Thursday November 14th 2019

November 14th, 2019

Here is a great shot of Canada’s Melissa Hatton (Beta) in the ISDE going this week in Portugal
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The USA have taken the lead in the Trophy Class after day #3 in Portugal - The Australians are leading the Junior Trophy Click on this link for more >>


In Moto GP News - Jorge Lorenzo has announced his retirement after 18 years in the fast lane - injuries and poor results with the Honda have been mentioned in his Press Release.


Wednesday November 13th 2019

November 13th, 2019

Dougie has signed on with Vertigo for another two years.

Good to see that Foordy managed to make it over to Portugal to support the Team - Results so far after two days are very positive , but a long way to go yet.

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Glad to say that the dump of snow we had yesterday, has pretty much melted - and they didn’t get much South of us, which is good news.


In ISDE News - I see that the Brits were unlucky to lose their top man on the Trophy Team on the first day, when Brad Freeman fell and broke his wrist - the other Beta rider Steve Holcombe also had to pull out prior to the event because of injury. - The Teams from OZ were leading in both Trophy and Junior Trophy after the first couple of days, with the Yanks close behind. No news on how the Cannucks are doing in the overall.

Rain today has caused some problems with a big back up of riders on the trail.

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Tuesday November 12th 2019

November 12th, 2019

The Norton Story - from 1898 to the present day.

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Looking for a super deal on a 2019 Beta ?  Check this beauty out - the Evo 300 4T is brilliant - even Sammy is riding one at the moment,  and the price is almost free - give us a call.
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Another great “Blast from the Past”  -
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This is Heath Brindley’s buddy out playing at their local practice spot
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Adam Raga debuted the new 2020 TRRS at the last round of the Spanish Trials Championships last weekend, where he finished 3rd.
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A total of 620 bikes and riders -( Including  40 Vintage )  are entered for the ISDE in  Portugal which started on Monday. - Dave Chambers and Chris Hrabb are over there helping support the Canadian Teams  and are posting up to the minute videos  and pics on Face book.
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Here is your video link for today - Steve Colley still does some stunt shows it seems , but has had some family tragedy from what we heard, when his son died.
Duke Video


And Finally - Winter has arrived in Vernon - So glad I made the effort to go for a ride yesterday afternoon.

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Monday November 11th 2019

November 11th, 2019

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This is a photo of my local Pub in Oswestry -( On the Welsh Border)  The Fox had me and my mates sharing many a happy pint. - Funny that I never did go in the Pub next door. - Some might find it interesting that Oswestry had 50 Churches  /Chapels - and 51 Pubs. (That was back in the 50’s) .
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But this rather unusual pic was taken this past weekend of the local park  - strange to see snow there so early, in Oswestry.
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Of course in the dark days of World War Two - Oswestry or to be precise Morda ( on the Welsh border)   was where we moved to when Dad went off to war, in 1939. - Granny lived close by and with Welsh heritage it was a wise choice that my Dad made. -  At this time of the year, like many who grew up as kids during this time,         ( I was born in 1937)  the memories come flooding back - we all had to take gas masks with us to school- but they made them with Disney faces , Micky Mouse & Donald Duck so the kids wouldn’t be scared of wearing them.

There was an RAF base not far from Morda - we would see aircraft flying over the school yard - At nighttime we would go into an air raid shelter in our back yard, when the sirens sounded.
- Later in the War they had a POW camp down the road from where we lived - captured Germans and Italians could be seen on Work parties. -

No doubt most  were glad to be out of the conflict. I recall spending some happy times  as a kid harvesting hay  with an Italian POW  on a local farm just up the road from where we lived. - He looked so fit and more like a film star than a Prisoner of War  - so tanned - at a time  when the sun rarely seemed to shine in the UK.

Then came VE day- Victory in Europe - There were tables lined up in the streets with food and drinks - everybody celebrating.   - But it was a long way from being over - especially for the Forces fighting the Japs.



