word out so that somebody could come and pick me up with an ATV. - Unfortunately, when I reached the check stop, it was a “Dead check” with just a punch hanging from a tree.

With no alternative, I kept walking, the black flies were driving me crazy, and I had to keep my goggles on - still nobody around and all very quiet. - the narrow trail came out on a cut line,  which I followed  not knowing where I was, as I had never been in this area before.

After a while, the race loop veered off onto another narrow deer trail, which appeared to go up a big hill ( all dense trees) - I decided to stay on the cut line - carefully scratching out - DHR and an arrow pointing in the direction I was going. - I figured ( correctly) that Dick would likely have the race course dropping back down to a cut line up ahead somewhere, so on I trudged. - I should mention that in those days, we didn’t take water or any snack bars along, and back then, I never used to eat breakfast.

I lost track of time as I didn’t have a watch - I began to worry about Black bears, but didn’t see any - it was so quiet !!

Eventually, I came out on the race course again, and reached the start/finish area. -  Somebody took me to the local doctor, who told me that I had severed  my thumb - it was hanging on by a bit of skin I guess  - but he packed it in ice and some kind people drove me to the University Hospital in Edmonton.  - I had walked 14 miles out of the bush, and it was eight hours after the accident, when I arrived at the Hospital.  -

As it turned out, Micro Surgery was pretty new in those days, but I couldn’t have been taken to a better hospital - as the team were able to sew the thumb back on - the surgery took seven hours.  - The fact that the operation was a success, and I recovered, is I’m told in the Hospital records. - I will forever be grateful to the Doctors and nurses who looked after me. - It was a couple of years before  I was able to hang onto the handlebars properly again, with my shorter thumb - And now you know “The rest of the Story”


Friday November 17th 2017

November 17th, 2017

How about Fast Friday - After you have spent all year scratching the pavement on a Moto GP bike - This is Valentino Rossi - the legend. He has his own flat-track at his Ranch in Italy, and invites all his buddies to play.


I came across this old pic from the 1975 World Round that I put on at Bragg Creek - it shows CMA Rep Gerry Marshal giving out the trophies  - I’m standing in the doorway of the trailer in the Mick Andrews style white Trials cap, which were quite popular at that time.
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Pic by Roger Boothroyd - There were a lot of Canadian and US riders entered, as things were very different back then - Yrjo Vesterinen won the Trial on his Factory Bultaco Sherpa T - losing 41 points in the 40 sections around the 69 mile loop. ( Yes you read it correctly)

So just when I had everything figured out regarding copying & posting stuff onto my blog from other places - Face book ( or somebody) decides to change the way everything is displayed on my CP !! -  I had planned on posting Sam’s article on Log hopping that was recently up on Face-book - It’s very well written and includes some pics - if you wish to see this, just shoot me an email, and I can attache by return ( I think) Wow ! now everything is back to normal - so here you go with Sammy’s Article
3 ways to hop over logs on your dirt bike | RidersWest Schooled 3 ways to hop over logs on your dirt bike Techniques, tricks and tips to help navigate your way over the different size and style of logs. by Sam King | Broadening your knowledge of tricks will help you swiftly move through obstacles with confidence. — photo courtesy Sam King Freeriding in…


Yesterday was another Opti Oil delivery day, this time to Kelowna - I also picked up some Outlaw Toolbelts, along with some nice Tool-pouches that we originally designed for snowmobilers to carry with them, but they could also be used by Off Road bikers to carry tools in a back-pack like a Camel-bak.

Today looks like being a clean up day with a trip to the dump, to get rid of all the wood pallets


Travis Teasdale leads the 2017 Motul Roof of Africa in Lesotho, after setting the fastest combined time on Thursday’s Round the Houses lap race through the capital Maseru and the mountain time trial. 

The South African finished the day on a combined time of 01:29:01, mere seconds ahead of country compatriots Blake Gutzeit and Wade Young, who had the fastest time on the time trial.

“I had a solid day out there today. I felt comfortable on the bike and kept it call together and am ready for the main days ahead,” Young said.

