Wednesday April 24th 2019

April 24th, 2019

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( And you guys thought it was Bernie Schreiber and Steve Day who perfected this!!)


So I got an interesting call yesterday, from a guy in McBride - He is a Wild Life Film maker, and is interested in getting a TRS X Track to help get him around. - It seems he got attacked by a Grizzly  some time ago, and had to dispose of it with a Magnum 45 handgun - all the time with it being recorded on his  remote camera - This can be seen by clicking onto the CBC  and scrolling in Grizzly Attack..


I forgot to mention in my weekend report, that  one of the new riders who showed up, was mounted on an Xispa - the Sherco copy that has long since gone bye bye - interesting story as this bike I believe was originally sold by Rob Trottier - and was later stolen - only to turn up at the Auction in Vernon. - The  lady owner had previously phoned me, so when I heard that this “Black” Trials bike was ready to go “on the block” - I called her and she was able to get it back..  Anyway new guy Tim had a good time out with us, and learned a lot.

As I hadn’t seen any results posted of the Lomax Cup Trial - held last Monday in Wales - I decided to google the results on the Llangollen Club Website. - It was won by Dan Thorpe GG with Chris Stay TRS 2nd. - both traveled a long way to the event which shows just how popular it is -  Dan Thorpe is from Yorkshire, while Chris Stay is from the Isle of Wight. ( Note: Easter Monday is a Holiday in the UK)  I rode this event in 1958.

Tuesday April 23rd 2019

April 23rd, 2019

Andrea Buschi says the new TRS bike has revitalized him to compete - looks like he is doing pretty good on it.

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Here is another shot from a different section at the same event - it’s a long way down. Pic has got distorted because of the size
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This shot gives an idea to the degree of difficulty on this section - more like a World Round section.

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Here is a video from the event - a more normal section.



Monday turned out to be a very cool showery day, so we didn’t do a lot - but we did have a very  nice Family gathering for a Turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Of course for people in the UK, Easter Monday is a big day for Motorcycle Sport  with road racing at Oulton Park and a lot of other stuff happening, including the Annual Lomax Cup Trial in Wales, just a short distance from my old home town.

Not sure what the rest of the week will bring, we will post the news as it happens.

Birthday Greeting today to Taff Parfitt  - Have a great day buddy.

Monday April 22nd 2019

April 22nd, 2019

Up on the ridge in the Okanagan Sunshine - What a great weekend
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Here are the results of the Three Day Santigosa in Spain.
No photo description available.


And here are the results from the Big Kahuna in Kamloops.

Over 180 Racers from Across Western Canada made their way to Kamloops - to Whispering Pines MX Track to begin the 1st Round of the PNWMA Series and CXCC-W Championship.

Trystan Hart had an impressive 9 Minute 54 Second Lead over Alberta’s Kevin Dupuis in the Master/PRO Class abroad his Husqvarna.  Shelby Turner Rocked the Women’s Expert Class with a LAP Lead and Chanelle Bykerk 12min behind. 

Stephen Foord ford JUST won the Vet Expert class by 6 seconds on his BETA with Steve Stites hot on his tail with Husqvarna. David Chambers topped out the 60+ Category with just a 1min 4 second lead with Brian Robertson close on his tale. Both had a 1 lap Lead ahead of 3rd place of Dave Dunaway

1. Trystan Hart (HSQ);
2. Kevin Dupuis (HSQ);
3. Lee Coutts (YAM);
4. Joshua Bridge (HSQ);
5. Jason Schrage W (HON);


A reminder that next Sunday, is the Team Squid Trial at Ioco BC - hosted by the CPTA - This is also Round #1 of the Outlaw Series and sponsored by Outlaw Trialsport. - Clerk of the Course is Sean Bird.


Check out this video clip of a young rider practicing in Spain on a TRS 125.  >>> post


Sunday April 21st 2019

April 21st, 2019

Lets say one for the ladies - this is Dianne who came down with hubby Al  from Williams Lake, to spend the weekend at Summerland.  What a great weekend to be camped out in the Okanagan  - Al did great out on the ride.
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A couple of the lads are looking at a very steep drop off that I once had Sam and Brandon try - yes it looks scary.- Over in the background is the town of Summerland on the shore of Lake Okanagan.
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Here is Al trying one of the sections we laid out for them to practice. - He did really well on his TRS
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In this shot Paul Grundy from Vancouver is trying very hard to avoid the big rock on the corner as he tackles this section on his buddy Bob’s Beta.
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Local lad Andrew showed a lot of improvement during the day - he is new to Trials, but loving it.