Lest we forget - Germany was the cause of two of the greatest conflicts and suffering in the last Century.
WWII’s Biggest Fortification Spanned Across 6 Countries | World War Wings Videos

Luftwaffe Fighters Gun Down Allied Bombers – Desperate Bid For Victory


Luftwaffe Fighters Gun Down Allied Bombers – Desperate Bid For Victory | Frontline Videos

(Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)


Hunter Becomes The Hunted.

Early on in WWII the German Luftwaffe were the hunters, but as the war progressed on they found themselves to be the hunted. The Allied Forces brought their most powerful offensive capabilities to attack Germany in the form of huge bombers. So in response, Germany retaliated with their greatest defense, the fighters of the Luftwaffe.

Defense of the Reich was the operation by the Luftwaffe to defend German-occupied territory from the invasion of Allied forces. Initially, the operation emphasized anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) as a deterrent for the Royal Air Force bombings. However, the anti-aircraft artillery soon proved to be ineffective against high-flying bomber aircraft beyond their firing range so they turned to the Luftwaffe.

The Luftwaffe was able to hold their own against enemy bombings but it suffered from a key weakness, Germany wasn’t prepared for a long-term war. Hitler planned on taking over Europe quickly and swiftly, taking resources from each nation he conquered. However, the Luftwaffe needed oil to keep their planes flying and reserves were dangerously low at this point. The Germans made the decision to invade Russia for their oil reserves but their mission ended up being a disastrous defeat for Germany.

By 1944 the Luftwaffe was a shadow of its former self, barely able to hang on with the few poorly trained pilots it had left. Many claim it was the introduction of the P-51 Mustang that delivered the killing blow to the Luftwaffe because it could fly day and night missions in addition to providing a longer range escort for bombers.

German pilots did their best to defend their country but a number of factors led to their downfall. Many would blame the dwindling fuel reserves, lackluster training or faulty experimental aircraft. But in the end, the war was lost when they were put on the defensive side, it was a fight they couldn’t win and the Reich fell from the sky.

Sunday November 10th 2019.

November 10th, 2019

I came across this in searching for something else >>>>  The Address  has changed and a few other things, but we still sell the Opti Oil. - ( Started in 1987)
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No this is not Canada - although I could have taken a similar pic last week while driving over the Rogers Pass - but this is in Scotland, where they have had both early snow and terrible flooding.

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It was on this date back in 1980 that Steve McQueen died at age 50 -

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The ISDE is happening in Portugal this coming week - here is a nice sticker on one of the bikes, in memory of Jim Kelly, one of the main supporters of team Canada until he died from a heart attack while riding his bike at the Steel City Riders track many years ago.  I met Jim at the ISDE in Wales in 1983, where his enthusiasm for the sport was contagious .

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Saturday November 9th 2019

November 9th, 2019

I saw this pic on FB - it shows the Terry’s Yamaha team out of Saskatchewan  in 1980  - Interesting bit of History as this taken when I still worked for Yamaha Canada, although Terry’s Repair was not on my dealer list, as it was in the South part of the Province, while my territory covered the North. However, I got to know these guys quite well and would see them at the annual Dealer meetings.  - Interesting to see that Barry Wellings, of Valley Moto in Kelowna, was on the Team back then, and everybody was sporting long hair.!!
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As we head into the Remembrance  long weekend, I see only one big Trial happening, this being the Jersey Two Day, with a lot of the Brits, including Dougie Lampkin heading across the Channel to take part.

Not sure what we will be doing - weather looks not too bad & quite warm >>>> But which bike do I ride?

This is another shot from this time last year at the Hall of Fame bash - not sure what Bob Underhill was saying to me, but obviously something funny. We shared a lot of laughs over the years.
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Team Canada are ready to start the 2019 ISDE in Portugal

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and here is a link to the vintage riders who are competing

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And this my friends is what I consider to be a good Trials section !! and still the type they use in the Scottish - the greatest show in Trials .

