Friday July 23rd 2021

July 23rd, 2021

Quiz - Name these riders. All members of the Official Ariel Trials Team.
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Above you see a wonderful BSA twin dressed in Goldstar clothing. The Goldstar could be bought in both 350 and 500 cc  single cylinder engine sizes, and also in either Road racing, Scrambles or Trials Trim.


Benoit Bincaz   the French Beta rider, has been out of action this year due to injury, but will be back this weekend at the French Championship. - This looks like a very good natural style section he is practicing.
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I took this shot Thursday on the Westside Road just North of Bear Creek - Smoke and more Smoke.

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They captioned this old photo - Chicks on Motorcycles !! - Bikes are all Dirt track Douglas machines. not sure what year. but guessing around 1914.

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Each morning we wake up to check on the latest Fire News, and it certainly isn’t improving - more fires and more evacuations !! - Just had an email from a friend in Japan, who said his parents were evacuated from the Kamloops area - and their summer home in Seymour Arm is now also on evacuation alert - Very scary situation for everybody.  With no rain in the forecast, the next couple of weeks are going to be critical  in many areas.

Stay safe people and stay out of the woods.

Thursday July 22nd 2021

July 22nd, 2021

Check this out >>>>>

PETROL motorcycles will no longer be allowed in showrooms from 2035 after the UK government confirmed its new action plan this week.

According to the Department for Transport’s decarbonisation plan, a 220-page document released on Wednesday, all new L-category vehicles must be ‘fully zero emissions at the tailpipe’ in just over a decades’ time.

The news comes less than nine months on from the government’s announcement that the sale of all new petrol and diesel vans will end come 2030, whether we’re ready for it or not.

And while many pundits, action groups and organisations were quick to claim there was no mention of bikes, it’ll be just five years later that the same fate hits two-wheelers.

Not only will racers need to rethink their transporters from 2030 with the van ban on its way, but by 2040 the axe is set to come down on HGVs as well, as part of the final stage of phasing out ALL non-zero emissions vehicles that same year.

“While cars and vans outnumber motorcycles on UK roads, motorcycles are an important and sizeable vehicle population, with 1.4 million licensed in 2020 and we do not want to see them remaining fossil fuelled as the rest of the vehicle fleet cleans up,” the plan said.

“The opportunities for zero emission light powered vehicles (ZELPV) are enormous. We will build on our existing support in this segment, such as with the plug-in motorcycle grant, to benefit urban logistics and wider mobility and look to grow a new UK industrial supply chain.

“We will use Zemo’s strategic partnership [formerly known as the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership] with the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) to stimulate and coordinate activity in this area and publish options to develop this at national and local level this year.

“Zero emission motorcycles and other powered two wheelers are an efficient and clean form of mobility that can reduce congestion, improve urban air quality and reduce noise – we will take forward measures to remove these emissions…ensuring we support the development of new industrial opportunities for the UK.”

In 2019, motorcycles and mopeds made up just 0.4 per cent of all domestic UK greenhouse gas emissions. Cars and taxis were responsible for 55.4 per cent while heavy goods and light duty vehicles made up 31.6 per cent.

The plan is among a number of new regulations expected to be set out in the run up to November’s United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (COP) in Glasgow.

“At this meeting, potentially one of the most important events in recent history, almost every country in the world will be represented”, DfT officials added.

“They will decide whether to deliver, and whether humanity takes what many believe to be its last best chance to get runaway climate change under control. As the president and host of the conference, the UK’s own intentions and commitments will significantly affect the chances of an ambitious global deal.”

While the government continues to push its green agenda, the plan also states intentions to phase out the the nearly £600 million available in grants for plug-in car, van, taxi, and motorcycles within the next two years.


I sometimes get asked about Electric Trials bikes and always give the same reply - great for Kids, but I’m never going to sell the adult models - so the article above while interesting - does  not concern me, not that I’m likely  to be around when that happens anyway.


A couple of minutes after this shot - Martin Lampkin fell off on the last section of the Scottish Six Days, and in doing so, also lost out on the win.  I have the series of pics in one of my Trials books.
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Check this video out -  We have used Boyesen reeds for many years and can vouch for them. Boyesen Trials 3min UK 1080p 16 10 20 Dan Hemingway explains why he uses Boyesen Reeds on all the family Beta’s

Today I’m heading to Kelowna on Opti Oil deliveries - then I plan on driving back on the Westside road and calling on buddy Roy on route  - with the hot weather I haven’t been anywhere - at least I have air in my Outlaw van.

Note !  Cooler today, but very Smokey !!

Wednesday July 21 st 2021

July 21st, 2021

I took this pic from our deck the other night as the sun was going down - and below you see pics of some of the forest fires burning burning all around Central BC. Yes it’s a scary situation for everybody.
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And yet another  fire - this one near Sicamous

May be an image of fire and nature

May be an image of nature

Here’s a pic I took of Babsy and our dog at a Trial in Fruitvale many years ago - some guy on a bike got in the way!! Anybody know who it is?

No description available.