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We took time out to show the lads the fantastic scenery from up above Rowdy Flats. - Here we have Brent, Andrew, Al and Dale.
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The old guy even got his pic taken - I was out once again on my Evo 200 - leading the lads around the loop., and doing some coaching. - I took this smaller group out ( they all did extremely well) -

Shane, Terry & Bruce, and new guy Brent,  are still camped out  at the site - but after two days, I came home last night. - We sure lucked out with the weather - it was great  to see so many riders out for this once a year tradition - We didn’t get to take the crew on some of the longer loops - but I have to tell you that they got a work out - Perhaps one of the more exciting moments, was when I led the group on a trail that has not been used for a couple of years - unfortunately this got to be so overgrown with dead fall - that I had to  show them a “Short cut” down an extremely steep and long rocky hill, that we used as a section back a few years ago -but going up. - It was one of those that makes you “Pucker up” a bit - and even for me was exciting - Glad to say everybody made it down in one piece without any “get-offs” - I laughed at the comment by our brand new to Trials, rider,  Brent - Who said in his very English accent - Hmm that was quite challenging. !! - He did awesome first time out on his Raga 300.
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The Vancouver lads plus Pete from Armstrong  and myself on Friday.

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Today will be a quiet day - unload the van and kick back - will likely post more pics from our weekend adventure  later.


Saturday April 20th 2019

April 20th, 2019

Well,! Good Friday came and went - for us it was a trip down the Valley to meet up with the Vancouver lads at Summerland  - - Just as I was heading out past the Kettle Valley Railroad, I get a call from Bob Mexter saying that they had already been out for a ride and Paul (Grundy)  had a mishap and broke the bars on his 98 Gasser. - So not having any on the truck -( these take the older  cross braced 7/8 units ) - I loaned Paul my Evo 200 for him to go out on the loop with the others - Yes he really liked it..

I stuck around the bird bath area - set up a couple of sections for the new guys to practice - but then getting a bit bored - I did some practicing on my TRS Raga 125 - zipping up some of the steep climbs - then going out and riding the first part of our usual loop.  - ( riding by myself is not something I usually do - but today was the exception) - Anyway it was a hoot .

Today we will be out again with a few more lads so a good time is in store for sure - we will post some pics later. - We know Alex is down from Williams Lake  and both he and Andrew Vipond camped out last night.

Later Paul stopped by my place and picked up a set of Renthal bars which I had hanging on the wall. so he will be all set for the ride today. - Yesterday I forgot my camera, but will make sure I take lots of pics & video today.


The big Trial this weekend is the Three Day in Spain - around 285 riders are entered, including Dougie Lampkin - plus Toni Bou and Fugigas will be making an appearance today, although they will not figure in the overall result.

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No photo description available.


Caption this !!!
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Finally - For those planning on riding Summerland today - Proceed through town and pick up signs for KVR (Kettle Valley Railroad)  Cross the tracks and stay on this road for approx 6km - after the narrow cut  turn left at the top of the hill ( you will see an  iron gate to the gravel pit ( do not go through there) - turn right up the short rocky trail and you will find us parked in the flat area on the right - we call this the Bird Bath location.

If all else fails you can try calling me on my cell (250) 308-7307 - We plan on being there around 10 am. Saturday.

Good Friday 2019

April 19th, 2019

Anybody going camping this weekend?
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The bikes have changed, but the correct way to turn on a Trials bike has not - Mick demonstrates (Arm up)

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The link below was posted on FB  - but seems to have disappeared .  It is a long radio interview with the gal that acted as Manager of the Canadian CMA MX team - She just resigned and in this clip. says why. unfortunately the link copy might not work, but if you are interested email me.


I took this pic  through our front window on April 18th in 20111  - Hmm ! - However as so often happens in the Spring - the sun came out the snow melted and we went riding.

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So what are your plans for riding this weekend? - Today I will go down to Summerland to meet some of our friends from Vancouver   - the plan is to set up a few sections for the newbies who may come out and explain what the sport of Trials is all about. ( No it’s not jumping from rock to rock)
Some people might camp out by the Bird Bath ! - At this point I’m not sure what I’m doing - but for sure I will be down again on Saturday to both coach - and point/take riders on the various wonderful loops we have in this area. - I will have with me both my Beta Evo 200 and the TRS 125 for interested BUYERS to try. Note: we have the only TRS 125 in the Country and also the LAST Evo 200 ( they have stopped making them)

But we have more Betas on the way, with a super deal on the last 2018 Evo 300 available - you snooze you lose.

Have a great day everybody.

Thursday April 18th 2019

April 18th, 2019

This is a pic from a couple of years back, when I was out with Matt Reading near Cherryville - He was just breaking in his new Evo 200. -  Matt has sold this bike now to Olivier from Vernon,   Matt still has his 1995 Beta Techno which is still running strong.
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So after riding Montesa 4T for many years, Spanish Guru Carlos Casas has gone green, and will be riding the Vertigo in the Scottish in a couple of weeks - It will be interesting to see how he makes out.
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Great shot of Multi World Ladies Trials Champion Emma Bristow, on the Factory Sherco - Note that she is riding a creek section - something that is OK in many parts of Europe.
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The Greeves factory  were the ones to beat back in the 60’s - It was financed by a guy named Perry Cobb, who was in a wheel chair - What a story as they took on the World in Moto X and Trials  sadly their main development engineer and rider Brian Stonebridge, was killed in a car accident. - However, Dave Bickers went on to win lots for the factory. They were also popular in America, used in Desert races, and Enduro events.
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TRS have just released pics of the new limited “Gold” model - available in all engine sizes. Looks stunning.