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So last night Chris Castles stopped by to pick up a new Outlaw toolbelt - and of course as Chris was on our Team in Wales, plus belongs to the local Vernon Club, we always find lots to chat about.  He likes Enduro but did quite a lot of vintage MX and still has a Tribsa, plus an old 74 TY 250 - No longer a spring chicken, we talked about the sad truth of aging and not “Bouncing ” very well anymore.


Zane Roberts competeing in 2019 will move o the Beta Factory team for 2020.
Beta USA Signs Zane Roberts to the Factory Team

Friday November 8th 2019

November 8th, 2019

Here is a pic of Mick ( complete with home perm) back in 1979 when he made a return to Ossa for a short  time. - He finished 7th at this event.  ( nice bike stand!) - and SNOW!.
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As most people now know - Cody Webb has jumped ship from KTM  to Sherco - not surprising really, as he used to ride a Sherco Trials bike for Ryon Young who is now the Official Importer for the Sherco Enduro bikes.



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Yes it seems you can scan the spot on this pic with your smart phone - to get more TRS facts.

Below is a pic of the wide pegs.


Blast from the past (pic by Gordon Francis)  Arthur Lampkin (BSA) followed by a Greeves rider - but not sure who. ( Note the white seaman’s socks over the top of the boots - quite the popular fashion statement back in the day.)
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It’s close to one year, since this pic was taken of me at the Canadian Motorcycle Hall of Fame dinner in Burnaby  BC.  A moment of reflection, perhaps thinking of all the good times, and maybe about the great people that I’ve been fortunate to meet in a lifetime of Motorcycling.  ( The tie that I’m wearing was given to me by the Yamaha dealer in Builth Wells (Wales) while attending the 1983 ISDE)
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Thursday November 7th 2019

November 7th, 2019

All the Trials and Enduro Factories spend a ton of money in promoting at the Milan Show. - Here is shot of part of the large Beta booth.
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Here are the details for rule changes in the UK for 2020
The Auto-Cycle Union, the primary motorcycle sport organizing body in the UK  has decided to mount an experiment in the trials championship series for 2020.

In essence it is a reversion to the stop permitted rules for the predominantly English and Welsh based series.

This is an attempt to inject new life into a series which has been commented upon as being sparsely contested over the past few years.

Details are as follows (Source ACU website: )

* New marking system named “ACU Trial GB” (British Trials Championship) which will include a one-minute time allowance for each section to be traversed.

* Competitors may stop, go sideways or reverse without penalty. Going backwards whilst footing will incur a five-mark penalty.

* The ACU Trial 125 Class will be open to any rider over the age of 14, but riders between the age of 14 to 16 will require permission from the ACU to compete.

* Assistants will be allowed in the ACU Trial GB Class only.

* Competitors for the ACU Trial GB and ACU Trial 2 Classes will be asked to Register at the start of the year to be allocated a permanent number.

* The top six from the 2019 ACU Trial 2 Class will not be permitted to move down a class for 2020.

* An additional one Championship Point will be awarded to the best performance on observation on each lap of the Trial to all four classes.

* There will be the option for a third route for the ACU Trial 2 Class, with separate colored markers.

* The Series Manager will visit each Organizer in advance of each round and discuss section layout with each Clerk of the Course and advise that protocol for section layout be much the same as 2019, with emphasis that the Expert route cater for the majority of  the entry.

* Riders need to carefully consider which class they will compete in during the season as moving down a class during the season will mean the rider will not score points in the new class. It is recognized that the ACU Trial GB Class is likely to be smaller than in 2019.

Series Manager, Brian Higgins commented, “We actually had more organizers wanting to run a round of the championship this year and some were disappointed. However, the aim is to introduce some new venues into the series, and I am sure the ones left out will be offered a round in future years.

Dates and venues released are:

Saturday March 7th Hookwood, Surrey; Sunday April 5th Neath, South Wales; Sunday June 14th Harrogate, Yorkshire; Saturday June 27th Bovey Tracey, Devon; Sunday June 28th Tavistock, Devon; Sunday 26th July Scarborough, Yorkshire; Saturday August 15th Llanbedr, Wales; Sunday August 16th Llandiloes. Wales;  Sunday 27th September (Reserve Date).