The answer to the quiz from yesterday - the bike was a Metatecno “Dragonfly” - a few people got it right - Harlow, Pete Vary, and Marcus Buhrig -

Good luck to Trystan Hart at the Romaniacs - Cody Webb and Trystan Hart to race 2021 Red Bull Romaniacs Cody Webb and Trystan Hart will race the 2021 Red Bull Romaniacs, bringing AMA Extreme Enduro skills across the Atlantic and into the Hard Enduro World Championship.


Tuesday July 20th 2021

July 20th, 2021

Franzi Kadlec took the win in Germany at the weekend - looking good on the TRS.
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Quiz - So what is the make of the bike ? and the name of the model?

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Another day waking up to smoky skies and news of more new fires - over 300 now burning in BC, and still no rain in the forecast. - Amy & Matt were here from Bear Creek yesterday to pick up some Wulf boots and told me that the trails are still open in that area, although things are tinder dry and scary.


Check this out !!! Triumph enters motocross and enduro bike market with Ricky Carmichael All-new Triumph factory motocross race programme with the GOAT in for testing and preparation for racing. Commitment to top tier championship racing in both Motocross and Enduro series.

Triumph dirt bikes incoming as Brit brand confirms motocross, enduro entry


Monday July 19th 2021

July 19th, 2021

Watched the British Open Golf on Sunday - Final day was pretty good, and a  win for LA Golfer of Japanese descent Collin Morikawa - who showed great  form and also spoke very well at the trophy Presentation- -

The event which was held at Sandwhich - with a spectacular  view overlooking the White Cliffs of Dover. - The weather has also been very hot in the UK this past week.

Meanwhile in the  far North - They held a Trial in Yorkshire - with nice sections at the Reeth Two Day Trial

May be an image of dirt bike and outdoors


While over in Italy - Team Beta took the win - but what is that under the tank on this  Factory bike?



For us it was just another weekend, wishing for rain, so that we could go out riding, what with the Pandemic, lack of bikes and now this scorching heat with Forest Fires all over, the year 2021 is not turning out too well.

( Glad I took the chance to go out in that early season snow)

At 4 30 pm yesterday, we had a power outage - no idea why - but it was off for two hours !! - Seems like a war zone at times. with Sirens going off  out on the Hiway, and choppers flying around - today we are back to smoke filled skies.


Sunday July 19th 2021

July 18th, 2021

Saturday was another day full of smoke and bad news - later  I noticed a stream of traffic racing by the end of our driveway on what I sometimes call “Pleasant Valley Raceway” -  As often happens when there is an accident on the main Hiway - they divert everything onto our narrow and badly surfaced road. We heard that a car was on fire plus other vehicles involved - but as I’ve said many times - the intersection at Hiway 97 and Meadow Lark road is an accident spot that has needed attention by local Politicians for many years - numerous people killed, which will continue unless they do something.


Not a lot of news today -  Golf on the box - plus Formula One was on in the UK -  no results  as yet. - WE just keep watching the news and listen to the choppers and planes flying around working on new fires which seem to be springing up every day.



Joey Dunlop - The official Page


And because I couldn’t find any good bike pics this morning>

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Well this  one just popped up !!

No photo description available.

Saturday July 17th 2021

July 17th, 2021

Below you see a pic I took of Todd Nordin at the Super Stars Trial at Ioco a few years ago - he is being carefully watched by Sparky Bill and Alex Walton. - ( Check out the back fender)No photo description available.

Now THAT”S a ROCK - Jordi shows how on the Beta. - It seems this was just in practice before the World Round.
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video selection for today >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hoy se abren las inscripciones para el 3 Días Trial Santigosa 2021 Vuelven los 3 Días Trial Santigosa en su 49 edición, del 9 al 11 de octubre. Las inscripciones se abren este 14 de julio 2021 a las 19 horas


Anybody looking for a nice Classic Triumph 250 Cub ?  This one has just been reduced in price, now going for only $14,268.00  based on today’s exchange rate.  ( Almost Free)


Check out these results - a few familiar names in there.
No photo description available.


I have always seemed to have a “Knack” for knowing when a certain model would be successful   in both the Market place and the sport. - This has worked a few times during my career - first with Yamaha, and later when I became very involved in the Trials Market. -

When Marc Tessier introduced the new Bultaco - for 1999 - I phoned Don Clark and suggested he try to get the Importer deal for the brand, as not only did the bike look good - I figured that there would be a ton of old Bultaco riders out there, just itching at the chance to get one. ( I was right)

Not only was the bike a good seller, with Graeme Jarvis winning the Scottish Six Day Trial on the new bike - the factory couldn’t build them fast enough. ( Exactly the same as the original Bultaco Sherpa T developed by Sammy Miller)
The same thing has  happened with the TRS brand - this time with a call to Bob Clark -  If they “Look right” chances are they will sell well.

No description available.


This is funny - Six Time World Super bike Champ Jonathan Rea has just passed his British Motorcycle Test !!

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Glad to say that it cooled off quite a lot last night, making it easier to sleep & I did not get out of bed until 6am - not that the Forest Fire  danger has eased up at all - last night I saw on the news another one East of Enderby and today, Matt posted a video of one close to Ber Creek - Will take a look at the news in a bit.