We heard that our buddy Chris Hrabb smacked his  foot pretty hard while out riding his Enduro bike, breaking his big toe Ouch!! - heal soon Chris.


Spring Classic Trial in BC on April 7th.
Classic bikes featured in Ioco trial

From Don Doerksen

A very nice spring day greeted the riders who came to the 2019 Spring Classic trial on April 7th.

The event was hosted by the CPTA at Ioco and sponsored by Beta Canada. Dave Craig put out 14 sections to be ridden twice. Section difficulty was eased because of rain the previous day and it made for an excellent day to potter around on an old bike.

Bob Todosychuk cleaned the first loop and then took a couple of errant dabs on the second, to win Classic A. Guy Smeeth cleaned the second loop after fixing the problem with the airbox that was shredding the rear tire off of his TY175. He placed second with Bob Clark close on his heels.(UPDATE Bob actually got 2nd on cleans)  Classic B looked close with Greg Patrick and Dave Bloxham tied after the first loop. Cleans decided the win in Senior Intermediate as Roy Anderson narrowly beat Ted Blow. Ian Carlson only dropped 5 points to win Intermediate and Brett Clark and Michael Pullen won their classes as the only entrants.

Thanks to Dave Craig for a good day’s ride, and thanks to Beta Canada for the Sponsorship.


Wednesday April 17th 2019

April 17th, 2019

Great pic of Mick Andrews on the Yamaha TY - Mick did so much to promote the brand in the 70’s and it was always a pleasure to chat with him and Jill.
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So here is something for you to think about - What does color have to do with sales of Motorcycles or Cars?

Well I can tell you that it has a lot to do with what people drive or ride. - My favorite colors are Red & Yellow. or blue  - not keen on Green or Orange. -or brown.

While being involved with product planning at Yamaha, this subject would crop up from time to time. - I always told the Japanese what I thought any new bike should be painted. - Guess what didn’t sell ?  the worst seller was brown. - The best seller for street - black or red - for Dirt bikes - white - blue or yellow.


How about this special Beta Beauty?
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Here is your video for today.


How about this for a great shot and the reason we ride!!!!!!!

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Birthday Greeting today go to Wolfgang from Leslieville Alberta, who got a surprise Evo 300 from his  wife Becky.  (We kept it a big secret) - Enjoy your day mate.


Tuesday April 16th 2019

April 16th, 2019

Andrew Vimond took this nice pic of myself and Dale Wellborn last Sunday while we were clearing trail at Summerland - this was one of the more open spots. But as you can see there is a tree down in the background.
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I took this pic of these bad dudes a couple of years ago when they visited the OK Valley - Paul on the far right lived in Vernon for many years, and helped set up a number of Trials events in the Hartnell road area. - They will be coming again from Vancouver this weekend to ride Summerland.  (Paul still has the 1995 Gasser that I sold him new in 95)
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Here is the report from the PNTA event last weekend - A very low turn-out of riders, and none from the US Pacific NW - which is a surprise. - And none from the Mainland, perhaps a sign of the times and the high cost of travel.
PNTA Trial in Victoria on April 13 & 14
Ryon Bell wins Champ on Day 1, Thomas Cordner on Day 2

The Victoria Motorcycle Club hosted a two day Pacific Northwest Trials Association trial at Cycle Park, the club’s property on Happy Valley Road, on April 13th and 14th. Twenty-five riders signed up the first day to ride in the rain, wind and cold. Ten checks ridden in three separate loops, were laid out with varying degrees of difficulty for the six classes of riders. With the horrible weather, there was only one DNF on the first day.

On the second day, twenty-nine riders signed up to ride ten completely different checks laid out by the enthusiast committee in the same areas as day one. The weather had also softened although there were light showers.

The full results for both days can be seen HERE.


Birthday Greetings go out today to Jimmy Corkle - Have a good one Jimmy.


It’s a very big important day in Alberta today - lets hope for a positive result in the Election.


Monday April 15th 2019

April 15th, 2019

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We had a good day out yesterday down the Valley - Met up with this group out enjoying a ride - couple of enduro bikes in there.

We later split with these guys and sent them on the easier long loop, while Andrew, Dale and myself took the lower mountain trail, which we guessed would need some clearing. Armed with only a couple of small hand saws, the boys had a  real work out, and a big thanks to them for doing all this work -the old trail is now passable, but still not a good one for junior riders. - We have had some brilliant sections along here in the past, including Grouse Climb. - ( Some of the older riders will maybe remember this one) - We will have a map to show people who show up next weekend listing the various routes.
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We saw a bunch of Sand Cranes heading North  - a wonderful sight - they make a loud racket as they fly high overhead in a narrow corridor each year.

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In other news, we heard that Tiger won the masters which is great to hear, we watched the action the first couple of days. - Also Stateside, It was Suzuki rider Alex Rins who took his first big win at the US Moto GP - narrowly beating out Valentino Rossi, after Marquez crashed out.