More news as it happens >>

Thursday November 16th 2017

November 16th, 2017

So here we are on Thursday already, and it’s been a very busy week for the old guy - more Opti Oil deliveries yesterday, then putting the rest of the product in storage. - I did take a break, when Chris Hrabb, stopped by and we went down to “Squires Pub” for lunch - we always have a lot to chat about, and Chris told me he ended up 3rd in his class for the Enduro Series, which was a good effort. I also showed him the new 2018 Beta Evo, which certainly looks sharp, but Chris seems to be completely sold on his new TRRS 280, and has been getting a lot of riding in lately.

One thing we talked about, was the ease of maintenance on the TRS - We feel that this is a real selling feature, as most Trials riders tend to do their own work, you can certainly tell that the TRS is designed by a rider. - Not that the Beta is that bad ( they were sitting side by side in the shop for comparison  sake) but we sometimes wonder if the engineers ever tried setting the choke on the Evo ?

Some of the other brands are even worse, and while we are not into knocking the other Manufactures, we would caution any would be buyer to ask the dealer all the right questions before plonking down big dollars on any new earth breaking  design.

I remember when I bought a couple of old Fantics  for  vintage trials - fantastic bikes, but trying to remove the header pipe for example was a big challenge - another great design was the Norton Dominator that had the bottom engine mount bolt blocked by the frame so you couldn’t slide it out ( don’t recall how we solved that one)

We had a lot of laughs when I worked for Yamaha, looking at new designs, which from an artistic point of view, appeared fantastic - until you realized that it would take a mechanic, many hours to even get at a problem - having to basically dismantle the bike.

The Japs would just roll their eyes when you mentioned this sort of thing  remarking with a “Ah so ! we will fix” - but they rarely ever did, relying on the dealer network to solve the problem.

There is a new Trials book on the market, which covers the World events for 2017 - the first year for the new style qualifying etc.

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Of course with Christmas not really that far away - Trials wives & girlfriends will be looking for presents  for the man in their life, and as usual, we have a good supply of Wulf clothing, including some nice T shirts, boots etc.  - We will also be picking up a batch of tool belts today, while in Kelowna. - Our Santa phone line is always open to give suggestions to fit all budgets, (250 545-6139


I see that Mike Crumly cut his hand badly in a work accident, which will take some time to heal - always frustrating when you are active. ( or for anybody really) - (Seeing the rather gory pictures brought back memories of when I cut my thumb off back in 1979 - gave me a bit of a “Shudder”)


A reminder that rocky climbs get very slick at this time of the year, and can sometimes catch out the best of riders - lots of momentum and pulling a high gear, is the answer - but if in doubt park the bike & do an inspection before you give it a go.

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It’s been quite a year for the Beta Enduro team - the factory have had a lot of success on the World stage, with Brit Steve Holcombe, and although we don’t stock the race bikes, we still keep an eye on what is happening on both the local and International stage. - For 2018, you can expect to see a lot more Enduro and Trials activity at the Carl Kuster Mountain Park, with some big plans in the works.

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Check out this video of a future Trials Star riding his Beta Electric - certainly has all the moves.

Ramón Adela Contentos

And here is another video from “On Any Sunday”


James ‘Jim’ McColm 1929 – 2017

It is with great sadness that Trials Guru reports the passing of a stalwart of the Scottish Six Days Trial, the former SSDT Secretary, James ‘Jim’ McColm, following a short illness, on Monday 13th November, 2017 aged 87 years.

Jim was well-known to all riders and officials who took part in the SSDT from 1970 to 1995 as the ‘face of the Scottish’, being the man who was ultimately responsible for all the administration duties of the annual event.


The “Roof of Africa” Extreme Enduro goes this weekend - look at what a nice surprise they got today.

Wednesday November 15th 2017

November 15th, 2017

Well! Tuesday afternoon turned out to be a bit of a work out - my local truck driver Mike, dropped off three skids of Opti oil, for me to sort and then make deliveries.  The fact that Mike mentioned that these large heavy skids are a bit of a pain, compared to the bikes he normally drops off, is perhaps an indication of how the unloading went !.