A nice touch going on the Canadian Women’s Team bikes at the event in Portugal . Remembering Gloria.
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We had an email from Julie yesterday, telling us that they have had a rather unwelcome visitor  hanging around their Shuswap property for the past couple of weeks - A very large Grizzly - luckily they have managed to avoid him and the Cougar who has also been checking out the sections from the last Trial. - Life in the Canadian Wilderness can be exciting.


Here is your video for today >> 2019 FIM X-Trial World Championship | ANDORRA FINAL | Bou vs Raga | BURNOUT BURNOUT • Recommended for you


Wednesday November 6th 2019

November 6th, 2019

This is a tribute to young David Page, son of Ernie Page - brilliant Trials/MX rider and a dealer in Scotland - David died of cancer at a young age, when he was considered to be a future champion.  - I met Ernie Page in 1994 at the US World round -  he was with Mart Lampkin & helping a young Dougie try to get to grips with riding the Beta at 11,000 ft. ( Everybody had problems)  - I have seen a video of young David riding this very specially tuned (by Ernie) TY 250 and there is no doubt we lost a good lad through this terrible disease.
DAVID PAGE - Scotland

News out of the UK has the ACU changing back to Stop & Hop for British Championship events.  Yawn !! what a relief for the Observers !! -  It’s our opinion, that the only Trial that really still caters to the “Forward motion” rule - is the Scottish Six Days - where stopping in a slippery uphill burn ( Creek) usually results in a “5″ anyway.

2020 Tech time >>>>
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This is a bit about Pat Horan ( Paddy) - who I first met in the mid 70’s while I was with Yamaha Canada, and he worked for the dealer in Nelson - We soon became friends, and remain so to this day. - Pat soon proved to be an excellent Cross Country rider, and would later be on our 1983 ISDE Team in Wales, riding a TT 600, (Which I borrowed from Walt Healy)  - That story alone would fill a couple of blogs.

Pat is a  big strong  man, of Irish background and still lives in Nelson, he has managed to get big heavy BMW bikes into places that are really only fit for Mountain goats ( or Trials bikes) - Although we rarely see each other these days, it’s always a pleasure to catch up on old memories.
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Here is your video Trials link for today >>>>>


Tuesday November 5th 2019 ( Guy Fawkes Day)

November 5th, 2019

This pic is from of the first rides I had on the new TRS back in 2016 - quite the thrill. ( Think that was a 250)
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Somebody asked me what is exciting about riding a 125 ? Well Sunday it was zipping along - only to come onto a branch - sitting up pretty high across the trail  !! Trying to lift the front wheel tapped in 4th on a small bore - Yup that’s exciting !!   and yes I needed a “dab” on the other side to keep the ship on course.
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A nice fleet of 2020 Beta Evos in the UK  - Order yours now from Outlaw to ensure delivery.
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The Milan Motorcycle show goes this week in Italy - watch for some new pics of the latest 2020 bikes.

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The New Jordi bikes look stunning and have some really nice new features.
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And the latest from KTM - I guess we will just have to wait and see. >>
In an interview with Cycle NewsStephan Pierrer KTM boss is very clear, if he decided to take the majority in the house Gas Gas was that he wanted to go through a large door into the world of trials, the only discipline that off road lacked the panoply of the Austrian manufacturer. Gas Gas was why a very good opportunity. Good news for the Spanish employees, the boss of the Orange house does not intend to move the plant from Girona. Finally Torrot is for Stephan Pierer a wonderful opportunity for KTM who believes that in the next two years, the trial will be the first off road industry to adopt 100% electric engines because (says Stephan Pierrer) electric motor is the ideal solution for that, where the city is not a big problem.

Outside the trial in this interview, Stephan Pierer announced that the Gas Gas enduro will be powered by KTM and announces the return of Gas Gas in Motocross, finally he would like to see Laia Sanz on a Gas Gas in Rally Raid.


And how can you not say “Wow” when you see this shot of Kenny Roberts on the Yamaha.

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