Later I plan on watching some of the British Open Golf, on the box.

Friday July 16th 2021

July 16th, 2021

As a long time Photographer  at Motorcycle events, I can only marvel at this shot that Peter Howdle  of Motorcycling - got of Reg Armstrong crossing the finish line at the Isle of Man TT in 1952 - just as the primary chain broke!!
May be an image of 1 person, motorcycle and outdoors


Yesterday I was looking through some old discs from way back - and discovered a few Sherco pics - We sold a lot of Shercos from 1999 until the Factory cancelled Mountain MC in 2012 - We enjoyed riding the early models - this shot was at Bear Creek and nobody had been over that rock, so I gave it a go ( no problem) - Barry  and Paul are watching)
No description available.

Here is another Sherco shot taken in our back yard by Momma Bear - and  on the very first model in Canada in 1999 when it was called a Bultaco.- the pic was at Greenstone Mountain
No description available.


Jamie McGregor is now the proud owner of #99 Goldie - here he is trying it out in his back yard. - Yes I think he likes it.


And the Friday weather report is more of the same - Smoke and Hot.


Thursday July 15th 2021

July 15th, 2021

Below is a memory from Rocky Mountain House and shows Sammy on the Outlaw Beta - all dressed up in Wulf gear !! - Last Monday I had some ladies in looking for gear and I didn’t have the right size boots for Amy -

I said not to worry I will put an order in to Wulfsport UK tonight - and I will have them by the weekend . - Really they both  said!!

Without a doubt Wulf give us the best service for Trials gear period - That’s why we have been dealing with them since 1995. - Plus the quality is excellent with the clothing all made in Scotland - the very next morning I got an email from UPS saying they had been picked up and would be delivered Friday. - The ONLY other company that gives us this type of service is Mountain MC.
.Having been in the Motorcycle business a very long time - I understand who deserves my orders, and we also have tried to pass this on to our customers - phone me today, and I will do my very best to see your order goes out tomorrow either by mail or Ace courier. - The other thing worth mentioning, is that we test ALL the products we sell, and if they don’t pass the grade then they are dropped. - If our OUTLAW name goes on the order, whether it’s a new Trials bike or a pair of gloves - we back the product 100%

(End of commercial)
No photo description available.

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to host events at Rocky or anywhere else for that matter, because of the Covid 19. - but a glimmer of hope is on the horizon !!! - September could see the famous Outlaw Trial happening, all be it under extremely controlled conditions - then later look out to get Revved up for Revvy - Yes both these events are being worked on as we speak - watch for updates on the “BLOG”


Here’s something a bit different - it seems that after “D” Day - the troops were finding very little to drink in France, so  a UK Beer Company donated kegs which were attached to the wings of Spitfires and dropped to the thirsty Armies.May be an image of airplane and outdoors


And something else a bit different - Most Motorcycle people remember Steve McQueen for his roll in either “The Great Escape” or “On Any Sunday” - but here he is taking a shot while having a break, filming  “The Magnificent Seven”

No description available.

Check out this video - No we don’t sell Enduro bikes - but still have an interest from our involvement many years ago. VIDEO. Jonny Walker gets a P4 in Italy – first real race in the new Beta colors! Abestone Hard Enduro Last weekend, from Friday 9th to Sunday 11th, the first race of the Hard Enduro World Championship was held at Abetone, near Pistoia, in Tuscany. Abestone, this is the name of the competition organized by Michele Bosi, was an absolute novelty for the Tuscan area and has attracted the attention of ma…


For all our readers who click on every day - we do have a bit of  News - it seems due to a proposal put together by the ATAQ club - There will be a Canadian Team at the 2021 TDN  Event.  - While this has all been very rushed, we do commend them for the effort. -  The riders will all be from Eastern Canada.


Pic from a great day riding with buddies - Gord, -Richard - Shane  and Chris  - Note the small Jitsie seat on the Beta - these don’t seem to be available anymore.

Open Photo

The Forest Fires are now threatening the towns of 100 Mile House and Cache Creek - everybody is on evacuation alert. - Our Valley is full of smoke.


Wednesday July 14th 2021

July 14th, 2021

Here’s a great pic of the stars from yesteryear - no need to guess who they are as the riders all have bibs on !! - EXCEPT young Jordi in the front.
May be an image of 11 people, including Jordi Tarres and people smiling


If you ride on Crown Land in BC - You need a spark arrestor - we have the ones for both the TRS and the Beta 2T.

Also you require insurance to cover 3rd party liability - this can be obtained through BCORMA - ( We have belonged to this for a number of years)


Video selection for today. Temple Terry Hill Trial Abestone Hard Enduro Main Race Raw Highlights | 2021 Hard Enduro World Championship 📲 Watch more from Abestone Hard Enduro on Red Bull TV: Bolt (Husqvarna) has claimed the win …

This last one shows skimmer float planes picking up water from Kalamalka Lake .
Middleton Mtn Community

and one more really good one of Martin & Dougie at the British World Round

Not much for news - Smoky Skies and still very hot.