Anyway, after Mike left - I sorted a van load of the Opti snowmobile oil  and headed up the Valley to Sicamous - wanting to get this delivered while the roads were dry. - It’s hard for me to believe that over the course of 30 years, I drove all over Western Canada in a box van delivering this fantastic product to dealers. -( We still supply a lot)  The fact that we  fully endorse the Opti is perhaps testament to how good it is. - We put it in all our bikes and give new customers a supply. - Simply put - there is no better oil on the market.


I saw this on FB - which reminded me about the “Old Days” and how it was when you went racing - no big fancy Motor homes etc
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We all know that Spain has been the fulcrum of Trials since the late 1960’s  and has a lot of small manufacturers building pretty good Trials bikes but only for the home market - the larger Government supported Factories enjoy a better time, but everything in Spain is different.

The mighty Honda factory- bought out Montesa in 1968, just before they went under,( both Bultaco and Ossa had already closed) but not because they wanted to sell Trials bikes, they needed a way to import their scooters which was previously denied, because of Import restrictions  - It will be interesting to see how things are in about five years.


This just popped up as a memory, showing me riding my favorite bike ( Beta Evo 200) up on a ridge above Summerland - Graeme Manning took the pic, we shared a few good rides while he lived in the Valley, but he has since moved to Pender Island .
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The Vernon Off Road Club have their monthly meeting tonight at the Smokehouse in Vernon - starts at 7 pm - everybody is invited and I could not recommend a better club to join - all you need is enthusiasm for riding Off Road.


Here is the video for today. - Enjoy.


Can’t wait to see the beauty next year >

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Tuesday November 14th 2017

November 14th, 2017

The cold snowy weather ( depressing) seems to have gone for the moment, so on Sunday, I got out into shop to do some fettling on the bikes - As I had on the Aussie Toque that Sam gave me, I thought it would be funny to post on FB - The caption I put on was - “The only difference between me and Sam King, is about 60 years, and a lot of Talent - I do have the Aussie Hat and the TRS !! ”
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We have more rain in the forecast, which is good - too bad we didn’t get more during the Fire Season !!  - Today we have a shipment of Opti Oil arriving - We get a big demand for this for the snowmobile Industry, at this time of the year. Hopefully the roads will be OK this week for making deliveries around the Valley ( Although most out of town stuff goes by truck direct)


Not a lot to report today, but I did see this rather unusual photo, of Mick Andrews pushing his Ossa. - The fact is that Trials organizers have a tough job, when it comes to laying out sections, and sometimes, they make them too difficult for even World Championship riders.

Check out this video from World Trials in 2017  >>>> # action

In fact I continue to be amazed, that there have been no serious injuries at World level, considering the crazy circus -like sections at some events.
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======= =============================================>

Davey Craig emailed me, after I posted the pic of the Norton on the blog - he reminded me that it was in fact the McCandless brothers from Ireland, who designed the frame that was later called the “Featherbed” - he supplied a link to the history which I found very interesting.  The brothers were very involved in road racing, competing in the Isle of Man, and it was because of the huge strain imposed on the frame by all the twists and turns, that they came up with the unique design, to avoid flex at the steering head.


This pic just in - shows old buddies Steve Richardson and Jimmy Corkle having a reunion in Elko.

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BREAKING NEWS - German Max Faude signed by Beta for World Rounds>

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Monday November 13th 2017

November 13th, 2017

Chris H sent me this great shot taken near Revy on Sunday - no snow, and what a section that would make !! Looks like he is getting lots of time on his new TRRS 280.  ( Check this out Sam !)  It reminds me of a section they had at Watkin’s Glen New York for a World round in the 80’s ( have the video somewhere)
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With nothing on the agenda for Sunday, I started sorting through some old papers, and then thought about how many Trials bikes that I have owned since I started riding in 1955. - It came as quite a surprise. - this is the list, although I might have missed a few. ( This is Trials only & does not include my Race bikes) plus these are all bikes registered to me personally although in later years I would perhaps go through 2-3 demos per year.
James = 3- Bultaco = 4- Ossa = 2- Montesa = 4 - Fantic = 2 -SWM = 1- Honda = 2- Yamaha = 6 - JCM = 1- Gas Gas = 7 - Beta = 17- Sherco 8 -TRS 3


I don’t often post pics of road bikes on here, but this beauty is really something else - Norton hand built 50 of these to celebrate the brand. - I loved the Dominators I had back in the UK - they handled better than anything else, with the Doug Hele designed “Feather-bed” frame.
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Looking out the window this morning, and it’s raining !!!! Great, maybe it will get rid of some of this white-shite.. Most people have a holiday today, and I think a few might be managing a ride.  But I think I will be staying home.

I see Siggi Pechout has picked up a 1971 Montesa Cota, which looks to be in good condition - he says he plans on riding some vintage Trials next year.  - I rode a Blackfoot MC sponsored model, back in 71 for a few months, including the National Trial, but never really got along with the power characteristics of the bike, and went back to the Bultaco Sherpa T ( Until I joined Yamaha in 1973)


Sunday November 12th 2017

November 12th, 2017

We spent a very quiet day yesterday - watched a lot of the Remembrance  programs - and couldn’t help but think that most of these brave young men would be turning in their graves, if they only knew what state the world is in now.

Some Motorcycle Trials are still held in the UK on Remembrance day - but at 11 am - everything goes quiet for two minutes, as a show of respect.

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As mentioned, Taff is over in Wales taking in some Rugby, while also visiting family - he posted this great pic of himself with his buddies at Cardiff.

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Last night I clicked onto the various Hockey games to see what was happening - the Cannucks appear to be in the “Trials mode”  - taking way too many “Fives” ( All in their own net.


Although we are in Winter’s grasp in the OK Valley - out  at the Coast, the guys are still riding - Mike Crumly posted this pic of Iron Mountain near Mission from yesterday - looks fantastic. - Mike has been putting in long hours cutting trails and sections over the past year, usually with just his dog for company.

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Marc Marquez is the 2017 Moto GP World Champion - First report says that he finished 3rd while his main rival Dovizioso  appears to be a DNF. - more on this later.


And here is an old video from the 1986 Trial at Hawkstone Park in the UK ( Just 30 miles from where I lived) This venue, was the first Scramble (MX) that I attended back in 1955, and some bugger nicked my street bike !!! - I was at the World round at this location in 1995, which was put on by Steve Saunders, who you will see winning in  the old video on the Factory Honda. - Steve is now the TRS Importer for the UK, and still rides the odd event - usually vintage stuff.×6U7QZffZGMCq8Om1LEYm0ZkboijuL8VJH8NerRghE33krK0hHhYetG8zdgBH18zrIdJ5nHIolrzsyP0Yx-ZwXTRIFKth13-RTz4BXm9oTRMIPer3r6EUBj5z-

Saturday November 11th 2017 - Remembrance Day.

November 11th, 2017

Yes today is Remembrance Day - the time when we remember the sacrifice that so many gave in World Wars, and other conflicts, during the past Century.  - It was on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, that the guns fell silent in 1918 - the end of the first World War, that took the lives of so many brave young men. - Sadly only 31 years later, it all started again - will man never learn?

Back in 1963, my wife and I took time to visit a couple of the war grave sites in France, while on a Motorcycle holiday to Italy - It was quite overwhelming then, and I can still remember the moment today.

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And lets not forget the important part that Motorcycles played in both World Wars - moving both troops and delivering dispatches at the front.

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The bottom line, is that there is nothing “Great” about War - and there is no Glory in it. They are fought because insane Politicians, with Global Conquest as their only goal, have never been in the front lines, and should have never got into power in the first place.

Glad to say that the weather has warmed up in the Valley, melting the snow off our new tin roof - and maybe Momma Bear will be able to venture into town today. I don’t have any plans although I may do some chores in the shop later, after watching the Memorial Services.


Sammy has posted a video showing some of his escapades earlier this year - Jordi saw it and sent Sam a personal message. - crazy young guy, but he certainly has a lot of talent, and thoroughly tests the Outlaw bikes we supply. - You will be able to see Sam doing his tricks at the Vancouver Bike Show in January.


It’s Sammy Millers 84th birthday today - so birthday greetings go out to the man who changed Trials for ever, back in 1965.

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Leigh Stocks from Revy also has a birthday today - so greeting go out to him.

It appears that  Marc Marquez had another crash today - his 27th of the year - but still managed to end up on pole for tomorrows Moto GP in Valencia Spain. - more on this later >